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Baby diapers. What should you pay attention to when choosing?

Baby diapers. What should you pay attention to when choosing?
Baby diapers. What should you pay attention to when choosing?
diapers for newborn

Many future mothers prepare in advance for the appearance of a baby in the house: they buy clothes, a stroller, a playpen. Some, on the contrary, consider this a bad omen and do not acquire anything until the birth itself. In any case, it is better to think in advance which diapers to choose for a newborn.

Nowadays, there is a huge selection of products for babies, in particular, diapers. It is hard to imagine that just a quarter of a century ago, women were forced to wash a bunch of diapers in a day, use homemade gauze diapers. Of course, now it has become much easier to care for a baby, but it must be remembered that not all diapers for a newborn are suitable for him, some may be irritating, not comfortable enough.

When choosing a diaper for a baby, pay attention to the elasticity of the belt and Velcro. Some manufacturers make them fixed, and this, at the slightest movement of the child, shifts the diaper and all the contents can spill out.

The next criterion (one of the main ones) is the quality of the material from which

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diapers for a newborn are made. The first layer, which is adjacent to the delicate skin of the baby, should be as soft as possible, but at the same time perfectly pass moisture. With a somewhat rough, hard material, the child may experience irritation, rubbing will appear. If the first layer is insufficiently absorbent, the result will be diaper rash, rash and dermatitis.

The second absorbent layer consists of cellulose or gelling agent. It is better to choose the second in composition, such diapers for a newborn will better cope with liquid secretions, because, as you know, babies “contaminate” the diaper faster than older children.

Pay special attention to the neckline under the navel. This is a small but very important feature of diapers for newborns. After all, the wound needs to be constantly treated, and it is also important to exclude contact with the diaper belt and fasteners in this place in order to avoid injury to the unhealed wound.

Japanese diapers are especially loved by mothers. The main brands popular in our country are Muni, Gun and Merries. According to parents' feedback, these diapers are softer, breathable, absorb well, adhere to the baby's bottom like a second skin, and are securely fixed, which allows them to stay in place when the child is especially active. For older babies, they are divided into diapers for girls and boys. On the girls version, the main absorbent part is in the middle and on the back, while on the boys version it is in the front.

Japanesediapers cheap

When buying Japanese diapers, you should pay special attention to the fact that not all are shipped directly from Japan. It is better to choose diapers from Japan itself, they are better in quality. Their distinctive features is that all the description on the packaging is made exclusively in Japanese. Japanese diapers are not cheap, but they fully justify their price, because the main thing is your baby's he alth!

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