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Swiss Shepherd: reviews, photos, prices and character
Swiss Shepherd: reviews, photos, prices and character

In recent years, Swiss Shepherds have been discussed among dog lovers. But officially there is no such breed. This is the name of representatives of several breeds: sennenhunds - shepherd dogs that have long lived in Switzerland, and a white Swiss shepherd, which was previously called Canadian-American. These dogs are very different from each other in both appearance and working qualities. But now the Swiss Shepherd has become quite popular and is found all over the world. Both sennenhunds and white dogs are good companions and are great for keeping in an apartment.

Swiss Shepherd Types

Officially, this combination does not exist in the name of dogs. Only at the beginning of the 21st century did the Swiss Shepherd breed appear when the white American-Canadian variety was recognized. And those shepherd dogs that have long lived in Switzerland have always been called differently. What breeds are classified as Swiss Shepherds?

1. Sennenhunds are several varieties of mountain herding dogs that live in different parts of Switzerland. All of them have a tricolor color - black-white-red - and a friendly, calm character. These are smart, hardy and unpretentious dogs. They are easyare trained and have good working and security qualities.

2. The Swiss White Shepherd is descended from a German breed. These dogs were bred in the last century only in America and Canada, so until recently they were called the American-Canadian Shepherd. Only at the beginning of the 2000s, this breed was officially recognized. It was in Switzerland that they achieved this, which is why the dog got its name.

Sennenhund varieties

1. The largest representatives of this breed are the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. They grow up to 72 centimeters at the withers. But despite their impressive size, these dogs are very calm, friendly and devoted to the owner.

2. The Bernese Mountain Dog is also a large dog, but very fluffy. Representatives of this breed are the most famous Swiss Shepherds in our country. They are active unpretentious, obedient and devoted.

3. The Appenzeller is a medium sized Swiss Shepherd. These short-legged tricolor dogs are very affectionate and loyal. But they have excellent protective qualities, so they are often used as watchdogs.

4. The smallest mountain dog is the Entlebucher. These dogs never grow above 50 centimeters at the withers. They are very attentive and smart.

White Swiss Shepherd

Photos of these beauties are increasingly found in books, magazines and on the Internet. Only in the 70s of the 20th century did they appear in Europe. And soon this affectionate, cheerful and active dog won the love of many dog ​​breeders. Swiss Shepherd puppies were imported fromAmerica. Only there and in Canada were they bred in the 20th century. It is believed that the ancestors of this breed of dogs were German Shepherds. But in the 30s of the 20th century they were almost completely destroyed in Europe. It was believed that the white color does not meet the requirements of the breed. In America and Canada, these dogs were very common. They were called the American-Canadian Shepherd. Only in 2003 the breed was officially recognized in Europe and was named the White Swiss Shepherd Dog. Its price ranges from 10 to 40 thousand rubles. On average, a purebred puppy in Russia can be bought for 15-20 thousand.

swiss shepherd photo

What makes white Swiss Shepherds attractive?

Not only because of the attractive appearance, this breed has gained popularity. These dogs are very different from their German Shepherd ancestors in that they are never aggressive. They are very smart and easy to train. You can train a White Swiss Shepherd Dog in almost everything: from circus tricks to search and rescue of people. Dogs of this breed are widely used in the police, rescue services and even to work with sick people. After all, these Swiss Shepherds are very patient, affectionate and friendly. They easily get along with small children and other pets. But when there is a clear threat to their beloved owners, this dog turns into a vigilant watchman and a serious guard. This is a hard working and active dog. She responsibly treats the work entrusted to her and tries to serve her beloved master. This Swiss Shepherd is very sociable, but notimposed if he sees that a person is busy.

Is this dog difficult to care for?

swiss shepherd puppies

The Swiss White Shepherd is a very unpretentious and hardy animal. She adapts well to life both in a country house and in a city apartment. It does not require special care, despite the snow-white color of the coat. The Swiss Shepherd's coat is self-cleaning and should not be bathed frequently unless it has been wallowing in mud. And smart and understanding, she will not do this. Therefore, the White Swiss Shepherd has become very popular in recent years. Feedback from those who kept this dog is the most positive. People talk about her as a wonderful companion, a vigilant guard and an obedient pet who does not bring any problems.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

This breed is also called the Big Mountain Dog or Gross.

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This is a calm, confident and very large dog. Grosses are very friendly and sociable, but at the same time they are good guards. An impressive appearance and a formidable voice will scare away any ill-wisher. And with relatives, these dogs are affectionate, very fond of children. For them, constant communication with a person is important, so this breed is not suitable for keeping in an aviary. The Greater Bernese Mountain Dog is a very intelligent and obedient dog, but can sometimes be stubborn. But if you treat this with patience and not behave aggressively, then you can find a common language with this dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Thisthe breed is more common because of its beautiful appearance.

swiss shepherd dog

The luxurious coat of the usual Swiss Shepherd color makes this dog one of the most popular in the world. This is also explained by the unusual nature of the Bernese. He is very smart and obedient, good-natured and sociable. But at the same time, it is a vigilant guard and a reliable watchman. This unpretentious and hardy dog ​​is suitable for keeping both in a country house and in a city apartment. But she really needs attention, so it is undesirable to keep her in an aviary.

Appenzeller Sennenhund

This is a very ancient breed, but is now quite rare even in Switzerland.

swiss shepherd breed

This medium sized dog is easily recognizable by its curled and tilted tail, triangular head and tricolor coat. It differs from other sennenhunds in a very active temperament and curiosity. Appenzeller cannot sit still, and not a single detail escapes his attention. He practically does not get tired, therefore the owner of such a dog also needs an energetic one. These dogs are often used in the mountains to rescue people. They are not suitable for keeping in an apartment, as they need a lot of space to show their lively temperament.


This is the smallest of all dogs belonging to the Swiss Shepherd breed. Her photo can be found in many publications for dog breeders.

swiss shepherd reviews

This dog is like everyone elseSwiss Mountain Dogs, but much shorter than them in stature. She is quite popular as a companion as she is smart and obedient. The Entlebucher has a lively, active temperament and is well suited to a variety of sports. Like all sennenhunds, he is friendly and sociable, attached to the owner and perfectly guards the house.

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