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White Swiss Shepherd. Owner reviews

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White Swiss Shepherd. Owner reviews
White Swiss Shepherd. Owner reviews

Everyone who is looking for a true friend, loyal and elegant companion, this article is addressed. A graceful and beautiful dog with a strong character will take root perfectly in a country house. In a city apartment, she will also be comfortable. She gets along well both with one owner and with a large and noisy family. Meet the heroine of our article - a white Swiss dog.

From the history of the breed

white swiss shepherd dog

White Shepherd Dogs were first known in 1880. In the residence of the royal dynasty of the Habsburgs, dogs of this, not yet officially recognized breed of white shepherd dogs, lived.

In 1882, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog was first introduced at the Hannover Dog Show.

In 1899, the first German Shepherd was registered. When it was created, color and white genes were used.

white swiss shepherd breed standard

The time of the official recognition of the white shepherd is not known for certain. When wasthe first German Shepherd was registered, coat color was not specified. Reliable information about white shepherds became available only at the end of the last century. For many years, the White Swiss Shepherd was not recognized by specialists and was not allowed to breed. White puppies were considered albinos and destroyed. It wasn't until 2002 that the FCL officially recognized the breed.

General view

White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Breed Standard No. 347 (IFF) is a medium-sized animal with well-developed muscles, medium bone, somewhat elongated body and elegant outlines. The dog is energetic and balanced, friendly and attentive. Males 66 cm, females 61 cm, maximum weight 40 kg.

white swiss shepherd dog reviews

White Swiss Shepherd (breed standard 2011) has a wedge-shaped head, powerful, rather long muzzle, slightly narrowed towards the nose.

The ears are in the shape of an elongated triangle, erect, pointing forward. The ends are slightly rounded.

Medium sized, almond shaped eyes set slightly obliquely. Colour: Dark brown to brown.

Straight forelegs are strong. Set moderately wide.

white swiss shepherd price

The hindquarters are straight, with muscular thighs. The dog moves rhythmically, with an even push. The tail is saber-shaped, covered with fluffy hair.

Wool cover

The animal has a thick, snow-white coat. The coat is of medium length or long, but certainly with a thick undercoat. The shorter hairfront parts of the legs, muzzle, ears. On the back surfaces of the legs and on the neck - longer. The color allowed by the standard is only white.

white swiss shepherd dog reviews owners

There are two types of white shepherd dogs - long-haired and short-haired. The first type is popular in Germany, France, Austria. Short-haired animals are more common in the Netherlands and the USA.

Disqualifying factors may be aggressiveness or restless, depressed behavior. In addition, blue eyes, overshot, undershot, lack of pigmentation on the lips, nose, skin.

white swiss shepherd character

A harmoniously built White Swiss Shepherd (owner reviews confirm this) always looks well-groomed and neat. She always looks presentable.

White Swiss Shepherd Character

Representatives of this breed attract dog breeders with their obedience and balanced character. Previously, it was an excellent herding dog, doing an excellent job. Later, people saw her positive qualities and began to have a snow-white beauty as a companion.

swiss shepherd dog

This dog is characterized by such traits as sincerity, cheerfulness, friendliness, quick wits. Aggression and anger, passivity and disobedience are not inherent in these animals.

A cheerful and sociable dog behaves cautiously and quietly in front of strangers, carefully looks at and controls the behavior of guests.

swiss shepherd photo

When this snow-white beauty finds herself in her usual surroundings, she is not averse to raising her voice. She will bark joyfully and friendly on a walk if something interests her, or she wants to thank her owners. A prolonged howl means resentment or discontent.

Today, the White Swiss Shepherd is not very common in Russia. Feedback from happy owners of such pets suggests that these animals very subtly feel the mood and state of mind of their owner. Sensing some kind of negativity, your faithful friend will try to cheer you up.

swiss shepherd puppies

The loy alty and devotion of this dog knows no bounds. Despite its peaceful nature, the White Swiss Shepherd can stand up for itself and for its owners. But she will show her strength only with a real threat and at the very last moment.

Education and training

These dogs need constant and consistent training. Both a puppy and an adult animal should be handled gently. The character of the white shepherd dog is strikingly different from the character of the German one. Rigid training methods are strictly prohibited. For a white shepherd dog, physical activity is necessary. Perhaps not as serious as for the German one. Your pet will be immensely happy if you allow him to run with a stick or ball, catch a flying disc or frolic in the company of his fellows.

swiss shepherd price

The dog is very smart, so it is easy to train. She can master several "professions": lifeguard, dog-therapist, guide. A properly trained animal is capable of guarding and guarding. Self-training can give good results.

Choosing a puppy

Due to the fact that this is a relatively new breed for Russia, white shepherd puppies should only be bought in kennels or clubs.

swiss shepherd breed

Before purchasing a pet, you need to clarify some important points:

  • experience and history of breeding in this cattery;
  • reputation and image of the breeder;
  • exhibition activities of parents.
  • swiss shepherd reviews

Take an interest in the state of he alth of the baby, whether any hereditary diseases can "trap" him. Have you been vaccinated and when is the next vaccination due? As a rule, decent breeders who value the reputation of their own enterprise do not hide any shortcomings and defects of their pupils from future owners.

swiss shepherd dog

Cynologists who breed these animals believe that these dogs are prone to the following diseases:

  • articular dysplasia;
  • deafness;
  • heart failure.
  • swiss shepherd price

White Swiss Shepherd: reviews

This magnificent dog is very popular in Europe, but in Russia it is not yet very widespread. Despite this, we managed to get acquainted with the reviews of our compatriots.

swiss shepherd breed

It should be noted that so far we have not been able to find a single negative review about this dog. According to the owners, this is an ideal, sensitive, intelligent and friendly companion who has no flaws at all.

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog, whose average price in Moscow is 30 thousand rubles, is very clean. Like all shepherd dogs, they are easy to train and get along well with children.

White Shepherd Puppies are adorable - affectionate and cheerful white lumps. With the right upbringing, puppies grow up to be smart and kind animals.

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