"Kontraktubeks" during pregnancy: is it possible to use, recommendations, reviews

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"Kontraktubeks" during pregnancy: is it possible to use, recommendations, reviews
"Kontraktubeks" during pregnancy: is it possible to use, recommendations, reviews

Video: "Kontraktubeks" during pregnancy: is it possible to use, recommendations, reviews

Video: "Kontraktubeks" during pregnancy: is it possible to use, recommendations, reviews
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Very often during pregnancy, a woman is faced with such unpleasant phenomena as stretch marks. The baby grows very quickly and the skin simply does not have time to stretch. This leads to the formation of a kind of scarring on the skin. There are many remedies for stretch marks on the abdomen during pregnancy. These are lasers, and injections, and oils, and ointments. However, are they really that effective? Let's look into this issue using the example of the use of Contractubex during pregnancy.

Mechanism of stretch marks

Stretch marks on the abdomen
Stretch marks on the abdomen

Stretch marks are also called striae. This is a kind of kind of scars and scars. They occur deep in the skin, and not on its surface, which complicates the process of getting rid of them. The reasons for their appearance can be weight jumps, pregnancy, puberty, etc. Despite the cause, theyeveryone is the same in nature.

Stretch marks on the abdomen during pregnancy occur due to rupture of inelastic skin. In their place, voids are formed, which are tightened by scar tissue. Outwardly, they look like blue or red stripes on the top layer of the skin.

How does the drug work?

"Kontraktubeks" during pregnancy affects the structure of subcutaneous tissues, which slows down the coarsening of scars, makes the skin smoother and nourishes them with moisture. All this leads to the fact that skin defects become less noticeable.

The substances contained in the preparation are able to completely eliminate new striae and change the appearance of old ones. Therefore, we can conclude that the use of Contractubex during pregnancy helps to cope with such an unpleasant problem as stretch marks.

Unfortunately, this defect cannot be completely eliminated. All procedures aimed at this affect only the surface layer of the skin. It is impossible to remove tears that have formed deep in the tissues.

Gel Composition

Tube of drug
Tube of drug

Can I use Contractubex during pregnancy? Due to its natural composition, this drug can be used. It does not harm a pregnant woman, but rather helps in the fight against stretch marks. The composition of the drug includes:

  • Seray onion extract. This component is able to dilute blood clots, which, accumulating in newly formed stretch marks, give them a red or blue tint. It also blocks the growth of connective tissue, which smoothesscarring. In addition, onion extract relieves itching that accompanies a woman during pregnancy due to stretching of the skin on the abdomen and chest.
  • Allantoin. Helps the skin to retain moisture in its cells, which in turn gives the skin elasticity. By affecting the blood supply, this component promotes the production of he althy skin cells and is good for preventing the appearance of new stretch marks. Moreover, allantoin softens hardened scars, which makes the skin smooth and elastic.
  • Heparin sodium. Able to reduce the severity of stretch marks and nourish skin cells with water. This prevents the coarsening of scars. In addition, this component is considered hypoallergenic.

How to apply?

From stretch marks "Kontraktubeks" during pregnancy should be used depending on when the striae appeared.

For example, if you have just noticed the appearance of stretch marks, that is, they have not yet coarsened, then you should apply a thin layer of gel in the morning and evening. The surface of the skin must first be prepared: wipe it with a damp cloth, napkin or take a shower and let the skin dry. The duration of taking the drug is about a month.

But if you have stretch marks for a long time, they have become coarse, then they require a slightly different application of the gel. The frequency of applying the gel increases up to 4 times a day, and the duration of the gel application - up to six months. But it all depends on the statute of limitations of the stretch marks and the ability of the skin to regenerate.

Tips for removing stretch marks

Stretch marks during pregnancy
Stretch marks during pregnancy

In order to increase the application efficiency"Contractubex" during and after pregnancy, here are some tips.

  1. Take a hot shower, bath or sauna. By steaming the skin, you will open the pores of the upper layer, which accelerates the penetration of the beneficial substances of the gel deep into the skin.
  2. When reusing the gel, it is recommended to make compresses from it. To do this, you just need to wrap it with a film after applying the drug to the skin. You can also put on warm pajamas and cover yourself with a warm blanket at night. Under the action of heat, the components of the drug act faster on stretch marks. But this advice should not be used during pregnancy or menstruation.
  3. During the use of the drug, it is unacceptable to supercool the skin. Also, at this time, it is better to abandon the solarium, long exposure to the sun and the use of body scrubs.
  4. Recommended to consult a doctor about the use of the drug during pregnancy. Since each female body is individual, this will exclude possible harm, both for the mother and for the child.

Reviews about the drug

Many users speak very well of this drug. With prolonged use of it, scars and scars disappeared from people, even if they had them for a long time. Some note that fresh scars are much faster to remove than old scars. However, almost everyone notes that the gel should be applied for a long time - from 2 weeks to six months.

Users also note that the drug is quite expensive and there are analogues that can easily replace Contractubex. They are no worse and the effectthey are just as good, only they are much cheaper. Among the drugs recommended by people are the following: Dermatix, Venitan Forte, Dermofibrase.

However, there are also negative reviews. A small part of users indicate that they have irritation and itching from Contractubex. Also, about 20% of users note its inefficiency.

As for the use of "Contractubex" during pregnancy, the reviews are mostly positive. Women really get rid of stretch marks with this drug. However, they still note the need for long-term use - at least 3 months.

Price of "Contractubex"

Tube of Contractubex
Tube of Contractubex

Asking the question: "How much does Contractubex cost?" you can hear it's expensive. Even if you go around all the pharmacies, the difference in price will be small. For the effectiveness of the drug you have to pay dearly. Although not everyone is ready to pay big money for this drug, considering, for example, that it is ineffective for the treatment of chronic scars.

So, how much does Contractubex cost? The price starts from 552 rubles and ends at 1690 rubles.

Prices of analogues of the drug

Gel Contractubex
Gel Contractubex

Like any other drug, Contractubex has many analogues. They are both more expensive and cheaper. Here everyone can choose a drug, taking into account their financial capabilities.

kelo cat
kelo cat
  1. "Dermatix" - from 2200 rubles to 2300 rubles.
  2. "Strataderm gel" - about 1000 rubles (10 g tube). Can be used to treat old scars and scars.
  3. "Venitan Forte gel" - from 115 rubles to 380 rubles (50 g tube). Good for those with varicose veins and blood flow problems.
  4. "Fermenkol Set" - about 945 rubles. Completely identical to Contractubex. Helps with acne and acne marks as well.
  5. "Fermencol gel" - from 825 rubles to 890 rubles (tube 10 g), from 1485 rubles to 1780 rubles (tube 30 g). It has a weaker effect than "Fermencol Set". Removes small wounds, the effects of acne, stretch marks after pregnancy and childbirth. But completely ineffective for old scars.
  6. "Dermofibrase cream" - about 450 rubles (tube 30 g). Similar to Contractubex.
  7. "Kelo-cat" - from 860 rubles to 2415 rubles (tube 6 g or 15 g), average price - 1560 rubles. Assign only to eliminate severe, deep and old scars and scars.
  8. "Gialripier-02" - from 2350 rubles to 5590 rubles (either a 2 ml syringe or a 5 ml bottle), the average price is 3945 rubles. Used in cosmetology for wrinkles, small irregularities, sagging, stretch marks, even cellulite.
  9. "Mederma gel" - from 620 rubles to 700 rubles (tube 20 g). Similar to "Gialripayer-02", only 2 times cheaper.