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How to speed up labor: recommendations and advice from gynecologists
How to speed up labor: recommendations and advice from gynecologists

How to accelerate the onset of labor? This question is of interest to women who are already finding it difficult to carry such a heavy belly. They are also asked by those ladies who have the need to give birth to a baby a little earlier than the due date. In the article we will tell you how to speed up labor activity at home so that childbirth goes without complications. We will also figure out whether it is worth rushing the birth of a baby into the world.

How long is natural childbirth

Expectant mother is looking forward to the start of childbirth. After all, this means a quick meeting with the baby. Yes, and the body gets tired of the extra load. But sometimes it happens that a child is in no hurry to be born.

how to speed up labor

And immediately mothers begin to worry, to think about whether everything is fine with the baby, how to speed up labor activity at 40 weeks. In the beginning, the mother herself needs to make sure that the due date of delivery is accurate. Since the birth of a child much prematurely can harm his he alth.

The exact date can be calculated by knowing your menstrual cycle. If he goesas expected - 28 days, then the birth will be on the date indicated by the doctor. But if the menstrual cycle lasts longer, then the baby will be born later than the date set on the ultrasound. Hence it turns out that the baby was born at the 42nd week, and there are no signs of postmaturity. Usually the body knows when the baby needs to leave the womb.

Overcarrying the baby. Harm to the child

Rarely, but it happens that a woman overwears a baby. This also negatively affects the development of the child. He begins to poison himself with old amniotic fluid, and nutrition through the umbilical cord is no longer enough for him. Maybe oxygen starvation.

It is for these reasons that if the pregnancy is being crossed, the doctor may begin to stimulate the birth process or prescribe an artificial delivery. You can start to stimulate the birth process at home. But it is advisable to do this after consultation with the doctor. It is imperative to clarify how to speed up labor activity. If there are contraindications, then the birth that began at home can end tragically.

Why induce labor

If, when the long-awaited day comes, the birth did not begin and there were not even forerunners, you should consult a doctor. Only the results of ultrasound can show the condition of the child. If there are no abnormalities, and the baby is still comfortable in the stomach, then it is better to wait for a natural delivery.

how to speed up labor by 39 weeks

But if the baby is cramped, the placenta begins to age, there is no proper nutrition for the baby, and the bones begin to harden, then it is necessary to stimulatechildbirth, and as soon as possible. Here, even the doctor himself will give advice on how and how to speed up the birth. Of course, if there is a little time and an urgent caesarean section is not required.

It is believed that term delivery should take place after 38 weeks, so there are mothers who are interested in how to speed up labor at 39 weeks. Doing this just on a whim is not advised. But if there are good reasons, then the methods described below will help. The main thing is that there are no contraindications. For example, the fetus faces the birth canal with its lower limbs, or there is a strong entanglement of the umbilical cord, problems with blood clotting in the expectant mother, and so on.

Dangers of labor induction

Sometimes the body really needs a push to bring the date of birth closer. But before learning how to speed up labor at home, you need to know the disadvantages of stimulation, and what could be the danger.

  • Preterm labor is more painful than normal. This is due to the fact that the body is not yet ready. The birth canal is not expanded. It usually takes time for the pelvic bones to expand. When childbirth begins suddenly and prematurely, the pain is almost doubled. It is also dangerous for the child. He moves along narrow paths.
  • If stimulation is chosen by a medical method, then it is necessary to lie under a dropper and on your back. And it’s quite painful to lie on your back anyway, given the weight of the fetus, and contractions will also be present. To facilitate them (for example, by walking along the corridor) will not work.
  • Induction of labor can negatively affect the baby. Baby canto be just not ready for childbirth yet, and this can cause stress for the baby. And it may also turn out that these 2-3 days were not enough for the baby to get stronger and straighten the lungs completely.

Therefore, before being puzzled by the question of how to speed up labor at week 39, you need to weigh the pros and cons, get a consultation with a doctor and undergo the necessary examination. If all indicators are normal, then you can start stimulation.

When you need to go to the hospital urgently

Important! If, after home stimulation of the birth process, contractions do not begin, but discomfort appears, you should urgently contact your gynecologist (who leads the pregnancy). Especially if the baby is already a little overdue. Medical stimulation or caesarean section may be required.

Indications for stimulation

How to speed up labor at 40 weeks? What are the indications for stimulation?

  1. When the pregnancy has already passed. The results of ultrasound revealed the aging of the placenta. The bones of the head begin to harden in the child (it will be more difficult for the baby to pass through the birth canal) and childbirth in a natural way (a little later) can cause injury to the child. If other signs of overdose of pregnancy are also recorded. Water after the 40th week becomes rich in toxins, they can cause irreparable harm to the he alth of the child.
  2. If the uterus is stretched to the limit and the baby's continued stay in the womb threatens to rupture. This can be not only because of a large fruit, but also because of polyhydramnios.
  3. Mom's illnesses. Perhaps the bodywomen can no longer withstand such a heavy load. This can affect almost all organs (heart, kidneys, vision, and so on). In this case, the baby will be born artificially.
  4. When amniotic fluid is discharged and there are no contractions. It is harmful for a baby to be without water for a long time. This may harm the child. We need to induce labor as soon as possible.

For any indications to speed up labor, only the doctor decides how to speed up labor, in what way it is best to do it and where (at home or in the hospital). Since the entire responsibility for a successful delivery lies with the doctor who leads the pregnancy.

Tips for women who want to induce labor a little

what to do to speed up labor

How to speed up labor activity? Follow the guidelines given below:

  • If the uterus is completely ready for childbirth, and there are still no contractions, then breast massage, and preferably nipples, can cause them. It is not in vain that a doctor does not advise a woman to touch her breasts unnecessarily during pregnancy. This causes tension in the uterus. However, this method is not very popular, as only a few achieve results.
  • Since the time of great-grandmothers, it has been known that sex stimulates labor well. But it must be without experiments, gentle, so as not to harm the fetus. Orgasm in a woman causes uterine contractions, and the hormone produced at this time has a positive effect on the fetus. Also, sperm provokes the onset of contractions.
how to speed up the startlabor activity

Physical exercise and exercise. It could be just a walk. Stair climbs are especially helpful. Descent and ascent. And you can do general cleaning around the house. But the main thing here is not to overdo it. Do not move your own wardrobe or sofa. So you can earn a hernia, and not just provoke the process of childbirth. There are also special exercises, yoga, swimming. But you need to do them only under the supervision of a coach. Do not hesitate to ask him for a certificate of permission to conduct such classes

how to speed up labor at home
  • Castor oil stimulates labor well. First of all, it weakens the intestines. And he, in turn, contracting, acts on the walls of the uterus, thereby causing its contractions. But this method also has side effects. Not everyone can digest butter normally. Vomiting may occur, and diarrhea may not stop by the time labor begins.
  • Not confirmed, but not denied the effects of raspberry tea. It is believed that this berry is able to cause contractions when consumed both in its pure form and in the form of tea. But it has been scientifically proven that raspberry leaf tea has a beneficial effect on the walls of the uterus. It will help to go through childbirth faster and without complications.
  • What foods speed up labor? Fresh pineapple helps bring about childbirth. It prepares the uterus for the onset of labor and speeds up and stimulates labor.
  • Sage oil or clove oil also tone the uterus and can speed up the onset of contractions.
  • Jumping on the ball - this increases blood flow to the uterus.
  • Inflating balloons. In this case, the abdominal muscles tighten, and this brings the uterus into a state of tone.
how to speed up labor at 40 weeks

An interesting method of stimulation - acupuncture

Acupuncture is gaining popularity to start contractions. It has long been proven that there are many points on the body with which you can control the work of the body. There are also points that are responsible for the onset of labor.

What are the possible side effects of these methods

If no obstacles have been identified on the part of the he alth of mother and baby and it is allowed to stimulate at home, then before choosing which method and how to speed up labor, you need to know that there are precautions to avoid complications.

how to speed up labor by 40 weeks
  1. When it is decided to induce labor with sex, you need to be completely confident in your partner. He must not have a sexually transmitted disease. Otherwise, the child may be infected when passing through the birth canal. It is strictly forbidden to hasten labor by sex if the water has broken.
  2. Use herbs, oils or infusions if they are safe and do not cause an allergic reaction.
  3. Exercise. If you do not follow the rules (take on a strong load) or do not listen to the advice of a trainer, then physical activity can cause placental abruption (and this is bleeding), the amniotic sac may break, severe andchildbirth can become long in the case when the body was not at all ready for labor. And if the expectant mother decided to speed up the birth by cleaning at home, then you need to know that you can’t wash the floor and do other cleaning in an inclined position. Since the baby can turn around and change his position (lie down not with his head down, but across, for example). Then, you may have to resort to an artificial method of delivery.


With whatever method you choose, you need to be especially careful. Otherwise, the artificially accelerated process of childbirth can end tragically. And do not rely on your knowledge. Often a woman, when she knows what to do to speed up labor, simply stops listening to the doctor's recommendations. For example, in a pregnant woman, the first birth was by caesarean section, the woman fears that she will be forced to give birth to her second child artificially again. And want naturally. She stocks up on information and induces labor at home. As a result, both may die.


You should definitely listen to the advice of a gynecologist. And if there are no indications for accelerating labor, then it is best to give birth on time. Childbirth will be easier, and the baby will be ready for the birth. And if you really need to speed up the birth, then it is better to trust the professionals and carry it out with medication, under the supervision of doctors.

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