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The most beautiful cat in the world: photo

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The most beautiful cat in the world: photo
The most beautiful cat in the world: photo

Cats are the oldest, world-famous and beloved pets. Today we have a difficult task - to determine the most beautiful cats in the world. The photos that we posted in this article will help you appreciate the external features of well-known and rather rare breeds.

Beauty is a subjective concept. We are sure that if you ask animal lovers what is the most beautiful cat in the world, the vast majority will answer that this is the animal that lives in their house. However, there are certain standards by which professionals judge the beauty of a cat.

Some graceful beauties came about through natural processes, others were the result of the work of breeders and breeders. Most of the beauties that we will talk about today have different characters - mischievous and affectionate, independent and proud, calm - they are all dearly loved by their owners. We will deliberately not rank these animals: let each of our readers decide for themselves which is the most beautiful cat in the world. Photos may not convey the character of the animal, but you can appreciate the external features.

beautiful cat breeds

Devon Rex

Cat lovers learned about these animals in 1960, when several unusual kittens were discovered in the UK. Sometimes, due to their special appearance, these animals are called aliens. Soft short hair with rather large curls, very large ears on a flat head, short, curled antennae and a graceful small body are the main features of this breed.

Besides their unique appearance, the Devon Rex has an amazingly playful disposition and excellent trainability. Devons are very devoted to their owners and feel comfortable only in their company. Another feature of this cat is its hypoallergenicity.

devon rex cats

Abyssinian cat

Photos of beautiful cat breeds can often be seen not only in special editions, but also in calendars, on postcards. Our next heroine is used to commercial shoots: large almond-shaped eyes with black eyeliner, amazing grace do not go unnoticed by lovers of cat beauty.

Images of Abyssinian cats were found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, which indicates a very ancient origin of this breed. Short coat with double and sometimes triple ticking, evenly colored. In addition, it has the effect of iridescence. Representatives of this breed are compared with wild cougars. And their activity, high level of intelligence and unique grace only emphasize this similarity. These very beautiful cats, photos of which you can see in our article,in demand in Europe and the USA. In our country, this breed is becoming more and more popular every year.

abyssinian cat

Maine Coon

Many lovers believe that the most beautiful cats (you can see the photo below) are Maine Coons - amazing domestic lynxes. Such a comparison is connected not only with the impressive size of the animal, but also with the external resemblance to a predator.

Maine Coon is a large animal. One of the characteristic features of this breed are large ears with tassels, almost like a real lynx. The animal has a long and very fluffy tail, soft and at the same time heavy coat. Such a pet looks at the world seriously, which reflects his calmness and does not at all correspond to his playful nature. It is especially interesting to watch the gait of Maine Coons - it also resembles the gait of a lynx.

Maine Coon cat

These are hardy, strong and very active cats. They are agile rodent hunters and kind, friendly companions.

Petersburg Sphinx

Unusual cats with elastic, but completely naked skin do not go unnoticed anywhere. Felinologists believe that the absence of wool does not spoil these beautiful pets at all. Petersburg Sphynx was officially recognized in 1996 as an independent breed. Since then, their appearance has been actively used for various photo shoots. A graceful long neck, amazingly beautiful and expressive eyes, slender legs - why not a model?

petersburg sphynx

Egyptian Mau

Talking about breedsbeautiful cats, it is impossible not to mention this exotic animal. It is amazing that in its more than three thousand years of history, the breed has not undergone any changes in appearance.

Egyptian Mau have a spotted color not only in wool, but also in skin. Another feature of this beautiful cat is the "scarab" mark located on the head and the black eyeliner of the almond-shaped eyes, which are colored green. It is noteworthy that almost always the look of these animals expresses amazement.

egyptian mau

Egyptian beauties are beautiful in any of their three colors: silver, smoky or bronze. More rare are marble or black.

American Curl

Among the variety of cat breeds, it is not easy to find such an extravagant and beautiful cat than the American Curl. Its feature is the ears that are wrapped back. The bizarre shape of the ears gives their owner a funny and very attractive look. Unusual American beauties are short-haired and long-haired. This feature is provided by the breed standard.

Silky, delicate to the touch coat fits snugly to the body of the animal, and its color can be different: bicolor, plain, tabby, colorpoint, tortie. Unusual appearance is very organically combined with a cheerful and playful character. Both adult cats and very small kittens are happy to join in games with children. These are surprisingly curious, intelligent and affectionate animals.

american curl

Persian cat

In our opinion,these beautiful pets do not need a detailed description. These animals have long gained popularity among Russian cat lovers. Persians are attracted by their affectionate and gentle nature, devotion and calmness. The appearance of these cats is also attractive: big open eyes, upturned nose - a miracle how good!

Silky and soft wool, about ten centimeters long, has several colors. At first, breeders bred cats with two coat colors: blue and white. Today, the breed has a wider color palette.

Persian cat


These beautiful cats, which occupy a special place in the cat world, are called "snow shoes". Large or medium-sized cats look harmonious and very graceful. A feature of the breed are charming white "socks" on the paws, which became the reason for its name. These animals are painted according to the Siamese type, have long limbs and blue eyes.

Representatives of the breed are endowed with a wonderful character: they are inquisitive, sociable, active. Interestingly, these kitties are not averse to frolic in the water, although they also like playing on land.

snowshoe cat


The ancestors of these unique animals were a snow-white Persian cat with blue eyes and a Siamese cat. Ragdolls inherited from them the best quality traits and beautiful appearance. The eyes of these cats are bright blue, striking in purity and depth. An outstanding appearance is emphasized by a puffy collar, elegant pants and a fluffy tail. Ragdoll woolsilky and soft, reminiscent of rabbit fur.

redgall cat


This breed appeared quite recently - in the 90s of the last century. For such a short history, the toyger has found many admirers of its beauty all over the world. This is a large animal with a muscular, strong, slightly elongated body, long limbs, dense and thick brindle coat. Brown or black stripes may be intermittent, there may not be very many of them, but they always look bright and contrasting against a light yellow background. This color is so far the only one in the breed, but breeders continue to work on breeding animals in silver tones.

toyger breed


One of the most expensive cats in the world. But this is not the only feature of these animals. Savannah is an unusually beautiful animal. This domestic "predator" was obtained by crossing a domestic cat with an African serval. As a result, kittens with a very beautiful coat and a wonderful character appeared. Leopard coloring, amazing grace, sociable disposition - this is how their owners characterize their unusual pets.

savannah cat

Kao mani

In many rankings, compiled on the basis of surveys of experts and ordinary animal lovers, these cats occupy a leading position, thanks to blue or yellow eyes. They are also called "diamond eye". In the population, kittens with multi-colored eyes are often born. This feature does not spoil the impression of animals at all, on the contrary, multi-colored eyesadd mysticism and charm.

Another name for these beautiful kitties is “white pearl”. As a rule, the coat of representatives of this breed is snow-white, not having a single spot, although individuals with red and even black spots are very rare. These very trusting and friendly creatures belong to the category of rare breeds, but animal lovers hope that the number of these beautiful cats will increase.

kao mani cat

Siberian cat

It is no coincidence that we have included these fluffy beauties with very warm and thick hair in the list of the most beautiful cats. These well-known animals in our country have a pretty muzzle, rounded smooth lines of the body and head, a powerful, muscular body. Slightly slanting big eyes radiate prudence and calmness.

Aboriginal origin rewarded Siberians with excellent hunting instincts, a high level of intelligence, restraint. An interesting fact: despite the fluffy long hair, this breed is hypoallergenic. This makes Siberian beauties desirable in any home.

siberian cat

We have presented you, in our opinion, the most beautiful breeds of cats. We hope that the information received will help you choose a pet. It is important that regardless of the purity of the breed, the cost of your pet, you become a caring and reliable friend for him.

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