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Cellulite during pregnancy: causes and how to fight
Cellulite during pregnancy: causes and how to fight

Cellulite during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. Because of this cosmetic defect, after childbirth, a woman is embarrassed to wear a dress above her knees or go to the pool. Why does cellulite appear in expectant mothers? Is it possible to fight this? This will be described in the article.

How to recognize cellulite and why it occurs Main causes of appearance

Cellulite appears due to hormonal changes in a woman's body while carrying a baby. There is an accumulation of fat cells "in reserve". Weekly weight gain during pregnancy becomes noticeable by an increase not only in the abdomen, but also in the hips and buttocks.

Main causes of cellulite:

  • Increase in body weight. Fat is the main source of energy, and it takes a lot of it for the development and growth of the fetus. Therefore, the body begins to store fat so that the body does not experience an energy deficit.
  • Liquid is poorly excreted from the body. There is a load on the kidneys, the fetus squeezes the blood vessels, which leads to fluid stagnation. ATas a result, the water-s alt balance in the body is disturbed.
  • During this period, the woman is not so active. Cellulite usually begins to appear from 33-34 weeks of pregnancy. The belly prevents the expectant mother from leading an active lifestyle. Many women spend more time in bed because of the threat of miscarriage.
  • Change in diet. During pregnancy, tastes change greatly, there is a constant feeling of hunger. Sometimes women are ready to eat 24 hours a day, but do not feel full.
  • The fetus absorbs most of the nutrients, the mother's body lacks them. It is especially important that the child absorbs a lot of iodine, namely, it helps to fight fatty deposits. Therefore, gynecologists advise taking iodine-containing drugs during pregnancy and increasing the amount of foods containing iodine in the diet.
  • The hormonal background is changing, which affects the metabolic process. Oxygen saturation of the body is deteriorating.
  • Weight gain and the appearance of cellulite will be more pronounced if there is a predisposition to this. During the period of hormonal adjustment, the body begins to gain weight to the mass that is laid down by nature.
  • Clothes also play a role. Clothes that are too tight interfere with proper metabolism.
cellulite prevention during pregnancy

How to detect cellulite

Change something in the body is not easy, but possible. Therefore, it is possible to carry out prevention and fight against cellulite at any stage of its manifestation. It is important to know the signsphenomena. Revealing cellulite is quite simple. To do this, you need to grab a patch of skin in the thigh area with your thumb and forefinger. If the skin is uneven, reminiscent of an orange peel, then it's time to start fighting cellulite. If the skin is even and smooth, then there is no problem.

Primary signs of cellulite in women

If skin problems are just starting, then you can identify them by the following signs:

  1. The skin on problem areas began to heal much longer.
  2. The top layer of the epidermis becomes much thicker. This is due to improper functioning of the lymph.
  3. Bruises appear even from finger pressure. This means that the nutrition and blood supply of the skin is disturbed, there is a lack of vitamins in the vessels.

If cellulite appears on the legs during pregnancy, you should not immediately start getting rid of it. It is advisable to get advice from a specialist, since not all methods and creams can help without harm to the fetus.

Fight cellulite

How to deal with cellulite during pregnancy? Often after childbirth, when the body returns to normal and the metabolism is restored, cellulite disappears on its own. But it is advisable not to bring the skin to a terrible state and begin to fight it even during pregnancy. Then, after giving birth, it will soon be possible to put on your favorite short dress, shorts, swimsuit.

There are a lot of ways to get rid of uneven skin. But not everyone can fit. Much depends on the course of pregnancy and the he alth of the mother. For example, increasing physical activity is goodhelps fight cellulite. But if there is a threat of miscarriage, this method is not suitable. Below are the main methods of dealing with the above problem.

Pregnancy massage

Massage will help remove cellulite on the legs during pregnancy. This procedure is carried out only with the permission of a doctor. It is necessary to clarify whether it is possible to do self-massage, at what time, how many minutes to carry out procedures, what creams can be used. Reinforced massage is unacceptable, and some creams can cause an allergic reaction, even if there was no allergy to this product before pregnancy. Indeed, during the period of bearing a child, the body is weak and reacts to everything differently.

cellulite massage

If massage is allowed, then only the thigh area is allowed for the procedure. Don't touch the belly. This can increase the tone of the uterus and lead to miscarriage. It is not allowed to use vibration massagers during the procedure. Only light stroking of the skin using creams is allowed. No sharp slaps and strong rubbing. You can do a contrast shower, but only on the hips. Hot water alternates with cold. Finish with cold water and rub with a towel.

It is recommended to have massage sessions with contrast showers in the afternoon. It is better to do the procedures once for 15-30 minutes than several times a day, but for 5 minutes. After all, the massage is easy. There will be more effect if you do it longer. The procedure is carried out from the toes to the hips. Lingering on each section for 2-3 minutes.

These treatments helpreduce cellulite during pregnancy. With their help, the blood supply to the tissues improves, the work of the lymph normalizes. If this does not help to completely remove the irregularities on the skin, then it will not allow cellulite to develop further.

Contraindications for massage during pregnancy

There are contraindications for such procedures:

  • It is not allowed to massage with varicose veins.
  • In the presence of hemorrhagic rashes.
  • If the vessels have lost their elasticity and become brittle.

Another contraindication is the gestational age. It is undesirable to conduct massage sessions at an early stage and after 33-34 weeks of pregnancy.

Scrub and cream to get rid of bumps on the skin

Before buying these funds, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition. The ingredients should normalize the state of blood vessels, help remove excess fluid from the body. But they don't have to be aggressive. Anti-cellulite scrub and cream should contain natural ingredients that will not cause allergies.

The best are products containing calendula, seaweed, tea (green). They help a lot in the fight against cellulite. You can also massage with s alt. In this case, it acts as a scrub - tones and restores the work of blood vessels, takes away excess fluid. S alt can also be replaced with coffee (more precisely, coffee grounds). It can be added to shower gel and massaged into the thigh area.

weekly weight gain during pregnancy

It is strictly forbidden to usewarming creams and scrubs, as well as regular anti-cellulite cream. As a rule, such cosmetics have a mark on whether it can be used by ladies in an interesting position. If the choice is made correctly, then these funds help to overcome cellulite during pregnancy.

The fight for beautiful skin on the thighs with such cosmetics will be much slower than when using standard creams in the fight against cellulite. But the he alth of the unborn baby is important here. The result of the procedures will be, but not as fast as we would like.

Greater effect can be achieved if you do a massage with a scrub, and then apply a cream, which is also designed to combat cellulite. It is desirable that the funds are from the same manufacturer. If you do only massage, then skin irritation may occur. And if you use only cream, then the result can be almost zero.

Correct clothes and shoes

This rule is much easier to follow than all the others. Carefully selected clothing will not interfere with blood circulation. It will be comfortable in it, the skin will breathe normally, which is also very important. It is impossible to wear anti-cellulite clothing, as there may be a threat of termination of pregnancy. If you have a habit of wearing shoes with "stilettos", then it is better to switch to a lower heel. It is advisable to abandon such shoes during pregnancy, as it is not worth provoking the development of varicose veins.

Physical activity

What exercises for cellulite during pregnancy can I do? How to do them correctly? Follow these guidelines:

  • If there is no time for exercise or it is forbidden, then ordinary walks in the fresh air will be enough. At this time, the body will receive more oxygen, and the muscles will receive a load that will help in the fight against cellulite.
  • When there are no contraindications, it is recommended to visit the pool. You can just swim. And you can do water gymnastics. The benefits of water procedures are undeniable. The extra weight that has appeared does not in the least prevent a woman from exercising, since it is not felt in the water. The main thing is that all classes in the pool (even swimming) should be carried out in the presence of a coach.
  • Fitness for pregnant women at home is carried out only after consulting a doctor. Together with him, a set of exercises is selected. If discomfort appears during the performance of tasks, then you should immediately inform the doctor about this and exclude this type of load.
anti-cellulite scrub

Do not forget that all types of exercises can be done only after talking with the doctor, as even a harmless walk can be harmful. Physical activity is best done under the supervision of a professional trainer who specializes specifically in pregnant women.

Nutrition for pregnant women

A properly composed menu for a future mother is the key to a successful pregnancy. The child and mother should receive all the necessary nutrients. You shouldn't overeat. It is harmful for the baby, and it is difficult for the mother to carry her extra weight, as this is an additional burden on the heart and legs.

In the diet of a pregnant woman, fruits and vegetables should be present daily. HighlyDried fruits are also useful, but these products can provoke a sharp increase in body weight while carrying a baby.

Starting from the second trimester, there is an increase in pregnancy weight. Over the weeks, you can notice changes when weighing. Therefore, during this period, you need to begin to control fluid intake so as not to provoke swelling. That is why smoked and s alted products are banned. It is also not recommended to quench your thirst with sparkling water.

pregnant woman nutrition

For expectant mothers, diets for the sake of a figure and vegetarianism are prohibited. The body must receive everything necessary for the proper development of the baby. The mother's body also should not experience starvation. If there are any he alth problems, it is advisable to consult a doctor and jointly exclude prohibited foods. It's even better if you and him make a rough menu for at least a week.

Preventive measures against cellulite

Above we have listed measures to combat this defect. Now consider preventive measures that should exclude its occurrence:

  • Need to use cellulite cream during pregnancy. Maybe this alone will be enough for you. If you use an anti-cellulite scrub together with the cream, the result will be much better. Procedures should be carried out without any extra effort.
  • If baths are allowed, special s alts can be added to the water. But it is better to check with your doctor about them.
  • Clothes should be loose and comfortable.
  • Exercise and walking will hinderdevelopment of cellulite. You definitely need to spend more time in motion, but if the period is long, then there should be enough time to rest.
  • A visit to the pool will have a positive effect on mom and baby. You can visit it at least once a week. This good habit will help during childbirth, as the muscles will be maintained in good tone.
  • Exclude spicy, smoked and s alty foods, less sweets. There should not be very many high-calorie foods in the diet, since pregnant women do not need excess weight. If you abuse food with a high calorie content, then the child can turn out to be large. This entails extra stretch marks and difficult childbirth with breaks. There should be more fish products on the menu. They will replenish the body with the necessary amount of iodine. If necessary, you can buy a complex of vitamins. They should be prescribed by a doctor.
food for pregnant women

What is forbidden during pregnancy

We looked at what needs to be done to overcome or avoid the appearance of cellulite during pregnancy. But there are also contraindications in the fight against skin irregularities:

  1. It is not allowed to use vibration massagers and special belts to get rid of cellulite.
  2. It is forbidden to use strong cosmetic products (creams, scrubs) to accelerate the elimination of cellulite.
  3. All products must be hypoallergenic, even if the mother did not have any allergies before pregnancy.
  4. Any diet is prohibited, even anti-cellulite. The only exception is a therapeutic diet, which is prescribed by a doctor whenMom has any chronic illnesses.
  5. Exercise in the fight against cellulite should be moderate and light, any overload is prohibited.
  6. Do not do classic massage.
  7. You can't do yoga (this technique also has poses in the fight against cellulite), even for a short time.
  8. Any anti-cellulite clothing is cancelled. It will tone the uterus faster than it will get rid of the "orange peel".
cellulite during pregnancy

There are many prohibitions. However, for the birth of a he althy baby, they should be followed. If it so happens that all measures have been taken to restore skin elasticity (nutrition, clothing, exercise, and so on), but there is no result, then you should not be upset. After childbirth, the body quickly returns to normal.

Small conclusion

The best thing is the prevention of cellulite during pregnancy. From hated skin changes no one is immune. If there is absolute certainty that cellulite will bypass you, it is advisable not to neglect the advice regarding clothing and nutrition. They not only do not harm, but improve the condition of your body and help the proper development of the baby.

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