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It hurts between the legs during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, types of pain, treatment and advice from gynecologists
It hurts between the legs during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, types of pain, treatment and advice from gynecologists

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and exciting time in every woman's life. During this period, she literally listens to every, even the most insignificant change in her body. And if something goes wrong, then it certainly worries her, and especially if some new sensations arise that bring discomfort. In the article we will talk about why it hurts between the legs during pregnancy and what methods of dealing with this trouble gynecologists offer.

Causes of pain

A pregnant woman every now and then is worried about something, something she constantly does not like, something worries her. Doctors say that during the normal course of pregnancy, no discomfort should occur. And any, even a second pain in the groin area should be the reason for going to the gynecologist. So let's try to figure out whywhile a woman has a lot of pain between her legs during pregnancy.


Quite often, pain between the legs during pregnancy appears already in the last weeks and is a harbinger of the fact that the mother and baby will meet very soon. During this period, the child is already beginning to slowly put pressure on the ligaments and bones of the hip region, and this gives the mother some discomfort, and sometimes pain. This is especially felt if there is an intense sprain of the ligaments. If the muscles between the legs hurt during pregnancy, then gynecologists do not attach any importance to such pain, since it does not pose any danger to either the mother or the baby.

pregnancy pain in the ligaments between the legs

Sciatic nerve

In addition to the fact that the muscles between the legs hurt during pregnancy, it can hurt between the legs due to the fact that there is excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve. In this case, the pain is expressed quite sharply and it can be safely called a spasm. That is why, when walking during pregnancy, it hurts between the legs, and painful sensations may also appear when lying down from one side to the other. It is almost impossible to solve this problem. It remains only to wait until the child changes position and the nerve that was pinched will take its natural position. Only under this condition will all pains stop, and the woman will be able to move normally.

Varicose veins

During pregnancy, this happens quite often, because some women experience loosening of the ligaments. If you are watchingsuch manifestations before you find yourself in an “interesting” position, then you should take care of your he alth and seek help from a specialist. If there is such a problem during pregnancy, it hurts between the legs when walking. Since varicose veins are quite serious diseases, they require immediate treatment.

Pain in the early stages

Pain in any area in the first trimester of pregnancy is especially dangerous, when there is a real threat of losing the baby due to seemingly insignificant trifles. If in the first three months of pregnancy the muscles between the legs hurt or there are other unpleasant sensations in this area, then you should immediately seek help from a doctor. There is no need to delay going to the doctor, because you can lose a child.

Kidneys and ureter

There is a possibility that pain in this area will appear due to the fact that a woman has kidney stones or she is sick with some kind of venereal disease. Such symptoms have herpes and endometritis. Do not put off going to the gynecologist for a long time, because you risk not only your he alth, but also the he alth of the unborn little man.

Pubic pain

In the third trimester, many women begin to hurt the pubic part. What is the reason for such manifestations? All this is explained quite simply - this is the physiology of every woman. After all, it is during this period that the pelvic bones move apart so that it is easier for the child to pass through the birth canal. But some women feel too much pain, and this is a cause for concern. The main and perhaps the only reason for this issymphysite.

causes of pain between legs during pregnancy

symphysitis symptoms

Each disease has specific symptoms by which it can be distinguished from others. Symphysitis is characterized by such manifestations:

  • When a woman tries to sit down or, conversely, get up from a chair, she gets a shooting pain in the pubic part.
  • Severe pain between the legs also occurs when a woman tries to spread her legs, when she rolls over from side to side or just while moving.
  • Strong discomfort can be felt even at the moment when the expectant mother climbs the stairs, crosses low thresholds.
  • A woman may begin to limp, her gait becomes like a duck.
  • If you press lightly on a woman's pubis, she will immediately feel severe discomfort or even pain.
  • In some cases bones begin to click or grind.
  • Gradually, the pain can move from the pubis to the lower back, coccyx or hips.
severe pain between legs during pregnancy

Causes of strong bone discrepancy

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why bones separate during pregnancy, and experts make only some assumptions about this.

  1. Production of some hormones is greatly exceeded.
  2. The baby is too big or the woman is diagnosed with polyhydramnios.
  3. Disease can occur if the fetal head is too low.
  4. Lack of calcium, which can be badbe absorbed in the body if a woman lacks vitamin D3.
  5. If a pregnant woman has an incorrect ratio of components such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.
  6. Presence of old injuries in the pelvic region or putting too much stress on the musculoskeletal system of the pregnant woman.
  7. Any diseases of the bones and joints, as well as a predisposition to their appearance, can have such consequences.
pain between legs during pregnancy

How to get rid of the problem

As a rule, no treatment for pain in the pubic part of a woman is prescribed. Only in those cases when it will be impossible to endure, is it allowed to take a pill "No-shpy" or rub the place where it hurts with "Menovazin". If edema appears, then Chondroxide and Betalgon will remove them best. Experts advise not to abuse tablets that contain calcium.

How to relieve pain and carry out prevention

To avoid pubic pain, gynecologists recommend the following:

  • Don't go out for too long walks, avoid climbing stairs if possible.
  • A special bandage can be purchased at the pharmacy, which will reduce the pain of symphysitis and facilitate the movement of a pregnant woman.
  • Being in a standing position, it is not recommended to carry all the weight on only one leg.
  • Periodically you need to change your sitting position and during pregnancy, you need to try not to throw one leg over the other.
  • Don't forgetvisit a gynecologist, who in the last weeks will prescribe drugs that will reduce pain, it is also recommended to undergo irradiation with UV rays.
sore muscles between legs during pregnancy

Vaginal pain

During pregnancy, the ligaments between the legs hurt, but this is not the only pain that a woman can face. She may also experience pain in the vagina. Basically, pain in the vagina occurs only in the early stages of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the uterus increases in size, and gynecologists consider this phenomenon to be absolutely normal. Such manifestations are observed in almost every pregnant woman. But there are other causes of pain in the vagina, namely:

  • Infections. Usually they are manifested not only by pain, but also there is itching and severe burning in the perineum, mucous secretions appear, which can also have an unpleasant odor. You do not need to self-medicate, but you should definitely seek help from a specialist who can prescribe the right treatment.
  • Vaginal dysbacteriosis. With the advent of a future man inside a woman, her body is completely rebuilt, and in connection with this, vaginal dysbacteriosis quite often occurs. Symptoms resemble an infection: an unpleasant odor, burning, itching. Treatment is carried out only under the supervision of a gynecologist, who can also diagnose changes in the microflora in a pregnant woman.
  • Inflammatory process. If some inflammatory process takes place in the vagina, then the pains are mostly felt only during or after sexual intercourse.act. A discharge resembling pus may appear, some have itching not only of the external organs, but also inside the vagina.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. In addition to all the above symptoms, in this case, a strong stabbing pain in the vagina is added, which intensifies over time. There are severe pains in the abdomen, lower back, spotting is observed.
sore muscles between legs during pregnancy

Actions for pain in the vagina

If during pregnancy you are constantly haunted by pain in the vagina or labia, then you should not wait until everything goes away on its own, you should seek help from a specialist who will not only be able to establish the cause, but also prescribe the necessary treatment. After all, if you do not start treatment on time, you can get serious complications. Sometimes not only a gynecologist, but also a neurologist or even an endocrinologist can establish the exact cause of pain in the vagina.

So, gynecologists advise to get rid of pain in the vaginal area at least for a while, you need:

  1. Sit in a warm but not hot bath to relax your muscles.
  2. Choose the size of the bandage to reduce the load on this area, and this, in turn, will relieve pain.

Advice before having a baby

So, there are general methods of getting rid of pain in the vagina, in the pubic part and between the legs, which will alleviate the fate of a pregnant woman in the prenatal period:

  • You need to keep your weight under control in order to prevent unnecessary stress on the area in which you feelpain.
  • You should try to sit as little as possible. The armchair or chair should be soft, it is good if the pregnant woman sits on a soft pillow or mattress.
  • While sitting, both feet should be firmly planted on the floor.
  • While walking, do not take steps to the side. It is better to turn around once again to take the right direction.
  • If a woman feels pain in the pubis, then it is better for her to lie down, placing a roller or pillow under the hips and legs. In this way, the load on the joints can be reduced.
very sore between legs during pregnancy

Physical training against pain

Therapeutic exercise is prescribed in the treatment of many ailments and has long proven its effectiveness. If it hurts a lot between the legs during pregnancy, you can try to perform a small set of exercises. However, it is possible to get to work only after consulting with a specialist and after his permission to do so. No need to overwork yourself, take small breaks so as not to harm the child. If it turns out to be too hard, you can break the whole set of exercises for the whole day.

  1. You need to kneel and lean on your palms so that your back, neck and buttocks are on the same level. The neck is slowly lowered down, and the back, on the contrary, is arched up. This exercise should be repeated several times.
  2. If during pregnancy you feel pain in the bones and muscles, then you should lie on your back on a hard and even surface, move your legs towards you so that your feet reach your buttocks. Remaining in the same position, legs bent at the knees,should be parted in different directions.
  3. Staying on your back, bend your knees and put a strong emphasis on your feet. After that, try to slightly raise the pelvis and lower it back to the floor. So repeat several times. If it is difficult to raise the pelvis, then it is better not to do it.
  4. Get yourself a small support in advance, it can be a stool or a small stand. Remaining on your back, you need to lay your legs on this support and remain in this position for ten minutes.
  5. Choose a firm, comfortable chair with a back and sit on it. Next, you need to raise your leg up and try to make several rotational movements with it. The same steps are repeated with the second leg. Thus, you can not only relax the muscles, but also disperse the blood throughout the body.
  6. Lean on the back of a chair and try to sit down gently. You do not need to get too close to the floor or arch in a way that makes you uncomfortable. The exercise is done carefully and exactly as many times as it will be convenient.
  7. Standing up straight, you need to slightly take one leg back and then slightly bend both legs at the knees. After that, the legs change places and repeat the same thing.

If you are in early pregnancy, then try step exercises. During this period, they show their effectiveness. One leg is placed on a small stool, and the second, as it were, is pulled up behind it. After the legs are swapped and the exercise is repeated several times until it is convenient.


On the one hand, pain between the legs during pregnancy is notcarry nothing dangerous, but they cannot be ignored, since there are still some risks. In any case, it is better to consult a specialist in order to dispel all fears. If you use all the advice of gynecologists, then you can generally avoid discomfort and just enjoy your pregnancy. Now that you know why it hurts between your legs during pregnancy, you can try to prevent such manifestations.

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