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"Arbidol" during pregnancy: indications and instructions for use
"Arbidol" during pregnancy: indications and instructions for use

A pregnant woman must protect herself from infections and viruses. If the disease nevertheless has come, then it is necessary to take care of its correct treatment in a timely manner, which will correspond to the “interesting” situation. Most often, gynecologists and therapists recommend "Arbidol" during pregnancy. The features of its use in each trimester will be discussed.

6 cases when Arbidol is needed

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"Arbidol" during pregnancy is not a harmless drug. Therefore, it is prescribed only when there is an urgent need for it. In total, 6 main indications for its use can be distinguished:

  • penetration into the body of viruses of groups A and B, settling on the mucous membranes of the nose and in the respiratory tract;
  • complication resulting from exposure to viruses: bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis;
  • ARVI.
  • post flu complications;
  • immunodeficiency states;
  • chronic bronchitis.

The instructions for "Arbidol" states that the drug is intended for the prevention of viral pathologies. Doctors recommend taking it only if there is an urgent need.

Features of use in the first trimester

The first trimester of expectation is the most important. During this period, organs, tissues, and individual groups of cells are laid in the embryo. Any intervention (hormonal failure, stressful situation, etc.) can negatively affect this serious process. Therefore, it is better to refuse taking medication.

Taking "Arbidol" during pregnancy in the 1st trimester is possible only if the woman has a disease that can negatively affect the full development of the fetus. It is important that the drug is prescribed and the optimal dosage is selected by a specialist. Do not self-medicate.

Features of use in the II trimester

The period from 12 to 28 weeks from the date of conception can be called golden. By this time, all the baby's organs are formed, now they only have to grow. A woman begins to feel good, as a rule, the symptoms of toxicosis are no longer so pronounced, or are absent at all, the stomach is small and does not interfere with a full life. But this is no reason to relax! You still need to protect yourself from viral diseases.

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If this was not possible, then you should immediately consult a doctor. The instructions for the use of Arbidol during pregnancy do not indicate how the drug can affect the developmentbaby. This means that relevant studies have not been conducted. This medication can be used as a therapeutic therapy in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, but only in a small dosage (up to 200 mg per day) and for viral diseases accompanied by complications.

Features of use in the III trimester

In rare cases, the gynecologist prescribes "Arbidol" during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester. High temperature and deterioration of well-being can cause premature birth. It is worth noting that by the 28th week all the organs of the child have already been formed, now the baby is preparing for the birth. The disease at this moment poses a greater threat to him than taking an antiviral drug.

Very often, women prefer children's "Arbidol" during pregnancy, believing that it has a more gentle composition. However, that the drug for adults is the same active ingredient for children, the dosage is simply different.


There are three forms of release of the drug - capsules, tablets for oral administration and powder for suspension. It is required to take the drug according to the instructions strictly before meals.

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The instructions for "Arbidol" do not indicate the dosage for pregnant women. Therefore, it is worth following the recommendations for an adult:

  • The daily dosage of the drug is 200 mg. One capsule contains 100 or 50 mg of the active substance. Accordingly, you should drink 2 or 4 pcs per day. with an interval of 6 hours. The general course of treatment is8-10 days.
  • Pills are available in a dosage of 100 mg. For 8-12 days, you need to take them 2 times a day. In some cases, the course of treatment is extended up to two weeks.

For pregnant women, the rules of therapy may be changed. The specialist will assess the patient's condition and give the necessary recommendations for taking the medication.

Possible hazards

Before using "Arbidol" during pregnancy, you should carefully study the composition of the drug. Contraindication is individual intolerance to auxiliary components (starch, povidone, colloidal silicon dioxide, gelatin, acetic acid, umifenovir).

arbidol: tablets, capsules, medicine

Possible side effect - the appearance of an allergic reaction, manifesting itself as redness, itching, swelling, dizziness and nausea. As a result of the study, no consequences were found with overdose and when exposed to other drugs.

General recommendations

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"Arbidol" during pregnancy, like many other drugs, violates the natural biochemical process in the body. It is worth observing generally accepted preventive measures so that for 9 months there is no need to treat with an antiviral agent.

  1. You should not contact with carriers of infections. During the flu and SARS epidemic, the expectant mother should not visit crowded places and use public transport.
  2. If it is not possible to cancel a mass event,then after its completion, you need to treat your hands with soap with an antibacterial effect, take a shower and change clothes.
  3. The living space needs to be ventilated frequently. If he alth permits, then you need to carry out daily wet cleaning.
  4. During the period of bearing a child, a woman's immunity is noticeably weakened. Taking vitamins and proper nutrition will support it.
  5. In spring and autumn, after a walk, you need to treat the sinuses with saline.

It is worth taking the most responsible attitude to your he alth during pregnancy. Any negative factor can negatively affect the successful development of the baby.

What do women think about it

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Many women are prescribed Arbilol during pregnancy as an antiviral agent. On the ladies' forums you can see a lot of reviews about this drug. Basically they have the following content:

  • Women claim that this is indeed an effective drug that can cure a viral disease in a short time. At the same time, there was no negative impact on the body of the mother and her baby.
  • Many patients believe that after treatment with an antiviral agent, their immunity decreased: they began to get sick with SARS more often.
  • In rare cases, adverse side effects have been observed: minor abnormalities in the development of the fetus according to the results of ultrasound.
  • If you believe the reviews about "Arbidol", then we can conclude that in most cases, taking the drug in no waydoes not affect the full development of the baby. And yet, many opponents of Arbidol recommend choosing a more gentle method of treating a viral disease during pregnancy.


The period of pregnancy is the very moment when you need to put aside all the chores and pay attention to only one important aspect - your own he alth. Not every modern woman can afford to spend 9 months in a calm environment that is safe for her and her baby. An organism with a weakened immune system is susceptible to viral diseases. If you feel unwell, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only a specialist can prescribe the right treatment and choose the optimal dosage for a pregnant patient.

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