Hummingbird satchel: customer reviews
Hummingbird satchel: customer reviews

Video: Hummingbird satchel: customer reviews

Video: Hummingbird satchel: customer reviews

The Hummingbird brand launches school bags with an orthopedic back. Backpacks vary in configuration and design, number of pockets and purpose. There are options for first graders, younger students and teenagers. Description of models and user reviews of Hummingbird backpacks will help you choose an accessory for your child.

Manufacturer information

Hummingbird is a domestic brand of school accessories. The name translated from English means "hummingbird bird". The company has existed since the 2000s and over 10 years of operation has become one of the leaders in the Russian market.

Hummingbird produces school bags and backpacks for boys and girls aged 6-17. The Russian brand cares about the visual appeal and safety of accessories.

Backpacks are produced using German technology. Innovative materials combine colorfulness with lightness and strength of each backpack model. Designers come up with design and prints.

The anatomical design is being developed in collaboration with orthopedic doctors. Straps and embossed back of backpacks,created according to the instructions of doctors, help the child to maintain a straight posture and avoid curvature of the spine at school age.

The quality and attractiveness of Hummingbird backpacks, according to customer reviews, is not inferior to imported analogues.

Brand Accessories Benefits

The brand is in demand, although there are dozens of competing brands in the school accessories market. What features of Hummingbird backpacks attract buyers:

  • The weight of an empty backpack is no more than 850-1000 g. The lightness is explained by the technological design and the use of polymer raw materials.
  • Hummingbird's rigid body is impact resistant.
  • Water-repellent material protects items from rain and snow. The fabric does not absorb dirt and is easy to clean.
  • Anatomic design. The orthopedic back supports the posture of the child. Soft wide straps distribute the load, reducing the pressure on the spine. A backpack filled with textbooks seems lighter than its actual weight.
  • Compact in appearance, the satchel holds A4 size folders.
  • Backpack design
    Backpack design
  • The system of large and small format compartments keeps the student's things in order. The main compartment with dividers will not allow notebooks to wrinkle. External pockets have zones for personal items - smartphone, money, keys.
  • Reflective stripes keep students visible on the road at night.
  • A variety of colorful designs for girls and boys of all ages. For younger students, Hummingbird offers brightbackpacks with cartoon characters. Backpacks for boys and girls are decorated with stylish fantasy prints.
  • Accessories included. Buyers of elementary backpacks receive gifts from Hummingbird: a shoe bag, a badge and a keychain.

Types of backpacks

Hummingbird school bag catalog consists of 6 collections. The criterion for differences is the age of the child. Externally, the difference is expressed in the size of the models, the configuration and the number of pockets.

Hummingbird NK - a collection of backpacks for younger students. Rigid geometric design fully folds out. The hard bottom is lined with a layer of plastic. Judging by the reviews, Hummingbird satchels in the form of rectangular chests are of interest to parents of first graders.

K, H and S series accessories for elementary school students are in the same shape as NK. Their only feature is that the main compartment closes with a flap with a magnet, not a zipper.

Hummingbird Kids - backpacks for students in grades 1-4. Accessories are sold with a bag for changing shoes.

Hummingbird Teens is a teenage backpack collection with a youthful design. The series is designed for boys and girls aged 11-17.

Exterior design

backpack look
backpack look

The body of Hummingbird packs is a rigid geometric structure that holds its shape. The bottom is sealed or equipped with legs.

Prints are applied using screen printing technology, which provides brightness and clarity of the picture. Shades remain saturated, and image fragments are not erased during use.

Girls' backpacks are decorated with prints in the form of glamorous cats, flowers, butterflies. Backpacks for boys are decorated with sports and urban symbols: racing cars, graffiti, skaters. Accessories of backpacks fit into the design. A palette of shades - from yellow and pink to black, blue and purple.

Reflective stripes are located on the straps in front and on the sides of the packs. Signal elements do not tear and withstand severe frost.

Prosthetic construction

Hummingbird school bags have an anatomically shaped dense multi-layer insert on the back. The rigid frame is lined with soft padding for a comfortable fit.

The top layer is made of breathable mesh material. The skin does not sweat and the child is not hot when the backpack is worn on the back.

Straps and handles

Straps and back
Straps and back

Backpacks are equipped with 55mm padded shoulder straps. Massive straps tightly cover the body and fix the satchel, not allowing it to move to the side or move down. The length of the straps is adjustable according to the height and build of the child.

In the Hummingbird orthopedic backpacks for younger students, an additional belt fixation is provided. The horizontal strap that connects the shoulder straps at the front improves the fit of the backpack and maintains a straight posture.

In addition to the shoulder straps, on top of the body of the satchel there is a tight loop for hanging and a rubberized handle that allows you to carry the accessory in your hand.

Materials of backpacks

Hummingbird accessories are made fromthick polyester with a water-repellent coating. The fabric does not absorb dirt and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The accessories are made of metal. The zipper tabs are finished with large rubber hangers that make it easy to move the lock and do not slip in your hand.

The bottom of the satchel
The bottom of the satchel

In schoolbags for first graders, the bottom is reinforced with sheets of plastic. Backpacks for junior schoolchildren and teenagers are equipped with legs.

Features of backpacks for first graders

Hummingbird N. K
Hummingbird N. K

Hummingbird NK, S, K and H series accessories have a rigid rectangular body with a plastic bottom. The main compartment closes with a zipper or magnetic lock. Inside there are movable dividers for books, notebooks and albums. Transparent windows are for lesson schedule and owner name.

opening satchel
opening satchel

The walls of the folding backpacks are fastened with zippers and come unfastened. To search for small things at the bottom of the chest, the design can be turned into a straight line.

All external pockets are equipped with zippers. Small compartments are sewn on the side walls of the satchel. Front organizer pocket with key clip, compartments for mobile phone and stationery.

The straps are fastened at the front with a horizontal belt clip.

Complete with a satchel, the buyer receives a keychain and a badge that repeats the design of the accessory, and a bag for interchangeable shoes.

Average product dimensions - 40×30×18 cm. The weight of an empty satchel is 900 g.

Reviews on products for first graders

S, K and H, NK series backpacks deserve a positive evaluation. Buyers of Hummingbird backpacks for the first grader in the reviews note the large volume and thoughtful organization of the internal space. Pockets and dividers keep books, notebooks and pens organized. The backpacks contain all the things a younger student needs, although they look compact from the outside. Externally, the proportions of the accessory correspond to the growth of a first-grader - about 116 cm.

The padded back and shoulder straps make it easier for kids to feel comfortable when the backpack is full of books. In reviews of the Hummingbird H2 and K Series school bags, parents describe the colorful design, smooth stitching, and comfortable fittings. Children are attracted by the presence of a toy and a badge.

As a minus, buyers note the high price of accessories. Briefcases for first-graders worth about 4,100 rubles remain the most expensive models in the brand's catalog.

Hard body does not always withstand school loads. The bottom of the Hummingbird NK satchel, according to parents, is covered with cracks after 1.5 years of active use.

The quality of magnetic clasps and gift-toys causes complaints. Customers of online stores receive new backpacks with broken locks. Souvenir badges with defective clasps do not fasten, and key chains with a flashlight do not light up.

Hummingbird Kids Backpacks

Hummingbird Kids
Hummingbird Kids

Accessories are designed for girls and boys aged 6-10. The backpacks have a dense streamlined body with rounded corners. Pockets are equipped with zippers. At the bottomthere are plastic feet.

The large compartment inside is divided by partitions for books and notebooks. Side pockets for small items and 2 separate front compartments are sewn on the outside. Inside - a compartment for a smartphone with Velcro, rubber bands for pens and pencils, a carabiner for keys.

The Hummingbird Kids Backpack comes with a breathable printed shoe bag.

Average parameters of the accessory - 40×26×33 cm. The empty weight of the satchel is 850-950 g.

Hummingbird Kids Reviews

Children and adults love the bright design of the accessories. The backpacks look better in reality than in the photos. Parents note the convenience and durability of fittings, neat even seams without traces of glue and protruding threads. The students are delighted with the drawings and the colorful palette.

Reviewers love the ease with which you can adjust the length of the straps. A set of pockets and compartments helps keep things organized. A bag for a change of shoes becomes a bonus with the purchase.

The minus of the model is a relatively large weight. According to reviews, Hummingbird Kids school bags actually turn out to be 300-400 g heavier than indicated on the label by the manufacturer. Reviewers smell a "chemical" smell from the body materials and rubber zip pulls.

Hummingbird Teens Backpacks

Hummingbird teens
Hummingbird teens

Accessories are designed for girls and boys aged 11-17. The transforming school bag looks like an adult accessory in a sporty style. The dense body has smoothed contours withrounded corners and bottom with legs.

Invisible zipper sewn into the design. The capacity of the main compartment will increase by 25% if the lock is fully unzipped.

The space inside is divided by partitions into 3 parts. Outside in front there is an additional large pocket with areas for keys, a smartphone, stationery. Some Hummingbird Teens have small pockets on the sides with zippers.

Average case dimensions - 40 × 23 × 35 cm. Weight - 950 g.

Opinions on teenage backpacks

In reviews of the Hummingbird Teen backpacks, buyers note the lightness and practicality of the model. The backpack looks small from the outside, although it holds a full set of books and notebooks needed by high school students. The material is pleasant to the touch and easily cleaned of dust. The stylish design attracts both children and adults. The clarity and brightness of the drawings in reality correspond to advertising images.

Parent reviewers love the clean finish, closable pocket for phone and keys. Children feel comfortable wearing a backpack with voluminous shoulder straps and a relief anatomical back. The durability of the model deserves positive marks. According to reviews, the Hummingbird Teen school bag can withstand up to 4 years of operation.

Dissatisfaction is caused by the high cost of the product. In the Hummingbird Teen range, shoppers choose and review the models that are on sale.

Reflective stripes on the backpack are thin and useless in a metropolis. Large compartment zipper may breakin the second year of operation. Buyers of teenage backpacks are dissatisfied with the lack of pockets.

Points of sale

The catalog of Hummingbird backpacks is presented on the official website of the brand. Backpacks are sold at online stationery stores and children's supermarket chains such as Sons and Daughters.

The price range for brand backpacks is from 2800 to 5000 rubles. Discounts on models reach 50%.

The Hummingbird satchel, according to customer reviews, is a reliable companion for schoolchildren. The bright design is pleasing to the eye, and the well-thought-out design ensures comfort in use and order among things. The Hummingbird brand successfully competes with Western brands of school bags. The high cost of backpacks remains a major cause for dissatisfaction.