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How to wish your ex-wife a happy birthday?

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How to wish your ex-wife a happy birthday?
How to wish your ex-wife a happy birthday?

Thinking about wishing your ex-wife a happy birthday? If you have remained on good terms with a person after a divorce, then there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that you call or come to visit a woman who used to mean a lot to you. Divorce is not a hindrance to true friendship. How can you congratulate your ex on the holiday? Find tips below.

In person


The most logical and natural option for those who communicate well with their ex-wife after a divorce is to congratulate her personally. If a man and a woman are family friends, then you can come to congratulate the lady on her current lover. To some, this approach may seem strange. But adults usually realize that love has passed, and life moves on. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the fact that you have another life partner. But you need to congratulate the lady with whom you have lived together for more than one year. Such a congratulation becomes mandatory if people have common children.

Whatgift for your ex-wife's birthday? It is advisable to give the thing that a woman wants to receive. It is absolutely not a shame to ask before the holiday what the lady would like to receive as a gift. If you know about the preferences of a woman, then be guided by this information. You can give anything: household appliances, dishes, jewelry or various certificates.

Be sure to prepare a congratulatory speech for your ex-wife's birthday. Cool congratulations should not be obscene or humiliating. If you know that the lady has no sense of humor, then it’s better to just congratulate the woman with two or three sentences composed on the way to the birthday girl. If you believe that a woman will appreciate the joke, then say a funny congratulation. For example:

I wish immodest profit, The Swiss bank account is huge, Outside the city a big cottage, Good he alth to boot, Great victories in amorous affairs, Canaries and the Cote d'Azur, Success in all kinds of life, And most importantly - reliable friends!

On the phone

Happy Birthday

You were not invited to a birthday party, but do you want to congratulate a person? How to wish your ex-wife a happy birthday? You can call her on the phone. There is nothing reprehensible in such an act. A man who is on good terms with a former lover can be friends with her. Do not be afraid that the lady will perceive such a call as a desire to turn back time. Smart women do not step on the same raketwice.

What to say to your ex-wife? Wish the lady happiness, sincere and mutual love and remind her how wonderful she is. Girls like to hear compliments about their appearance. So do not be afraid to mention how a woman has recently become prettier and blossomed. You can say that you are proud of the lady's success and believe that she will achieve everything she wants.

On social media

wife happy birthday

You don't have your ex-wife's phone number or did she change her number and didn't let you know? Then you can write a birthday greeting to your ex-wife through one of the social networks. In this case, you need to remember that brevity is the sister of talent. If you write a long letter, the woman may think that you want her back. If you write a few sincere sentences wishing happiness and he alth, the lady will not be able to think anything bad. An example of such a congratulation: "Dear Yulia, I congratulate you on your anniversary! May your life be happy. Stay as beautiful, positive and cheerful."

Is it worth writing or is it better to just mentally wish a person a happy birthday? It is not good to forget people who have done a lot for you in the past. Out of simple respect, it is worth congratulating a woman.

Give a gift through friends

Don't know how to wish your ex-wife a happy birthday? If you are talking to a woman, then congratulate her on the phone. Your personal presence at the celebration, if the lady did not invite you there, would be inappropriate. Have you prepared a gift? Hand overyou can give your present through one of your friends. For many years of cohabitation with a woman, you could have a lot of mutual acquaintances, many of whom still go to your ex for her birthday. It will definitely not be difficult for such individuals to give a present to a girl. In this case, you need to attach a small postcard to your gift. Even if you called a woman and congratulated her on the phone, it's still worth writing a postcard. In a wish, it is better to write prose, not poetry. The insincerity of lines copied from the Internet annoys many young ladies. Therefore, do not try to impress the lady if you do not have the talent of a poet.

Flowers by courier

funny wives

Have no idea how to wish your ex-wife a happy birthday? Think about what is a universal gift for a woman. Flowers are the perfect gift option if nothing else comes to your mind. Any woman will like this format of congratulations. You will be able to show at the same time that you remember about her holiday, and also that you remember what kind of lady loves flowers. To beautifully congratulate your ex-wife on her birthday, you need to know in advance when the lady wakes up and when she leaves the house. This must be done so as not to wake up the birthday girl early and not to call the courier at the time when the ex-wife leaves the house.

Warning a woman about the surprise you are preparing for her is not worth it. The lady will be pleasantly surprised to receive a beautiful bouquet in the morning. You can attach a box of chocolates or a chocolate bar to such a present. But if this paragraph can be omitted, then attacha card to the bouquet is simply necessary. The lady must understand who she received the flowers from.

Call or not after such a gift, decide for yourself. In most cases, women call themselves and thank the man for the wonderful gift.


what to get your ex wife for her birthday

Want to surprise your ex-wife? Happy birthday to a woman can be congratulated in many ways. One of them is to present the lady with a certificate or a subscription. If you communicate well with a girl, then you have all the information about what the lady is interested in and what she would like to do in her free time. For example, if she always wanted to shoot a crossbow, give her a subscription to a similar service for her birthday. How to present such a postcard? You can hand it over personally, send it by courier or through friends. Another original way is to put your gift in the mailbox. You can send a subscription to the e-mail of the birthday girl.

The task of congratulations-surprise is to surprise the girl and give her something that she does not expect to receive from you at all. But you need to act within reason. The gift should please the lady, not disappoint her. Therefore, think in advance about the effect your present will have on the former lady of the heart.

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