Authoritarian parenting is Concept, definition, parenting style, pros and cons

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Authoritarian parenting is Concept, definition, parenting style, pros and cons
Authoritarian parenting is Concept, definition, parenting style, pros and cons

Video: Authoritarian parenting is Concept, definition, parenting style, pros and cons

Video: Authoritarian parenting is Concept, definition, parenting style, pros and cons
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Pedagogical science states that it is the parents and their parenting style that determine how their child grows up. His behavior, attitude towards the world around him and society, his development as a person mainly depends on the situation in the family. In this case, we will consider one style - this is authoritarian parenting. How does it affect the formation of the child's personality and what results does it lead to.

Term Definition

Authoritarian upbringing is the concept of pedagogical actions aimed at the complete and unquestioning subordination of the pupil (child, pupil, student) to the educator (parent, nanny, teacher, etc.). This style has both pros and cons.

The concept comes from the Latin word auctoritas - authority, respect, power or influence. The current originated in ancient times.

That is, authoritarian education is a method of influence with which an adult completely subjugatesyourself a child. It develops lack of initiative in him, suppresses his independence, prevents the expression of individuality.

Authoritarian parenting theory

This style implies complete dictatorship. The child is kept under very strict control, so to speak, "with iron gloves", forbidding almost everything that can bring him joy.

scared child
scared child

If you imagine the method of "carrot and stick", then in this style of authoritarian education there is no carrot at all, only a stick. In fact, the only thing that parents take is punishments, which the child is terribly afraid of.

This method has always caused heated debates among pedagogical figures, dividing scientists into two camps. In the first, they proved that this brings positive results, developing obedience, integrity and organization in the offspring. The latter, on the contrary, spoke out categorically against the authoritarian type of upbringing, explaining this by the fact that such children grow up with certain mental disorders and a completely suppressed will.

So what are the positive and negative sides of this method?

Pros of such upbringing

Of course, the first positive result of this style will be discipline and responsibility for one's actions. Such children grow up obedient. So to speak, robots who were given a command, and they carry it out without any wrangling.

The second plus is expressed in the fact that such children at a very early age will not look for solutions to anyabout not allowing a nervous breakdown to occur.

And the third positive impact of authoritarian parenting is that such a child will feel safe next to his parents, because they know exactly what needs to be done in a given situation.

Mom's care
Mom's care

Cons of authoritarian parenting

The negative side of this method is that:

  1. The baby develops complexes - low self-esteem, cowardice, inactivity and insecurity.
  2. Child's personality hardly develops. He automatically obeys the orders and advice of his parents even in adulthood. And sometimes he does not notice at all that these actions are contrary to his own desires.
  3. A huge inferiority complex develops. The child's psyche suffers if he is constantly afraid of punishment.
  4. An important factor is that at a more mature age, he can simply break loose and go all out, catching up on everything that was forbidden to him.

Positive result

Now you can consider what the child will eventually become who received an authoritarian family upbringing.

At best, a person will grow up like this.

  1. Shy, calm, very obedient.
  2. Without thinking about the consequences, he will fulfill any wish coming from his parents or those who are older than him.
  3. He will try hard to study hard and maybe graduate with honors.
  4. He can become a good worker who always and on time performshis task.
  5. From a male point of view, girls raised in this way make good wives.
obedient wife
obedient wife

Negative result

However, authoritarian upbringing is not only positive results. The negative result will be that the person will become like this:

  1. A despot who will project his difficult childhood onto others and loved ones.
  2. In the adult period, the child will lose respect for his parents. In its place will be hatred and their reduced authority.
  3. The person will become aggressive, cynical and conflicted. All problems will be solved by force.
  4. It will be almost impossible to find a job under someone's command and in a team, as he will argue with everyone.
  5. All his life he will fight for anything, against anything and with anyone. The main goal will be the fight.

Parental behavior

In simple terms, the behavior of parents can be divided into 2 options:

  1. I said so, so it will be.
  2. I'm a parent, I'm an adult, so I'm right.

That is, parents do not compromise, forcing the child to fulfill their requirements from and to. Their frequent phrases are "you have to", "you're an idiot", "you have to", "you're lazy, dumb, stupid", etc.

Angry father
Angry father

As a rule, such parents punish the child for every offense, most often resorting to physical punishment. Any manifestation of initiativepunishable. Wishes and requests are not heard and completely ignored.

Real examples

The most striking example of a child who received an authoritarian upbringing is Adolf Hitler himself. His father, having retired from the service of a customs officer, left unflattering reviews about himself, he is characterized as a very conflicting and arrogant person.

His tyrannical tendencies caused his eldest son, Hitler's brother, to run away from home. Adolf himself graduated with honors from a school in Lambach.

After his son's flight, Adolf's father began to drill him, which led Hitler to the same thoughts of escaping as his brother, but he did not.

However, he directed his rage and wrestling traits to form himself as a leader. Already at school, he was very different from his classmates, which can be seen even from photographs. And, as one of them said, Hitler was a quiet fanatic.

Adolf Hitler among classmates
Adolf Hitler among classmates

The tyrannical method of education affected the fate of the German teenager, who later became one of the world's brightest dictators who killed millions of human lives.

Another boy who was brought up in this regime was again a German. It was Hans Müller. Despite the fact that he was the only child in the family, his parents kept him in strict discipline. Any violation of the rules was punished physically.

The authoritarian upbringing of the child made him absolutely insecure, lack of initiative, conflict, with low self-esteem and very hostile. There was a clear tendency toviolence.

By order of his parents, Hans joined the armed forces of Nazi Germany and the National Socialist Party. At the age of 25, he was accepted into a special unit that was responsible for guarding the Death's Head concentration camps.

When the Soviet army liberated Auschwitz, all the documentation fell into their hands, which described in detail all the atrocities and horrors that G. Muller did to the prisoners.

Final conclusions

The method of such upbringing can lead to irreversible, detrimental consequences for the child. The violence and pressure that parents exert on their child may forever deprive them of a peaceful old age. And, unfortunately, there will be no one to serve a mug of water.

Serve a mug of water in old age
Serve a mug of water in old age

Therefore, when choosing how to raise a child, it is worth maintaining balance and equally often both praise and discipline him. The kid should feel the support and love of his parents, then only he will become a successful and kind person.