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Which hand is the engagement ring put on: wedding traditions, social norms
Which hand is the engagement ring put on: wedding traditions, social norms

One of the most romantic moments in the life of a future married couple is a marriage proposal. For a guy, the situation is very exciting when the girl must answer whether she agrees to be his wife. To do this, the partner prepares a fiery speech for his chosen one and presents an engagement ring. On which hand is the girl wearing this jewelry? This question is asked by many young people who are preparing a surprise for their loved ones. After all, it is so desirable that after a fiery confession, the future bride puts on her finger with love the chosen jewelry! From our article, you will learn which finger the engagement ring is put on and about the features of its choice.

Which hand is a girl's engagement ring on?

Specific Tradition

The tradition of giving jewelry during a marriage proposal came to us from Western Europe. Such a gift symbolizes seriousintentions, sincere feelings of the future groom. If the chosen one accepts the jewelry, then she is ready to create an alliance with her beloved.

Some men make a similar surprise to their partner in front of other people, in a solemn atmosphere. For such a moment, a restaurant is often chosen. Others prefer to propose in private. After a positive response, the lovers go to the registry office to apply. It is important for future spouses to know on which hand a woman's engagement ring is put on in Russia and other countries. After all, such jewelry is unpaired, unlike a wedding ring.

Which hand is the engagement ring on?

Which hand is the engagement ring put on

The same finger is suitable for engagement jewelry as for engagement. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians wear it on the ring finger of their right hand. In Western Europe, America, on the contrary - on the ring finger of the left hand. In all countries, this particular finger is associated with heartfelt experiences. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear it on other fingers. There is a belief that this can upset the wedding.

As soon as the girl gives her consent, she can put on the jewelry. On the day of the wedding, she must remove the ring and prepare her hand for wearing the wedding ring. Some continue to wear the engagement jewel, only on the other hand. A certain category of women likes to wear both of these rings on one finger. It is important that they match in style.

Which hand do Catholics put on an engagement ring andArmenians

In Catholic countries, an engagement ring, like an engagement ring, is worn on the left hand. Catholics attribute this to the fact that the left hand is closer to the heart. Americans, Canadians, Brazilians, Mexicans follow suit.

As for the Armenians, the situation is twofold. Some are interested in which hand the Armenians put on the engagement ring. Some representatives of the Armenian nationality wear, as it should be according to their traditions, on the left hand, others on the right. This split was a great influence on the Armenian culture of Russian traditions.

on which hand do women put on an engagement ring in russia

Features of engagement rings

The engagement ring is considered not just a gift, but a special symbol with great meaning. A woman then remembers the marriage proposal all her life, looking at this surprise from her beloved. The decoration then becomes a family heirloom. Often a mother passes it on to her son for a future daughter-in-law. It is important for men to take the choice of this jewelry very seriously.

What kind of engagement ring to choose? In Western Europe, its price is equal to about two months' salary of the future groom. Every girl will be pleased to receive such an expensive gift. A decent ring in Russia costs from 5 thousand rubles. If suddenly there is no such money, then you should not become a debtor by taking a piece of jewelry on credit. You can choose a simpler model with a twist. Just remember that according to tradition, the ring should be made of precious metal. You can't buy gold jewelry - pick up the original silverringlet. Very often, stores have promotions for engagement rings.

Which finger is worn on the engagement ring?

How to guess the size

If you have decided on the cost, then it remains to find out the size of the product. This is a difficult task, it is important to show cunning. A friend of your chosen one who knows how to keep secrets can help you. You can carefully ask the future bride herself about this. If she wears rings, then you can secretly measure the circumference of one of them. It will not hurt you to take into account the following nuances:

  1. Choose the ring on the ring finger. The middle finger is thicker.
  2. On the right hand, the circumference of the ring finger is 0.3 mm larger than on the left.
  3. When put on, the ring passes through a joint wider than the base.
  4. Which hand do armenians put on their engagement ring?

Selection of stone and metal

Noble metal and precious stone are suitable for engagement jewelry. Most often, gold jewelry with a diamond is chosen. Suitable yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. Lovers of silver jewelry can choose just such a metal. Remember that not every gem is suitable for engagement. Do not buy a product with pearls, it is associated with tears. Ruby resembles the color of blood. Diamond chips are like broken love. But a diamond is associated with lasting love and brings strong and strong relationships.

A diamond doesn't have to be big. Massive jewelry is not very comfortable to wear. Looks very softa small pebble that shimmers in the light. Two or three gems are allowed in an engagement item. When choosing a ring, consider the preferences and tastes of your chosen one.

Classic engagement ring

Creating engagement rings, craftsmen take into account folk traditions and customs. There are many classic and original models in jewelry stores. The combination of gold and diamond is considered a classic. But even among exemplary models, you can choose hundreds of options. The classic ring indicates the we alth and status of the owner. The ring with a round diamond is most valued. It is important to note that it is with white gold that the gem is fully revealed.

Which hand do Catholics put on their engagement ring?

Original and exclusive variations

If your bride loves a bold design, then choose a piece of jewelry for her with imagination. Girls with narrow fingers should choose a thin ring that will be in harmony with their delicate handle. Long "musical" fingers require wide decoration in an unconventional form. It can be a ring in the form of a diadem, a crown, with an ornament, an engraving.

Diamond can be replaced with zirconium or cubic zirconia. For brave girls, a product with sapphire, topaz, amethyst is suitable.

Lovers of practical, comfortable jewelry should choose the option with stones that will not cling to anything. In such smooth rings, small stones are scattered around the circumference. This is a very elegant and luxurious model.

An exclusive option will be a ring ofseveral types of metal. Very often, a heart-shaped gem is inserted for this occasion.

Some girls prefer art design jewelry. These are completely unique pieces. Often, tungsten, carbon, ceramics are used for their manufacture. They can also be decorated with processed diamonds and gems. Such products have a lower cost than traditional ones. It is important to note that a diamond can be not only transparent white. Yellow, brown and even black pebbles are also suitable. In general, it is worth noting that the choice of an engagement ring is a very reverent and exciting experience. Every worthy man will approach this moment with full responsibility.

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