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How to treat a mosquito bite in a child - it is important to know

How to treat a mosquito bite in a child - it is important to know
How to treat a mosquito bite in a child - it is important to know

Summer has arrived with its bright sunshine, green grass, long walks in the fresh air and… red combed blisters on the legs, arms and faces of our children. What's this? Do not be alarmed, these are just mosquito bites - constant companions of summer outdoor recreation and evening walks. How to protect a child from mosquitoes is a topic for another discussion. After all, there is no perfect remedy that gives one hundred percent and sufficiently long-term protection against them. Therefore, it is extremely important for all parents to know how to treat a mosquito bite in a child if it has already happened.

how to treat a mosquito bite in a child

Unfortunately, the younger the children, the harder they endure the bites of these bloodthirsty creatures. After all, the softer the skin of the crumbs, the more unbearable its itching. Inspect the bite site and provide assistance in time using special or improvised means. So, how to treat a mosquito bite in a child?

The first aid can be an ordinary piece of ice or something from the freezer - put it on the bite: the irritation will pass, the itching will subside.

There is also a special cream frommosquito bites - ointment "Zanzarin", sold in any pharmacy without a prescription. Please be careful when using it for the first time to see if it is suitable for your child.

The cheapest and safest remedy to relieve irritation caused by a mosquito bite is a thick slurry of baking soda and water applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin.

how to protect your child from mosquitoes

How to treat a mosquito bite in an infant? After all, the skin of such children is very delicate and thin. Here, a fresh solution of soda will come to the rescue, prepared at the rate of one glass of water per teaspoon of soda. It will perfectly relieve itching and the baby will not cry and scratch the affected area of ​​the skin.

Butadione ointment is also great for children under the age of three to relieve swelling and itching.

If you are in the country or on the road, and your son or daughter was attacked by mosquitoes - use the usual brilliant green, which is always in any first aid kit. It also effectively relieves itching on children's skin - otherwise, a bitten child will scratch the bites, and this will only increase itching, and swelling will appear on the skin.

How to treat a mosquito bite in a child - the choice is yours. As you can see, there are plenty of options. But, as you know, it is better to prevent the danger than to deal with the consequences later. Therefore, think in advance about protection against bloodsucking, going on vacation or a walk. Treat your child's clothes and skin with special products that do not contain a large amount of toxins. Do not use substances with strong odors - the baby mayan allergic reaction starts. Read the instructions of the drug - are there any restrictions on the use to protect children?

mosquito bite cream

As you know, the most favorite places for mosquitoes are near water bodies, in wetlands, in damp areas. They do not like cold and drafts. When going to places where bloodsuckers are likely to accumulate, consider whether it is worth taking a child with you. And having made a positive decision, think about its protection. After all, only a careful and attentive attitude towards your child will allow you to avoid the undesirable consequences of insect bites - allergic reactions, swelling and itching that prevent babies from sleeping.

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