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Modern "Zarnitsa". What it is?

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Modern "Zarnitsa". What it is?
Modern "Zarnitsa". What it is?

The older generation, who grew up in the Soviet Union, is well aware of the game "Zarnitsa". What it is? The game gained massive popularity due to a combination of interesting outdoor games and military-patriotic education. Previously, everyone played it - both pioneers and octobers. And how adapted are these competitions for today's children and teenagers?

"Zarnitsa". What is it today?

"Zarnitsa" is a military sports game for children of different ages, aimed at teaching the basic principles of military science in a playful way.

Zarnitsa. What it is?
Zarnitsa. What it is?

With the collapse of the USSR, the game has not lost its popularity. Now many schoolchildren to the question: "Zarnitsa" - what is it? "- they enthusiastically answer that this is one of the best school games. These are not boring lessons and not military drill, but an incredibly interesting competition, during which you can get a lot of useful skills and knowledge.

"Zarnitsa" is a game of many generations and different scales. It can be played both by one class and by the whole state, starting with first-graders andending with fifth-year students of universities. There are a huge number of ready-made scenarios for participants of different ages. All of them contain intellectual, sports or strategic tasks. By doing them, the guys train the mind, body and ingenuity. Competitions can last for several hours, days and even weeks. They may involve personnel and even military equipment.

History of occurrence

Lightning game
Lightning game

For the first time "Zarnitsa", a game of Soviet youth, was held in 1964, although it was officially recognized in the USSR in 1967. Its author is a teacher from the Perm region Zoya Vasilievna Krotova. She also developed the rules of the game.

Very quickly "Zarnitsa" gained popularity among young people, receiving the status of the All-Union. And it is no coincidence: in addition to being entertaining, the game had a clear political connotation - the upbringing of the military-patriotic Soviet spirit among schoolchildren. In addition, it was the first stage of preparation for military service. Repeatedly competitions were held on the territory of military units with the involvement of the military, army weapons and special equipment.


"Zarnitsa" is a game, the rules of which imply the division of participants into teams with the same number of players. The number of teams depends on the number of declared participants. Each team chooses a commander, thinks over an emblem and a name.

At this time, the "command" in the person of the teaching staff of the school or camp is developing a scenario for the game, making plans,creates individual tasks for teams.

The beginning of the games is a solemn line, during which the banner is carried out to the sounds of the anthem. Further, the "commander in chief" declares martial law and sets the main task. Captains receive route plans.

Next, the teams develop game tactics: an action plan is drawn up, for each of the points of which a certain participant is responsible.

After the start, the competition begins, in which teams advance from one stage of the game to another, gaining points or receiving trophies for completed tasks. It can be intellectual questions or sports standards of a military orientation.

The result of the game can be the capture of the banner, winning a certain number of points, etc.

Main stages of the game

military-patriotic game Zarnitsa
military-patriotic game Zarnitsa

"Zarnitsa" is a game whose purpose is to teach military craft, so its main stages include tasks that can instill useful skills. For example:

- A performance that includes a presentation of team symbols and emblems and original greetings from opposing teams.

- Drill.

- An obstacle course that tests the physical fitness of the participants, teaches mutual assistance and camaraderie: the strong must help the weak, otherwise the whole team will lose.

- Providing first aid (PMP) to a wounded comrade. PMP skills are practiced for bleeding, burns, wounds, fractures, etc. Correct transfer of the victim tosafe area.

- Putting on a gas mask for speed.

- Setting up the tent and packing the backpack.

- The ability to quickly light a fire and boil water.

- Ability to navigate the map and compass on the ground.

- War song.

Further, depending on the age of the participants and the goals of the event, such stages as assembling a Kalashnikov assault rifle, military mountaineering, digging trenches and trenches, skills in handling military equipment and weapons, etc. may be included.

Useful skills

Lightning game rules
Lightning game rules

The military-patriotic game "Zarnitsa" is aimed at educating a strong spirit, strong body and flexible mind. In addition, it instills positive moral values: responsibility, team spirit, patriotism, courage and courage.

"Zarnitsa" - what is it? A role-playing game in which each stage develops certain skills and abilities that can be useful not only for military service (combat training, weapon handling skills, obstacle course, etc.), but also in any life unforeseen situations (the ability to navigate the terrain, put up a tent and pack a backpack, provide first aid, start a fire).

Choose a ready-made scenario or write it yourself - enjoy the game!

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