"Ovuplan", ovulation test: customer reviews
"Ovuplan", ovulation test: customer reviews

Video: "Ovuplan", ovulation test: customer reviews

Video: "Ovuplan", ovulation test: customer reviews
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In pharmacy chains, along with tests to determine pregnancy, tools have appeared that allow you to find out the day of ovulation, indicating a woman's readiness to conceive. The article will consider "Ovuplan" - an ovulation test, reviews of which are mostly positive.

What is an ovulation test?

The drug in question has appeared on the pharmacy market recently, but it has become quite popular among women who cannot become pregnant. The test helps to find out when the egg is released from the ovary and the body of the expectant mother is ready for fertilization.

ovuplan ovulation test reviews
ovuplan ovulation test reviews

In a he althy woman, after the end of menstrual flow, a new egg begins to mature, before the release of which hormonal changes occur in the body. The number of those hormones that are responsible for fertilization increases. They are easily detected by various diagnostic methods through the study of blood, urine or saliva.

"Ovuplan" - an ovulation test, the photo of which is presented above, allows you to diagnose these hormones at home. A positive result will indicate that the egg is mature and ready forconception.

"Ovuplan": test description

The tool in question is a test strip, similar to diagnostic materials for determining pregnancy. A special reagent and a control bright red line are applied to the paper. The test is performed using urine collected in a clean container.

"Ovuplan" is sold in pharmacies, has 3 release forms:

  • OvuPlan 1 - consists of one test strip packed in an individual foil bag.
  • Ovuplan Ovulation Test No. 5 - has 5 test strips, which allows you to diagnose within a few days.
  • OvuPlan Lux - is a midstream format, has a plastic case, allows you to make diagnostics in the urine stream, which simplifies analysis.
ovuplan ovulation test photo
ovuplan ovulation test photo

All forms of release are of high quality, highly sensitive, determine the luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for the readiness of the female body for fertilization. The accuracy of the test is marked by the manufacturer at 100%.

When the test is done

Medicine is used for several days in a row around the middle of the menstrual cycle, which varies for all women depending on its duration. "Ovuplan" - an ovulation test, reviews of which will be given below, is recommended to be carried out for 5 days in the morning and / or evening, while skipping should not be made for a more accurate result. The middle of the cycle will fall on the following days, depending on its duration:

  • whennormal 28-day diagnosis is carried out from day 11;
  • if the cycle is 32 or more days, then the test is used from 15-17 days;
  • for 26 days and less - from 9-7 days.

For irregular periods, the middle is calculated by the number of the shortest cycle that the woman had: 24=7, 26=9, etc.

Instructions for use

Ovuplan ovulation test, the instructions for use of which are indicated on the package, are recommended to be used daily for 5 days in the middle of the cycle. You can use the test strips in the morning and evening or only in the morning.

ovulation test ovuplan instruction
ovulation test ovuplan instruction

Before using, it is necessary to collect a little urine in a clean bowl, then lower the test into it until the indicated arrows for a few seconds. The result of the analysis will be ready in 10 minutes.

If the second strip that appears becomes as bright as the first, then this indicates a positive result, therefore, the woman's body is ready for conception. In the event that the line is weak or completely absent, the egg is not yet ready for fertilization.

When to conceive with a positive result?

Express diagnostics allows you to understand that for some time the egg, mature and ready for fertilization, will leave the ovary. If "Ovuplan" (ovulation test) is positive, then this indicates a high level of LH. However, this does not mean that you need to start conception right away.

The egg that comes out of the ovary lives for24 hours, so it is recommended to pause for 5-10 hours after receiving a positive result. During this time, the egg will completely leave the sex glands and will be ready for fertilization.

ovulation test ovuplan 5
ovulation test ovuplan 5

You should not postpone this process until the last hours of the life of the egg, because conception does not occur immediately, it must take some time until the sex cells meet each other.

Negative result

Diagnosis is considered negative if the second strip is too pale or completely absent. "Ovuplan" - an ovulation test, reviews of which describe the above manifestations of the main line, can show such a result in the following cases:

  • time for conception has not come, ovulation is still far away;
  • fertilization period has passed, LH levels have already dropped to normal;
  • defective test strip - expiration date, product damage or poor performance by the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

Before purchasing an ovulation test, it is recommended that you read the opinions of women who used the agent in question to determine the level of LH. When using the Ovuplan tool (ovulation test), customer reviews of which make the product quite popular, you must strictly follow the instructions. In general, the following positive aspects of the test strip can be distinguished:

  • allows you to know the exact day of the release of the egg, which increases the chance of fertilization;
  • convenience and simplicitypregnancy planning applications;
  • it is better to use evening urine for analysis, then the result will be more informative;
  • helps plan the gender of your baby;
  • relatively low price - lower than other well-known brands.
ovuplan ovulation test positive
ovuplan ovulation test positive

Of the negative qualities, women note that the ovulation test must be done several times. Since it is not always possible to correctly interpret the results shown, it is easy to miss an auspicious day for fertilization.

How to plan the sex of the baby using the Ovuplan test

Male spermatozoa are of 2 types: Y-chromosomes - male, X - female. Male spermatozoa are faster than female ones, they live no more than 2 days, while female ones remain active for up to 5 days. Based on these data, using the Ovuplan tool (ovulation test), the reviews of which were discussed above, you can conceive a boy or a girl.

To conceive a boy, it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse for 5 days before the expected ovulation and fertilize on the day the egg is released. In this case, the penetration must be deep so that the Y-spermatozoa reach their goal faster.

ovuplan ovulation test customer reviews
ovuplan ovulation test customer reviews

To conceive a girl, fertilization is best done 2-3 days before ovulation, then a few more days it is recommended to observe abstinence. In this case, the penetration should be shallow, which will increase the chances of reaching the goal. X-spermatozoa specifically.

Thus, the Ovuplan ovulation test will help plan pregnancy and, possibly, the sex of the unborn baby.