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Ironing board: folded dimensions, drawing

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Ironing board: folded dimensions, drawing
Ironing board: folded dimensions, drawing

An ironing board is an indispensable thing in the house, because you don’t want to walk in crumpled clothes, and it’s ugly, and we are not used to ironing on tables or sofas. But before buying such a useful type of home appliances, many people ask themselves: "What is it - an ideal ironing board for us? The sizes are so different, how to choose?". Let's try to answer. To do this, you need to find out the size of the ironing board when folded and unfolded, and decide what size board is right for you: small, standard or large. In addition to size, it is important to consider a few more criteria, which we will tell you about at the end of the article.

Ironing board dimensions


Ironing boards come in different versions: there are stationary ones that are used in production and do not fold, they are quite large and have many additional technical devices. And manufacturers for the mass segment and buyers have a specialfolding ironing board options are popular, which are divided into several more types, such as:

Folding - an ordinary ironing board, the support of which is removed by folding crosswise parallel to the tabletop. Most often found in Russian apartments, because it folds and unfolds quickly enough, although it is rarely folded, because in addition to its domestic purpose, it is also used as an additional shelf for things. May also have an iron stand

Desktop - the smallest type of technical device under consideration, has low legs (up to 50 cm) and small dimensions, easily installed on a regular table, but not suitable for ironing large items, such as bed linen

folded ironing board dimensions

Flip-up - in such a board, one narrow edge is attached to a wall or cabinet using a special mount that comes with the board upon purchase, and behind the other it is easy to raise or lower it to a vertical position, hooking or fixing. Often attached in closets, pantries or other places where it won't be seen when folded and won't get in the way

Retractable - hides under the tabletop, in a drawer or other secret place and, if necessary, gets it in full size. It is also quite easy to install if you have the right size space. Usually slides out like a drawer on wheels, but there may be other options

ironing board folded dimensions

What's morefit?

The last 3 options are great for a small apartment where there is nowhere to put a regular ironing board, both unfolded and folded, or there are small children who strive to climb wherever they can and cannot. In addition, an ordinary ironing board is quite easy to drop, and this can lead to injury. But they have one drawback - there is no iron stand, which is almost always included in the standard version with folding legs.


Dimensions of products of different versions differ. To understand the dimensions of an ironing board, a drawing will help more than a simple description. Consider three types (folding, retractable and regular), because. the desktop version differs from the usual one only in size.

Ironing board dimensions drawing

Thanks to the picture, it becomes approximately clear how the legs of a regular board fold, and how it looks like for most manufacturers, differing only in size.

Standard ironing board sizes

The pull-out board can also be folded, as shown in the drawing, or it can be completely retracted into the drawer, but then it must be large.

Standard ironing board sizes

A little about size in words and numbers

Standard ironing board dimensions are: length 110-150 cm (including iron stand) and width 30-45 cm. The ratio of length and width varies depending on the model and manufacturer. Most often there are ironing boards with dimensions of 12035 cm. Heightmay also be different due to the fact that most models have height adjustment (usually from 10 cm to 1.20 m).

In the store you can find a version that measures 150-160 cm long and 50 cm wide when unfolded. Such large ironing boards are more often used on an industrial scale or atelier. For an ordinary apartment, they are not very comfortable due to their size, although looking at them is undoubtedly more comfortable.

Small boards do not exceed 1 m in length and 30 cm in width, they can be desktop or retractable and, when folded, can easily fit into a small closet. Their main disadvantage has already been mentioned in the article - they are inconvenient to iron large things like bed linen.

Classic and contemporary designs

Ironing boards, which are now sold in stores, are divided into classic and modern. Both types fit standard sizes: classic options have dimensions of 110x30 cm and 120x38 cm, and modern ones - 140x40 cm and 148x45 cm. convenient.

If you plan to collect it every time, then you need to find a place where it will fit well and where the ironing board will not interfere. Folded dimensions for all options are almost the same: 140-160 cm long and 40-50 wide. The thickness is small: about 10-20 cm. Retractable, folding and table ironing boards when folded have approximately the same dimensions as when unfolded.

Selection criteria

Of other important characteristics, in addition to size, the following should be considered when buying:

  • Weight - The ironing board, the dimensions of which are standard or close to them, weighs about 5-10 kg. Table boards weigh less (about 3 kg).
  • Mobility means ease of movement of the board, its folding and unfolding, height adjustment.
  • Convenience - the width should be large enough to comfortably iron things of any size, and the presence of an iron stand and an outlet or cord attachment will also be a positive point. Now rubberized coasters have become common, as well as sockets with an extension cord on the underside for easy connection to the iron's mains.
  • The quality of materials and durability - you need to carefully study what the ironing board is made of. The most short-lived material is chipboard, but its opposite and most reliable is thermoplastic. But the latter is very expensive, and only innovatively equipped companies produce thermoplastic ironing boards.
Large ironing boards

Ironing board as a piece of furniture

Folding and regular folding ironing board, the length of which when folded is about 1.5 m, can serve as an excellent piece of furniture. An ordinary board can be used as an analogue of a painting if it has a beautiful cover and legs. The folding model can have a mirror on the reverse side and when unfolded it can be an ironing board, and when folded it can be a mirror. Thus, it is decided2 problems of small apartments at once: no need to look for an extra place for a mirror, and there is no need to hide the board when you finish ironing. Just remember that the mirror must be carefully attached so that it does not fall off and break.

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