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Friskis cat food: reviews and tips
Friskis cat food: reviews and tips

Friskis cat food is considered inexpensive and affordable. Bright yellow packages sold in pet stores and supermarkets are especially popular among cat owners. Excellent advertising and low price play a major role in this. You should form your own idea about the advantages and disadvantages of the food, having carefully studied the composition of the food, the reviews of cat owners, the opinion of veterinarians.

friskis cat food reviews

Feed producer

Friskis is a cat food developed by Nestle Purina Petcare. The manufacturer has been known in the pet food market for over 85 years.

Founder of the PURINA brand is William H. Danforth, back in 1904, laid the principle of bringing people and pets closer together. After the merger of the largest pet food manufacturers PURINA, Spillers and Friskies, the combined company has expanded around the world, making its products as affordable as possible for the consumer.

Friskis as an element of a unique linefeed

Creating a unique line of pet food, the developer takes into account their age, degree of activity, he alth status. That is why each brand of food contains its own unique formula that provides the needs of pets throughout their lives. Manufacturer brands:

  • Felix, advertised as the best food for Felix the smart cat, and Felix Party Mix, a special treat for mustaches;
  • PURINA Friskies;
  • PurinaOne;
  • DARLING (contains omega fatty acids);
  • "Gourmet" (delicacy with several flavors);
  • PURINA PRO PLAN and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary diets (medical, for pets with various diseases);
  • Purina Cat Chow.

Friskis food for cats was one of the first to appear in this line of food products. In 1956, the brand, created in the USA, has become an indicator of the unique combination of nutrition, balance and taste of pet products.

Fodder is positioned by the manufacturer as a product that brings happiness to every home. The packaging is decorated with photos of kittens, cats and cats with bright red hair. The marketing move turned out to be successful, since the red color is associated with the warm rays of the bright sun. Do you really believe that such food will bring he alth and happiness to the pet to the joy of a loving owner.

Friskis dry cat food


Friskis cat food is available in four varieties:

  • for domestic cats -has the right balance of nutrients;
  • for neutered cats - maintains optimal weight;
  • for kittens - has an increased energy value;
  • for cats with long hair - provides control of the condition of the coat, preventing the formation of clumps.

The product is available in two types:

  • dry (packs of 0.4kg, 2.10kg);
  • moist (0.1kg packs).

When feeding dry food, the pet must have access to fresh water around the clock.

food for cats Friskis, reviews of veterinarians

Dry food

One of the forms of Friskis release is dry food. For cats of different ages, the manufacturer recommends choosing from several composition options:

  • meat + chicken + liver;
  • meat + vegetables;
  • rabbit + vegetables.

The advantages of dry food include a balanced composition, low price, availability in the distribution network.

Fodder belongs to the economy class. This explains the shortcomings that can be considered inevitable for food of this category of any brand:

  • no more than 4-6% of meat in the composition of the product;
  • Presence of preservatives;
  • additives with code E.

Dry food should not be stored in damp rooms.

Friskis - food for cats

Wet food

Friskis cat food is also available in canned and soft packs. The website of the manufacturer Friskies presents about a dozen composition options. Mandatorythe ingredient for each visa is gravy.

In packs of 85 and 100 grams:

  • chicken:
  • beef.

Pack of 100g:

  • beef + lamb;
  • bunny;
  • salmon.

Pack of 85g:

  • duck
  • lamb.

The advantages of wet food experts include the balance of the composition, the absence of the need to drink it with water, the ability to stimulate appetite.

Additional pluses: this food is suitable for both adult pets and kittens, a wide range and availability in the distribution network.

According to experts, open canned food can be stored at positive temperatures for no more than two hours. The classification of canned food as economy class food may indicate a minimum percentage of natural meat.

Friskis food for cats

Feedback from cat owners

When choosing food for a pet, owners add up their own opinion about the product based on its price and availability in the free market, composition, advertising and opinions of other pet owners.

"Friskis" - food for cats, the reviews of which are the most controversial:

  • cats prefer only dry Friskas, their coat is shiny, their mood is playful;
  • the condition of the pets began to deteriorate sharply, after a consultation at the veterinary clinic, I had to change the brand of dry food;
  • the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product, so the choice was made in favor of this brand;
  • cannot be sharedhigh quality products for such a low price.

On the forums of cat lovers, there are quite often stories about diseases and early death of cats whose owners decided to save on food and believed the advertisement.

Opinion of veterinarians

Purina Friskies cat food is one of the most affordable ways to feed your pet on a budget.

However, according to experts, economy class products are the least acceptable for the daily nutrition of animals. Friskis cat food is no exception. Vet reviews add up to the big picture:

  1. The cost of an economy class product does not allow meat to be included in its composition in the proportion that is necessary for a daily diet.
  2. The food additives included in the product enhance the taste and cause the animal to become addictive. Often such additives are not indicated on the packaging, but in fact they can have a harmful effect on the animal's body, weakening he alth and leading to chronic diseases. Using cheap food as the sole source of nutrition is unacceptable.
  3. Cheap food is usually heavily advertised. Due to their availability, they are most common among pet owners who do not think about the true composition of the finished product. High quality feeds, maximally balanced, giving energy without harm to he alth, do not need advertising and are sold in veterinary pharmacies or directly from brand representatives.

It is important to remember: when feeding a pet dry or wetWith food of any brand, the owner should pay attention to the general condition of the animal. Glossy coat, shining eyes, cheerfulness, desire to play, the absence of bad breath from the cat are clear indicators of the correct choice of food.

If there are doubts about the selection of nutrition, you should consult a specialist and reconsider the diet.

Cat food Purina Friskies

Caring for a pet's he alth is the responsibility of the owner

Pets radiate so much warmth and charm that the house they live in is filled with special comfort and kindness. They give positive emotions to all family members, relieve anxiety, soothe with purring.

It is important to remember the main thing: care for mustachioed purrs lies entirely with their owners, and nutrition is one of the most important elements underlying the he alth and longevity of pets.

When choosing ready-made food, you should focus on the taste preferences of the pet and the composition of the product. Friskis cat food helps you make the right choice by providing a wide range of balanced products.

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