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Marine trend: Anchor bracelets

Marine trend: Anchor bracelets
Marine trend: Anchor bracelets

It seems that nautical style will never go out of style. From year to year, every now and then, models in striped sweaters, strongly reminiscent of a vest, appear on the catwalk. Or, for example, in blue trousers with a belt made of rope with knots and a headdress made based on the captain's cap. So this season was not without sea notes. Only now the trend is anchor bracelets, which look very aesthetically pleasing on the hand of their owner.

anchor bracelets

In Russia, designer Ilya Triksi played a significant role in popularizing this accessory. As a child, his grandfather gave him coins, hooks, shells, folding knives brought from distant voyages. With this in mind, he decided to make anchor bracelets and then created his own brand "Tricksy". Today, such bracelets can be seen in many stores in the central cities of our country.

If you can't find a bracelet like this, it's easy to make your own. You will need an anchor, fasteners and strong colored threads. All of these can be purchased at craft stores. Only thirty minutes, and a marine bracelet with an anchorready. First you need to measure about seventy centimeters of thread and fold them in half. We pass the loop through the hole in the anchor, and then pass the ends through it and tighten it to make a knot. We braid the pigtail and attach the clasp. Now you need to do the same on the other side.

sea ​​anchor bracelet

The second option is to make a stylish DIY accessory even simpler. Take a cotton waxed cord, two acrylic beads and an anchor. We fix the lace in the same way as described above. We tie the free ends into a moving knot. Also, if you know how to make a synnet, then use it. Or thread the ends through a bead and tie off the ends so they don't unravel.

When making bracelets with an anchor, it is not at all necessary to put it in the center of the accessory. It can also act as an unusual fastener. The most important thing is to choose the right materials. For example, take a thin rope in two contrasting colors. Then use the technique of weaving macrame (if you don’t know how, we recommend learning). Weave a tourniquet, its length should match the girth of your wrist. So that the weaving does not deform during wearing, wrap the ends with the same rope and make loops. Attach an anchor to one of them, and put the other on its opposite side.

men's anchor bracelet

There is an opinion that an anchor bracelet is a male accessory. And indeed, after all, almost all boys dream of growing up and going to conquer the seas and oceans. Maybe this is the reasonthe popularity of jewelry among both the strong and the weaker sex.

Young boys and girls wear anchor bracelets to complement their everyday or festive look. Many combine them with other marine symbols: decorative fishhooks, steering wheels, harpoons and more. You can go beyond bracelets and add earrings, pendant or necklace in the same style. Experiment, but remember the measure. Be fashionable and beautiful!

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