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Denim wedding: a fresh idea for the ceremony

Denim wedding: a fresh idea for the ceremony
Denim wedding: a fresh idea for the ceremony

A denim-style wedding can be an extraordinary and fresh idea for a festive ceremony. Today it has generally become fashionable to move away from the classic scenario and play themed weddings. Such a celebration is more lively, emotional, it is able to reveal and emphasize the individuality of the bride and groom, and it will bring unforgettable emotions to the guests. Country style has firmly taken its place in the design of rooms, clothes, and finally got to the holidays.

denim wedding

Features of clothing

A denim wedding implies that this particular material will be present in the accessories and clothes of the newlyweds. The groom can be dressed in jeans, complemented by a shirt and jacket. Since no one has canceled the mixing of styles, the jacket can also be denim, or you can choose the classic version, but, for example, pull up the sleeves to a length of ¾, giving it a more youthful and reckless look. The bride at such a celebration would look appropriate in a dress or even a sundress made of jeans. Evening dresses sewn from such an extraordinary material look original. If, without a white dress, the wedding seems to be a failure for a girl, then it is worth choosing accessories that match the theme - shoes, a handbag,decorations. A denim wedding, despite its budget, can look stylish and expensive, given the specific nuances. So, for example, the texture and color of denim in the clothes of the newlyweds should be the same and form a single ensemble.

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Features of the wedding

When sending invitations to the ceremony, be sure to indicate that the event is dedicated to a specific topic. It would not be superfluous to indicate the dress code for the guests, even if there are denim motifs in the clothes of each of the guests. Most likely, a denim wedding will be to the taste of young people, and in their wardrobe there will definitely be things that are not ashamed to go to the registry office.

The ideal place for celebration would be a country house in the bosom of nature, a large yard, which will accommodate both tables with refreshments and all guests. It is also appropriate to hold a ceremony near a picturesque pond or in a beautiful clearing. Of course, in any case, the place should emphasize the color, it should be decorated according to the style and take care of the comfort for the heroes of the occasion and their guests. If the denim wedding will take place in a banquet hall or restaurant, try to choose an institution that has at least something from the wild west. Discuss the event with the administrator of the institution, perhaps he will be able to suggest the design of the hall appropriate for the occasion. Take care of the musical accompaniment, a good presenter. The image of the sheriff will be relevant for the toastmaster, and the contests should be in cowboy motifs - throwing darts, drinking whiskey at speed, searching for fugitivescriminals, etc.

denim style wedding

A properly organized denim wedding, the photo is a clear confirmation of this, will become one of the brightest episodes of your life, give a lot of pleasant and unforgettable emotions, will be a great start to a long and happy married life.

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