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A car for a child on a battery is not a gift, but a dream

A car for a child on a battery is not a gift, but a dream
A car for a child on a battery is not a gift, but a dream

The children's electric car market is expanding every day. And not in vain! After all, a car for a child on a battery is perhaps the most wonderful gift in 2-3 years. As you know, children are madly in love to imitate adults in everything, they strive to grow up faster, so they will be very happy with their own car.

battery car for kids

Some parents are adherents of only active children's games, considering electric cars a toy for the lazy. However, this is not the case at all. Not only will a personal car delight the child and give a lot of pleasure, but it will also help him develop coordination and attentiveness. In addition, a battery-powered car for a child can contribute to learning the basic rules of the road. Children learn very easily and quickly during the game. Parents can draw signs and place them along the path of the crumbs, as well as with other toddlers, pedestrians and cyclists, play situations often encountered on the road. It will be very interesting and educational for children of any age.

Which electric car to choose

Today you can surprise anyone, even the most captious buyer, who chooses children's cars with a battery. Photos of electric vehicles are clear evidence of this. Choosing a children's car, first of all, you should consider the age and weight of the child. For the smallest, you can buy a car with one drive wheel. It is designed to move on a flat surface, develops not too much speed and is easy to control. The child will be able to ride it until the age of two or three.

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Battery powered baby car with two driving wheels is more powerful. It is equipped with a 6, 12 or 24 volt battery. Sometimes two batteries are installed. These machines can reach speeds of 10 km/h and climb 10-20% of the slope. They are designed for a maximum child weight of 50-70 kg (depending on the model). On such a car, children can drive up to an average of 8 years old.

When buying a car for your baby, it is advisable to opt for a model that has a gearbox, is equipped with seat belts, sound signals. Many cars have headlights on while driving. All this brings a child's toy as close as possible to an adult vehicle, thereby increasing its value in the eyes of a child. As for safety, any car for a child on a battery is designed in such a way that the baby cannot turn it over. The wheels of this children's transport are wide enough and located at a sufficiently large distance from each other.

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The cost of electric vehicles

When parents start to find out how much a battery car for kids costs, the price often surprises them. Yes, not because it is too big, but simply too different. The price level for children's toys of this kind can vary from 4,000 to 50,000. The cost of a particular car depends both on the model and technical characteristics, and on the manufacturer. When choosing a car for your baby, it is best to give preference to well-established manufacturers that produce quality products that have hygiene certificates, as well as certificates of conformity.

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