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Patriotic corner in kindergarten: do-it-yourself decoration
Patriotic corner in kindergarten: do-it-yourself decoration

To grow up a citizen and patriot who loves his homeland from a small child, a patriotic corner in kindergarten will help. Its design depends on the age characteristics of the kids, because the information should be accessible to children's understanding.

What is it for?

Education of a patriot cannot be successful without reference to the culture and history of one's region. Today, much of the life of our ancestors is lost and forgotten, the way of life of the people has changed a lot, and we turn so little to our roots, and yet the unique culture of the Russian people has been formed for centuries and is saturated with various customs, traditions and rituals.

Knowledge and understanding of folk culture, the desire to join its further development in the future will become motives for the active creative activity of a person, if you start patriotic education from early childhood.

Designing a patriotic corner in a kindergarten with their own hands will help teachers and parents to organically introduce the child to the outside world, to introduce them to their native culture, eternal andbeautiful.

Where to start?

Kids who have just come to kindergarten, it is still difficult to think in terms of the city, country, culture. For them, the homeland is the closest environment, therefore, information about the home and family available to kids of this age should be contained in a patriotic corner in kindergarten. Design 1 younger group requires a simple but bright. It is important to attract the attention of children, to arouse their interest. At this age, speech is actively formed, so everything should contribute to development, encourage the baby to recognize, name. Children can at first simply observe the activities of adults who are looking at albums, naming all family members in the photo. Gradually, imitating adults, they will begin to do it themselves.

How to fill a patriotic corner in the nursery?

This can be any material on social and moral development:

  • Thematic folders containing illustrations, with images of family members, showing their relationship, care, joint activities.
  • Photo album "My family" with images of pupils in a family environment.
  • Album or exhibition "Here we live", in which you can place photographs, illustrations or models of streets or various architectural buildings (kindergarten, school, houses where children live, other objects of the city).
  • Exhibitions introducing the origins of Russian folk culture, which may contain a variety of antiques, traditional toys (wooden and rag dolls), amulets, exhibits of arts and crafts (painted nesting dolls, traysand other utensils with Gorodets, Khokhloma and Gzhel paintings, Dymkovo toys, embroidered towels, handkerchiefs, knitted napkins, tablecloths and other items).

Fiction, folklore - songs, jokes, nursery rhymes and fairy tales - can also be placed in a patriotic corner in kindergarten. The design of the nursery is colorful and understandable, it should not contain a lot of text, it is better if it is a visual material that attracts the attention of children and their parents. It is important to remember the safety requirements that are the same for all corners: all materials must be placed so that they cannot fall or injure the child. No sharp corners or edges allowed.

patriotic corner in kindergarten

Children are older - tasks are more difficult

Comprehension of four-year-old children becomes available to more complex concepts, therefore, supplementing and developing the topics covered in the younger groups, teachers and parents continue the direction of education we are considering, placing new materials in a patriotic corner in kindergarten. Design should influence the development of the personality of the child. It is important that not only literature, illustrations and didactic materials are used for it, but also elements of independent and joint activities. Preschoolers can play with friends or with adults, mastering the posted materials, making interactive communication.

The design of a patriotic corner in kindergarten in the middle group should be beautiful, bright, attractive andinteresting for children. There can be nothing damaged, broken, torn here. It is good if the colors and shades used are correctly combined with each other, pleasing to the child's eye. All materials are updated from time to time.

In the middle group, most of the patriotic work takes place in and out of class. These are purposeful walks along the nearby streets and acquaintance with the administrative buildings located on them (shop, pharmacy, post office, etc.), reading fiction, talking with children about the nature of their native city. All new information that children receive should be supported by materials in the patriotic corner.

Filling for the middle group

Children of this age will find the following materials interesting and useful for development:

  • illustration of family celebrations and traditions, moral fiction;
  • photo materials, illustrations, albums, postcards, thematic folders introducing the history of the native city, its famous residents, sights;
  • exhibits that introduce preschoolers to traditional culture: antique items, folk toys, samples of arts and crafts, themed didactic games;
  • works of folk art - from songs to fairy tales;
  • symbols of the state, region and city.
do-it-yourself decoration of a patriotic corner in kindergarten

What do we call home?

At the senior preschool age, the tasks of patriotic education become more complicated, children continue toacquaintance with their native land, study not only their city, but also the region and the country, receive information about state symbols, the historical past of Russia, about the folk calendar.

patriotic corner in kindergarten

The material placed in the patriotic corner in kindergarten is also getting more complicated. The design is complemented by children's and family creative works. So, for example, continuing the study of the topic “My family”, children with their parents create a family coat of arms or a family tree. Family albums placed in the corner, which children love to look at and show to each other, will also be interesting.

From hometown to country

Various materials on such topics will help you continue your acquaintance with your native city: “How did the city arise?”, “What is produced in our city?”, “The culture of my city”, “Famous countrymen”, “During the Great Patriotic War”, “Sights”, “Architecture”. Parents and caregivers can work together to create a collection of poems about the city.

The map of the settlement and its symbols should also replenish the patriotic corner in kindergarten. The design of the exhibition about the native land may contain symbols and a map of the region, information about its cities and famous places, and when the children perceive this information, they will be ready to get acquainted with their native country. Here you can’t do without a map of Russia. Modern printing publishes special children's cards containing material accessible to children's understanding. And, of course, Russian symbols should appear in a conspicuous place - the coat of arms, the flag, the anthem and the portraitPresident.

design of a patriotic corner in kindergarten in the middle group

About culture, defenders of the Fatherland and planet Earth

In addition to local history information, other topics and directions also contribute to patriotic education.

If the necessary material is available, information about how the culture of our people was born is placed in the patriotic corner. These can be thematic exhibitions “How did people live in Russia?”, “What do ancient things tell about?”, “From the history of Russian folk costume”, “How did people walk and have fun?”, “Folk calendar” and others.

Information about the defenders of the Fatherland is also able to replenish the patriotic corner in kindergarten. Making (photo below) exhibitions about the heroes of the Russian land, the Great Patriotic War and the Russian army can arouse the interest of boys, form their desire to become a defender of the motherland.

patriotic corner in kindergarten

The global task of patriotic education is to form in children the concept that the planet Earth is our common home, and everyone who lives on it should live in peace. Children need to be introduced to the conditions of existence of people in other parts of the world, their customs and traditions.

patriotic corner in kindergarten design photo

If teachers and parents are interested in raising a young citizen, then the result will not be long in coming, and a corner of patriotic education will help in this.

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