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Baby has her first birthday: congratulations on 1 year old girl

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Baby has her first birthday: congratulations on 1 year old girl
Baby has her first birthday: congratulations on 1 year old girl

The first year of life is a whole era in the history of family development. Parents have worries and troubles, a child has a new acquisition every day: he learned to turn around, sat down for the first time, began to stand up on his own, the first tooth came out, took the first step. All these moments are exciting and touching. And now a serious date is approaching - your little one has her first birthday!

How to organize a birthday greeting for a girl?

Let's try to help you choose wishes for the little birthday girl. A seemingly simple task turns out to be not so easy. One-year-old children are a special people, they see and perceive the world, the people around them in their own way - they can laugh loudly, rejoicing at a new toy, or they can cry at the sight of a stranger.

There is a misconception that the child is still too small and does not understand anything, and therefore no congratulations are needed for a 1 year old girl. In fact, babies feel everything that concerns them, and evenif they cannot fully understand the meaning of your words, they will feel the love, care and tenderness with which they are spoken. Therefore, be sure to choose a wish for the baby and voice it on her birthday. You can independently pick up warm tender words addressed to the birthday girl and her parents, or you can use the texts we offer.

congratulations on 1 year old girl

Congratulations on 1 year old girl

You are one year old, Cute baby!

This day is in your destiny

Becomes a bright flash.

Brought gifts with them, Say congratulations, Because today is yours

First birthday!

Don't forget to congratulate your parents

This touching date is more awaited by the baby's parents, because for them this day becomes a symbol of passing a certain stage. Preparing for the celebration, they invite grandparents and other guests, set the table, prepare gifts for their daughter. Is it possible not to notice this and forget to prepare wishes for them? Even if the birthday girl is 1 year old, congratulations to parents should come from the lips of the guests.

1 year old baby congratulations girl

Dear sweet parents, Your daughter is exactly one year old today, And now you want - don't you want, You're in for more trouble!

Your beauty will run, Climb on tables and chairs, And although you will have more worries, We wish you not to lose heart!

In your house - the sun is radiant, Your daughter is beautiful and sweet

Pure eyes look into this world, Legs have already gone, Your daughter - our wishes

They will sound together on this day, But to you for all your efforts

We must pay tribute today!

Let it be enough patience, (You need a lot - to raise a baby!)

Wish you a little luck, Let there be less reason to be sad.

So as not to tire with smooth speeches

I will complete my wish like this:

Forever remember that the main thing is

This is a complete family.

Congratulations for parents in prose

You can prepare words for parents in prose, it might sound something like this:

Dear parents! Today is a wonderful event in your family! The child is 1 year old. Congratulations to the girl have already been heard from grandparents and friends, but we must also turn to mom and dad. This holiday is yours! It was you who took care of the baby for a whole year, it was she who gave her first smiles to you, it was you who did not sleep at night, the chores of cleaning and cooking fell on your shoulders. You bravely overcame difficulties. Congratulations! Your little sun illuminates us all with its rays of happiness. Patience, understanding, love to you! Let your daughter please her with her successes, let her love you as much as you love her. And we will always help if needed. Be happy!

1 year old girl congratulations to parents

Stitches on wish cards

Modern greeting products industry will be able to offer youa wide range of ready-made wishes on postcards, you can easily choose a congratulation on a 1 year old girl. This option is suitable for those who unexpectedly found themselves invited to a birthday party or do not have the opportunity and time to prepare for the holiday. But we think you will agree that it will be much more pleasant for parents to hear the kind words that you have prepared especially for them. In addition, handwritten wishes on a card have a certain warmth, they are more attractive than letters printed in a printing house.

1 year old girl congratulations

Well, if you are preparing to celebrate a girl's 1 year old, write congratulations on a homemade postcard or use family photos, then this can be a great addition to a gift!

Tea party will be with a cake:

Let's start celebrating the holiday!

Congratulations on 1 year old

Your girl to say.

Let her grow, smile, Pleases mom and dad, All wishes come true, She will do well!

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