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The drug "Tizin" during pregnancy

The drug "Tizin" during pregnancy
The drug "Tizin" during pregnancy

A woman's pregnancy is the most joyful and responsible period. Expectant mothers devote all their energy to caring for their he alth and the he alth of the baby, so the first symptoms of the disease should be eliminated immediately. But, unfortunately, not all medications are suitable for a woman who is expecting a baby. These medicines include a remedy for the common cold - "Tizin". Can it be used during pregnancy, many women ask. We will try to give an exhaustive answer.

tizin during pregnancy

The drug "Tizin" during pregnancy is not recommended by doctors because of xylometazoline hydrochloride in its composition. This substance in the treatment of the common cold constricts blood vessels and has the desired effect on the nasal mucosa. It helps with congestion, the secreted mucus is reduced, while narrowing the pores.

Despite the quick effect in the fight against the common cold, the medicine "Tizin" cancause a burning sensation in the nose, while unpleasant sensations appear. Possible side effects such as headache, palpitations, general malaise, which may adversely affect the well-being of pregnant women.

The use of a drug or an overdose of a drug can lead to undesirable consequences. The drug "Tizin" during pregnancy can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms. The fact is that imidazole, with excessive absorption, can lead to a disorder of the central nervous system, a certain

in pregnant women

lethargy, drowsiness, heart rate weakens, body temperature drops. An overdose of this substance can lead to low blood pressure, respiratory failure, pulmonary edema and, worst of all, coma.

Knowing all the side effects of the drug, it is safe to say that the drug "Tizin" during pregnancy is not recommended. In this case, it is important to correctly assess the risk to the mother and the unborn baby, so self-treatment with this remedy is prohibited. Pregnant women with low blood pressure should not use this medication at all, as it can lead to a hypotensive crisis.

The question follows: "How to treat a cold in pregnant women?" The most effective treatment during pregnancy is folk remedies or drugs that do not include chemicals.

how to treat a cold in pregnancy

In case of a runny nose, washing the nasal membrane with a weak solution of s alt water orsaline solution, which can be found in any pharmacy, as well as warming up. To do this, about a hundred grams of s alt is heated in a frying pan, then everything is wrapped in cotton fabric and placed on the nose. The duration of the procedure is ten to fifteen minutes.

Remember that the drug "Tizin" during pregnancy or any other drug can cause a completely unpredictable reaction of the body. Take this seriously and do not take any medication without your doctor's permission. After all, the he alth of you and your future baby depends on it. Only a woman's caring attitude towards herself can guarantee that the child will be he althy.

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