A child bites his nails: what to do, advice from a psychologist. Psychological tests for children
A child bites his nails: what to do, advice from a psychologist. Psychological tests for children

Video: A child bites his nails: what to do, advice from a psychologist. Psychological tests for children

Video: A child bites his nails: what to do, advice from a psychologist. Psychological tests for children
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Many parents face such an unpleasant problem. Usually this habit is developed suddenly, due to strong excitement, fright or stress. Recent studies by foreign psychoanalysts have shown that people who tend to bite their nails are perfectionists. The fact is that they make such excessive demands on the world around them that their delicate psyche cannot stand it.

And when they bite their nails, there is an emotional discharge. Therefore, do not rush to scold the child, try to understand the roots of the habit. The desire to bite something is a natural natural instinct, a reaction to external factors: pressure, strong emotions. There is nothing irreparable in this, in order to find a way out of the situation, it is necessary, first of all, to understand the reasons. Find out why the child bites his nails.

Tests, ointments and activities

The child bites his nails, what should I do? Psychologist's advicein such cases the following:

  • pass specialized tests;
  • draw his attention to this habit, gradually weaning thereby;
  • use special ointments and preparations.

Psychological tests for children will help identify certain addictions in children and avoid harmful irritants, both personal and social. They will determine the child's own predispositions, his sensitivity to external influences. Based on the results of such studies, the doctor will be able to make the correct diagnosis.

child biting nails
child biting nails


The advice of a psychologist does not help, and the child bites his nails all the same. What to do in this case? Parents often ask how to smear nails so that the child does not bite them. As for ointments and creams, these remedies, of course, should not be harmful and not cause persistent disgust in the baby. We are talking about soft soothing drugs and pleasant aromas.

Now in any clinic there is a free child psychologist who can be contacted with this simple problem. He will definitely help, find an individual approach to your child and give valuable advice on this topic to the parents themselves. As a rule, such consultations are held even without the participation of children. The doctor most often advises the use of preventive methods, without prescribing medications and therapy.

Mugs and sections

Child biting his nails. Psychologist's advice - what to do and how to get rid of it, will definitely help. Perhaps the simplest method isto occupy your child with something interesting and useful. What exactly, a free child psychologist will tell you. Usually such specialists are available not only in polyclinics and private centers, but also in kindergartens and schools. A psychologist can conduct tests and identify the reasons for this behavior of the baby. Usually in such situations circles and sections for children help very well. They do not take much time from parents, but at the same time they contribute to the development of the child's sociability, cheer up and give him new knowledge.

child biting nails
child biting nails

These can be modeling circles, robotics - a very popular field of knowledge now. For girls, needlework sections and music departments are suitable. In today's realities, such children's circles are available in every, even a small, city or village. Below we will consider this question in more detail, but for now we will try to find the answer: how to get effective results in a short time? Each case is unique, but still there are universal ways to help the baby.

What to do with a child?

It is worth trying different options and see what the child is more inclined to, what he likes. The main thing is that additional classes do not distract the baby from the main activities. You can solve the problem yourself and wean children from bad habits. How can parents help a child in a difficult situation? Often the baby begins to bite his nails from a lack of attention and care. If parents try to find mistakes in their relationships, in a family atmosphere and try to correct them, show participation in relationships with children, then the habitfall off by itself.

You can give your child an interesting activity. The most popular board games for kids are role-playing games. This is a well-known monopoly and board games based on fairy tales and favorite cartoons. The child will plunge into the world of adventure and fantasy, feel like a participant. It is better if parents participate with the child, because this is also attention and care.

Logic games

To divert attention from fingers will help children's metal constructor. This is a simple toy, a set of connected elements, which develops fine motor skills of fingers, memory, attention and ingenuity. Twisting nuts and building complex structures is what we all did as kids.

Separately, you can advise playing the piano - it perfectly promotes the development of fingers and calms the nerves. It is not necessary to enroll in a music school if it is not in the plans or the child does not want to. You can buy a small synthesizer and invite your baby to play on it.

child biting nails
child biting nails

Perhaps your child will awaken the talents of a musician. In modern conditions, typing on a computer, for example, chats on interests, etc., can be useful. These methods are more suitable for older children. What other ways are there to treat this habit?

How to find out the reasons for this behavior?

It also depends on how many times a year the child bites his nails. It happens that this happens quite rarely, just to remove an overly long interfering nail. Sometimes a habitmanifested by nervous tension before an important event, such as exams. Then it makes sense to consult a doctor for a drug with a slight sedative effect. Gnawed fingernails threaten numerous infections and diseases.

It's better to pass psychological tests for children than to treat comorbidities later. The services of a child psychologist are completely free. It will help to solve many other problems, to find a common language with the child. Perhaps the solution to your question is very simple and lies on the surface.

Where do these bad habits come from and what is the therapeutic "effect" of their use? The fact is that, while gnawing on a fingernail, a child simultaneously enjoys removing excess flesh and at the same time soothes his teeth, distracts attention from environmental factors that are unpleasant for him.

Cutting nails often causes irritation, extra itching. And biting is an easy way to avoid such manipulation. Long manicure procedures are sometimes also tiring. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it with attention to children's fingers, the cleanliness of nails, especially for boys.

Hand hygiene

Girls can be taught to use their own manicure supplies and they will enjoy doing it and never bite their nails. And they will help to make a manicure for mom. Usually a child bites his nails from a certain age, for example, when he goes to school, getting into an unfamiliar, unusual environment.

child biting nails
child biting nails

That's why it's so important to show toattention to him during this period. Don't care about grades or behavior. And try to feel every change in the mood of the child, talk with the younger student, capturing alarming details and nuances from his stories. Only then will it be possible to notice the cause leading to nail biting in time and prevent it.

Breaking the habit

We have already identified the basic basic approaches:

  1. Classes with a child.
  2. Mugs and sections.
  3. Educational games.
  4. Ointments and medicines.

A modern psychologist will tell you what to do if a child bites his nails, and give useful advice to moms and dads. You need to find a suitable specialist, it is advisable to constantly contact the same trusted doctor who "leads" your baby from infancy.

Working with children at home is a universal way to solve the problem of children's nail biting. Indeed, in public, children, as a rule, are embarrassed by such a habit, and in their native walls they boldly embark on their favorite pastime.

Seize the time

The habit, which arose on a nervous basis, then turns into an ordinary style of behavior. What to do if the advice of a psychologist does not help when a child bites his nails? It happens that no methods can solve the problem. Then you should be smart and find a non-standard solution.

child biting nails
child biting nails

In such cases, the advice of friends, relatives, or searching for an answer on the Internet will help.

Choose a specialist

Sorry, qualifyPsychologist can be very difficult, especially for people who are not versed in this subject. But you can look at reviews of his work, ask colleagues, just compare advice from two different psychologists. As a rule, experts "in the subject" will give similar and specific answers. Otherwise, we simply switch to other methods and wait for the effect. Perhaps with nail biting it will be possible to solve many other problems of the child, improve school performance, achieve sports success and cheer up.

Choice of additional education and teachers

We have already started talking about circles and sections for children. Let's take a closer look at this possibility. It is important to choose a circle not only by direction, but also by the number of other children participating in it. So that the child is comfortable and does not feel like a black sheep, especially a beginner. Also evaluate the instructor. You can talk to other parents, read reviews online.

child biting nails
child biting nails

It is best to select sections for six months, this is the most optimal period. Very suitable mini mugs during the holidays or winter holidays. And in the summer - all sorts of swimming, hiking in the forest and other adventures. It happens that even a small event leaves a big mark in the memory of a child and makes a huge impression on his mind, changing his views and aspirations for life. If your baby finds such a goal for himself in life, then he will quickly and easily get rid of all bad habits. What to do? A child bites his nails, but the advice of a psychologist does not help?


Actually, the harmfulness of a habit is determined through this - how much it interferes or helps. In adulthood, as a rule, such habits disappear by themselves, because a person begins to take care of himself more. So nail biting in itself should not cause much concern, unless it causes harm to nails and fingers. Another very simple and universal way to get rid of a bad habit is to use drugs that cause a persistent repulsive effect when you want to bite off a nail.

How to smear nails so that the child does not bite? The necessary funds must be prescribed by a doctor. If you are going to use the drug, remember that we are talking about the he alth of the child, therefore - no self-medication. Even if the miraculous ointment helped Mashenka from the first entrance or Petenka from the fourth. Even a harmless chamomile has contraindications, so a doctor prescribes all drugs. This method is really suitable for those who cannot solve the problem otherwise.

Folk remedies and psychologist's advice

A child bites his nails, what to do in this case, so as not to poison the body with medicines? From folk remedies, you can advise agave juice, sage, hawthorn or dandelion extract. Non-natural preparations include specialized nail polishes, as well as chemical fragrances, deodorants, and so on. The well-known "Chipr" is suitable here. This simple tool is inexpensive and allows you to simultaneously disinfect your fingers, while leaving something like a microfilm, as if separating the nails from the desire to touch them with your teeth andlanguage.

There are specialized sprays and tinctures, especially for this case. As well as drugs for oral administration, such as sedatives. Suitable vitamins and prefabricated herbal drinks, for example, St. John's wort. One has only to take into account that the child may experience intolerance to certain drugs and their components, especially in young children and with prolonged use. Therefore, at the beginning of the fight against the habit, a trip to the doctor should lie.

Before using the prescribed drug for external use, it is advisable to conduct an independent simple test for the absence of an allergic reaction: apply a little ointment on the child's wrist and wait for half an hour. If no redness and no harmful reaction has occurred, such a medicine can be used. Before applying, the nails must be thoroughly washed and trimmed so that there are no burrs. Then the product is applied to a cotton pad and the nails and the skin around them are carefully coated, especially under the tips of the nails.

After applying, wipe your fingers with a napkin and let them dry. Sometimes special fragrant baths are also used, where the fingers are dipped and treated for harmful influences and habits. According to mothers, children really like such procedures and they like to keep their fingers in a light solution for a long time.

child biting nails
child biting nails

It brings them pleasure and at the same time improves the condition of the skin of their hands. Another simple popular method is finger massage. You can do it in the evenings or while watching TV, on a walk and in transport. The child can both independentlysimple exercises, and parents will help him calm nervous excitement, stretch his arms and improve blood circulation.

It is worth saying that it is useful to combine various methods to increase the effect of their use and find the most optimal option. After all, it often happens that the treatment itself brings more problems and takes more time than a bad habit. So experiment, show care and attention, love your child. And he will grow up to be a strong, kind, self-confident and positive person.