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I love a married man: how to deal with it and is it worth it?

I love a married man: how to deal with it and is it worth it?
I love a married man: how to deal with it and is it worth it?

An uncomplicated song that there are a lot of guys around, but love arose only for one, and a married one, unfortunately, is an actual description of the life situation of many girls and women. “I love a married …” In someone's mouth it sounds hopeless and doomed, and someone, on the contrary, flaunts such relationships. Why do such situations arise at all? And what do they usually end up with? Further - reflections on this topic.

It is impossible to say with certainty that falling in love with married men is characteristic of any particular type of woman. This can happen with a student who does not yet know life, and with a seasoned business woman with a wise life experience. Both women who seem to be loved, and those who lack romance in life, fall into this “pool”. Only here feelings, emotions and, most often, suffering are very similar.

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And conversations begin with girlfriends, parents or even psychologists, in which one can hear every now and then: "I love a married man." It seems that a woman is asking for advice and looking for help, because in most cases it is clear that this feeling simply needs to be got rid of! But to be honest, some people probably don't really want to. Manythey simply cannot live without romantic experiences and suffering. And, as practice shows, just the opportunity to say “I love a married man” for other young ladies turns out to be just a gift of fate! This is a chance to seek sympathy and complain about your difficult fate, which did not allow the two "halves" to meet earlier!

But there are also situations when defiantly declaring: “I love a married man” is out of the question. For example, when the woman herself is married (or a long-term and serious relationship). It's even harder! Everything has to be experienced by yourself. And the torment is sometimes just terrible.

I love a married man

Is it worth hoping for something at all? Everything happens in life. And, perhaps, it is better for loving people to reunite, even initially hurting abandoned previous partners. But often married men, assuring their mistress of their ardent feelings, are in no hurry to leave their wife. And it can take years! And what? He is comfortable and familiar! And the only thing left for a woman in love is to continue to share with close experiences on the topic “I love a married man”. And wait…

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Although if a man most often prefers to go to his mother-in-law for pancakes on weekends, and on weekdays he hurries to go to the supermarket with his wife, then perhaps everything is not so bad in their family? Such a sober understanding of the situation can sometimes help to reconsider the attitude towards the object of love. Maybe he is not an unhappy and tormented lover, but just a type who is always in search of variety? So why spend onhis time?

When looking at those who bitterly (or proudly) say: “I love a married man,” one thinks that there should be as few such situations as possible. After all, it is almost impossible to resolve them painlessly! And giving advice is a thankless task! The only advice that will definitely be relevant - do not try to idealize your beloved and ignore the opinions of loved ones.

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