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Kindergartens in Tula: why should a child attend kindergarten?

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Kindergartens in Tula: why should a child attend kindergarten?
Kindergartens in Tula: why should a child attend kindergarten?

Kindergarten is the first and important step in the development and education of the child. Some parents do not send their children to kindergarten, and this is very bad. After all, there children communicate with each other, gain experience and adapt to the world around them. Kindergartens in Tula, like all similar institutions, are ready to accept little boys and girls into their walls for education and education.

Why attend kindergartens?

There are a lot of public and private preschool institutions in the city of Tula. Each employs professional and competent educators, teachers, methodologists and psychologists.

Preschool educational institutions are needed so that little "little men" fully develop, undergo socialization, become personalities. In kindergartens, they communicate with each other, with teachers and educators who prepare them for the next stage of life - school. Indeed, between the ages of 2 and 7, children are the most learnable, they better grasp the information they receive and assimilate it well.

Kindergartens in Tula
Kindergartens in Tula

About preschool educational institution in Tula

Kindergartens of Tula in their structure have a nursery (for children under 3 years old), a younger group (from 3 to4 years), middle (5 years) and senior (6-7 years). An individual teaching staff is selected for each link, because the mental, physical and social development of children at each age is different.

waiting list for kindergarten
waiting list for kindergarten

It is also important for children to have a complete balanced diet. Kindergartens in Tula are equipped with their own kitchen, where chefs prepare he althy meals for preschool children. Children have five meals a day. The diet includes milk porridge, dairy products, soups, fruits and vegetables, juices, compotes, fruit drinks, jelly, bakery products. Children from large families eat for free.

Children walk every day, with the exception of cold, rainy, frosty days. On the territory of the DC, most often there are verandas where you can hide from an accidental rain, and rooms in which toys and other equipment are stored. The street also has swings, sandboxes, developing playgrounds.

queue to the kindergarten in Tula
queue to the kindergarten in Tula

Holidays and competitions in kindergartens in Tula

Holidays and competitions are held in the preschool educational institution, for which they prepare very carefully: they learn dances, songs, poems. Both parents and children can participate in such activities.

Holiday hours encourage kids to be active in social life, which affects their cultural and spiritual development, which will help them in the future. Prizes are usually given for contests.

Addresses of kindergartens in Tula

Below is a list of the most famous kindergartens in the city of Tula.

  1. Very good DS 53 is onst. Kutuzova, d. 110. Cleanliness, accuracy and order, as well as an excellent attitude towards children are waiting for you.
  2. Kindergarten No. 1 on Liteinaya, 34. It prepares children for school very well.
  3. DS No. 6 on Maiskaya Street, 11. Polite educators work here, who always see the mistakes of the child and help him cope with them.
  4. Kindergarten No. 146 Kaulya Street 11, building 4. A good institution where a variety of fresh and tasty food is acceptable. Educators are professionals in their field, undergoing special training every year.
  5. Preschool educational institution No. 125 on Priupskaya street, 5a. This is a fully equipped modern kindergarten. It brings up polite, kind and smart kids, who then show excellent results in school.

There are more than 150 state preschool educational institutions in Tula, and each is unique in its own way.

How to get to kindergartens in Tula?

In order to get into preschool, you need to come to the local MFC and write an application for placing your child on the waiting list. Usually this is done from the moment of his birth, so that after 1, 5 or 3 years, the turn to the kindergarten just came up. Tula offers various opportunities, including private organizations.

In order for your child to become a talented and versatile person in the future, you need to start his upbringing from kindergarten.

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