Children study poorly. Reasons to do what?
Children study poorly. Reasons to do what?

Video: Children study poorly. Reasons to do what?

Video: Children study poorly. Reasons to do what?
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Often, parents are faced with the fact that their children, who initially showed great promise, suddenly change dramatically. It often happens that at the age of two a child already knows letters, colors, as well as a lot of other information that his peers cannot boast of. The children read poetry and are fine at home, but suddenly, as soon as they go to school, the situation changes.

As a rule, in this case, fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers start to panic and most often go to a psychologist with the same problem: the child does not study well, what should I do? At worst, they begin to use a belt and physical punishment on a child who flatly refuses to behave well in an educational institution. However, you need to understand that such measures will not help change the child's attitude to school. In this case, you need to look for the cause much deeper. Therefore, it is worth referring to the recommendations of psychologists who are not the first time faced with a similar problem.

children do not study well
children do not study well

So, if a child does not study well at school, what to do in this situation? First of all, you need to understand the causes of the problem.

Arrested development

According to recent studies, in 20% of cases of such behavior, the cause of badschool performance is brain cell dysfunction. Most often, mental retardation occurs in schoolchildren who were born in dysfunctional families. If the mother of the baby drank a lot of alcohol during pregnancy, then this could provoke the so-called fetal alcohol syndrome. Also, inhibited development can be the result of traumatic brain injuries or serious mental shocks. Also, this could be facilitated by the transferred infectious diseases, which proceeded in a severe form. In this case, children learn poorly for no apparent reason.

The fact is that doctors cannot always immediately identify a developmental delay in a child at a very early stage. This is due to the fact that little crumbs from birth love to learn. They want to learn new information and try to absorb everything new like a sponge. That is why at a younger age they can perfectly know letters, poems and much more. However, subsequently, difficulties with remembering information begin to appear, as well as with the simplest analysis in certain situations. Such children cannot cope with ordinary algebraic formulas or learn verse.

In this case, do not blame the baby. Instead, it is worth considering whether the child may not study well due to developmental delays. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a specialist to clarify the presence of this problem.

Disease and possible disorders

If a child is inattentive and does not study well, then this is not yet a sign of his rebelliousness. Receipt, perception and processing of information may be impaired due tomany ailments that can occur in the body of a child.

The most common problem is poor eyesight. The fact is that for children who do not see very well, it is more difficult to read the boards, respectively, they get tired faster. They are forced to lean closer to the notebook, in which case an additional load on the spine is created.

the child does not learn what to do
the child does not learn what to do

Also the most common problems include poor hearing. If the child is very hard of hearing, he cannot always correctly understand what the teacher explains to him. In this case, there is a complete violation of the perception of information.

Also, learning problems can occur in children who suffer from autism. In this case, kids simply simply cannot concentrate on information correctly, they very often switch their attention from one subject to another.

In addition, learning difficulties can occur due to diseases such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. If the baby does not see any difference between letters and symbols, then his brain will not be able to process the information in the necessary way.

Problem in the family

If we talk about why children do poorly in school, then it is worth paying attention to this problem. You need to understand that children are the most impressionable. Any conflicts or tragic events in the family can leave a huge imprint on the psychology of a young child. If his parents constantly quarrel, and the baby sees and hears this, then very soon it will be possible to notice that the child has become worse at studying,as it is harder for him to concentrate.

child does poorly in school
child does poorly in school

When his head is only filled with anxious thoughts and worries about the well-being of his family, he will not be able to fully immerse himself in the necessary material that the teacher explains.

Lack of essential pre-school preparation

Before going to school, many children attend extra classes. Preschool education plays a huge role in a child's academic performance. If he cannot correctly formulate the features of his behavior and how the educational process really takes place, then he will not be able to treat school life with the necessary attention. This is especially worth considering if you plan to send your child to study at a lyceum, where the programs are usually much more difficult than in typical district schools.

Therefore, a lot depends on preliminary preparation. If a child does poorly in school, then perhaps he has not learned to adapt to the fact that he is forced to be in the same room with complete strangers for a long time at the same time learning new information.

Exaggerated demands of parents and large overloads

Very often parents try to realize their dreams through their beloved child. By and large, they believe that the child is a certain project, which must be successful. That is why adults begin to show too much perseverance and exactingness towards babies. They grade them by their grades, not by theiremotional qualities.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to grow a well-rounded personality out of a child, but one should not overdo it in this endeavor, as in this case one will have to face the problem of why the child does not study well.

can a child learn poorly
can a child learn poorly

If the kid is constantly engaged in various circles and sections, then he will experience huge overloads. It is necessary to give children the opportunity to relax and be a little who they are. Toddlers should participate in social life not only through sports, but also in a free atmosphere. Psychological stress can also lead to the fact that the brain of a young child simply cannot process the huge amount of information that is presented to him daily. In this case, if the child does not study well, what to do is quite obvious. Need to loosen up his schedule a bit.

Psychological difficulties

Starting from an early age, the child learns to build relationships with the outside world in the right way. If during this period he did not have the opportunity to socialize, then he is likely to face a huge amount of difficulties. Children who rarely go out and spend more time at home find it much more difficult to find the right approach to their peers and classmates. In this case, it is not surprising that the child began to study poorly. What to do in such a situation? Try to spend as much time with the baby as possible and try to find friends for him.

Features of temperament

Some children do not study well because they are very shy, so it is difficult for them to act actively, answer at the blackboard or recite poems in the presence of a large number of people. Other babies, on the other hand, may be overconfident. In this case, they will be sure that they simply do not need to prepare homework.

Very often in childhood, kids are jokingly called clumsy or some other seemingly carefree words. However, very often the child perceives this as a call to action and becomes the person with whom he is compared.


If a child does not study well at school, then the reason may lie precisely in this. This explanation is becoming more and more common today. In this case, the child most likely has enough time, he lives an active social life, he has friends and, by and large, has all the prerequisites to do well in school. Most often, such children are not deprived of mental abilities, but, on the contrary, show increased ingenuity and the ability to think logically. However, such people are simply too lazy to devote time to learning new material or preparing homework. Very often, young schoolchildren simply copy the behavior of one of their parents.

the child began to learn poorly what to do
the child began to learn poorly what to do

Conflict situations

Very often the reason that children do poorly at school is possible quarrels with one of their classmates or even with the teacher himself. And it happens thatteachers begin to find fault with the child too much, and he "turns on the self-defense mode." In this case, the student deliberately stops doing homework and behaves in the same way as with his parents, being mischievous and capricious.

Perhaps the problem is that one of his classmates mocks him or constantly laughs. In this case, children become very withdrawn into themselves and stop doing homework, so as not to once again provoke bullying from their peers.

Transition period

At the age of 12-13 years, active puberty begins. At this stage, teenagers begin to be interested in the opposite sex and behave more impulsively or aggressively towards others. Interests change, new hobbies appear, and children do not study well.

And if it came to falling in love, then "write wasted." During this period, it is very difficult for children to concentrate on their studies at a time when the head is full of the object of adoration. Therefore, at this age it is very important not to overdo it, there is no need to “press” on a young child. It must be understood that during this period of time the child is most interested in new feelings that he discovers for himself. Therefore, you should try to concentrate on explaining the key points of the relationship between a man and a woman.

why do kids do poorly in school
why do kids do poorly in school

How can I help my child study?

You need to understand that, starting from the 1st grade and up to the 11th, it is the parent who must help his child get an education. In order not to become an enemy for the baby, you must followa few important rules.

First of all, you need to find contact with the child. You need to become a friend for him, and not a monster that only requires a positive assessment. No need to hide your warm feelings towards the child. If he does not experience love in the family, then most likely he will pour out all his negativity at school.

Besides, it is very important to evaluate not the school marks themselves, but the fact that the child really aspired to gain knowledge. If the kid painstakingly did his homework and tried his best, but at the same time he got a three, you don’t need to scold him, on the contrary, it’s better to praise him for his efforts and try to explain to him that next time he can get an excellent grade.

Also, don't forget about motivation. In this case, it is impossible to threaten the child with any physical violence in case of receiving a bad mark. Physical punishment is the most terrible motivation for any person. In this case, there is a big risk of growing up a notorious or, conversely, a very aggressive or unsociable person.

Good grades do not guarantee success in adult life

If a child does not study well, the reasons can be very diverse. However, you need to understand that good school grades are not a guarantee that the child will live a happy life and become a famous scientist.

According to research by psychiatrists, not all excellent students turn into successful people. Very often, due to the stress that a child experiences in childhood, at a more conscious age, he tries to relax as much as possible. ATas a result, lazy people and alcoholics grow out of such people. The reverse situation happens to those who studied, on the contrary, very badly. Having not fully realized their potential during their school years, matured adolescents begin active work. They find interesting hobbies and really realize themselves as full-fledged individuals.

For example, Albert Einstein could only boast of good grades in mathematics. In all other subjects it was a complete failure. However, this did not prevent him from becoming the most famous scientist, whose name today is known to absolutely every person on earth.

the child is inattentive and does not study well
the child is inattentive and does not study well

Marilyn Monroe didn't know grammar at all. Almost all of her letters contain a fantastic number of errors. However, this did not stop her from becoming the most famous actress and legendary person.

And the inventor Thomas Edison was considered mentally retarded at school. There are thousands more examples of successful people who were able to become millionaires, scientists, brilliant specialists and actors, although at the same time they studied below average in school, and some did not receive a certificate at all.

You need to understand that no matter how high a child's academic performance, he has the same chance of becoming a successful person or, conversely, sinking to the very bottom. Everything depends not on the grades that he receives, but on the experience and knowledge received from his parents. If a child does not see love and a normal attitude towards himself, then he is unlikely to succeed in becoming a good person.