Bicycle carriage: how to remove and replace?
Bicycle carriage: how to remove and replace?

Video: Bicycle carriage: how to remove and replace?

Video: Bicycle carriage: how to remove and replace?
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Bicycle is a wonderful mode of transport, which is so important to a large number of people. At the same time, it is considered a simple device from any point of view. But still, even such a simple device requires frequent maintenance. Thanks to the constant care of the bike, you can increase the period of its use, and you will not need to spend money on repairs at service centers.

But, one way or another, a certain percentage of cyclists still use the services of a service center, although in most cases you can do everything yourself. For example, to disassemble the carriage on this wonderful transport, outside help is not needed at all. This is indeed carried out without any particular problems.

how to take apart a bike rack
how to take apart a bike rack

Required tools

For example, to replace the carriage on a bicycle, it is not even necessary to contact a service center. You can do it yourself without any problems.

To get everything done as quickly as possible, you need to immediately prepare a set of tools. To do this, you will definitely need:

  • wrench;
  • hammersmall;
  • smooth screwdriver;
  • squeeze for connecting rods;
  • carriage remover.
how to remove the bottom bracket from a bike
how to remove the bottom bracket from a bike

What is a bicycle bottom bracket?

The bottom bracket is by its nature the most important part in a bicycle, and it plays a special, one might even say the main role, as it is considered a bearing assembly that connects the cranks and the frame. In addition, it provides torque on the connecting rods.

For the carriage in the bicycle system, a special carriage glass is taken into account. It is located in the zone of crossing of bicycle feathers, which are located below. Just the individuality of the location of this element affects its fragility. It's all because of the dust and debris that gets on the carriage. All this spoils it, there is a backlash and unnecessary sounds when driving. You need to follow it directly. If the carriage is not removed and repaired in time, then over time it will become difficult to control the bike and even control may be completely lost. Naturally, no one likes to ride with inconvenience. Therefore, it is necessary to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Carriage repair
Carriage repair

Carriage repair

When a closed-type carriage is installed on a bicycle, then it makes no sense to repair it. As a rule, such a design is disposable, and in this situation only the replacement of the carriage will help. But if the carriage is still open, then you can remove it and try to fix it, and then put it in its original position.

The sectional device system is based on a shaft. Hisrotation is guaranteed by bearings that are located inside the bottom bracket cups and are wrapped in a bottom bracket shell. This whole procedure is really very simple, because this type of design is very easy to unscrew and repair. How to remove the bottom bracket from the bike, we will look further.

bicycle carriage
bicycle carriage

Repair features

Regarding repairs, the following actions can be applied:

  • lubrication of all elements;
  • ensuring ease of rotation;
  • eliminate backlash;
  • prevent third-party sounds while driving.
bicycle bottom bracket replacement
bicycle bottom bracket replacement

Removing the carriage guide

The design may contain bulk bicycle carriage bearings, which can accidentally crumble. Of course, non-separable cartridges are often used during assembly, but it’s still better to check everything at once and make sure.

The most important thing is to always have a device called a connecting rod squeezer with you. This is a very important component, which has two parts. For basic work with the connecting rod, you will need the right side, and the left side is for removing the fixing bolt.

Let's take a look at how to disassemble the bottom bracket on a bicycle.

removing the bike carriage
removing the bike carriage

Sequence of work

  1. Begin disassembly, as a rule, by unscrewing the tightening bolts that are located at the end of the bottom bracket shaft. Next, you will need a pedal key. Many manufacturers decide to cover the screws using plugs. They are made of plasticso they can be pry with any tool. It won't be too hard.
  2. Then you will definitely need to squeeze the connecting rods. It will help to tighten the puller until it stops from the side of the threaded part into the connecting rod. This must be done as carefully as possible, as you can break the thread and create even more problems.
  3. The connecting rod is removed from the bottom bracket. Just be sure to wipe the seats well to avoid leaving old grease and dirt.
  4. After everything, the entire bicycle carriage system is removed. That's why a puller will be needed. It should be noted that only one that is specialized for a particular bike model should be used.

Please remember that the removal of the bicycle carriage can only be done from the left side. The puller must be inserted into the slots on the left, while the wrench must rotate counterclockwise. It is important to keep an eye on this case, as the remover can be distorted while working with cups on the carriage. If you do all the work quickly and carelessly, this can damage the puller and cup. On the other side, everything is done in the same way, only movements are taken into account - in a clockwise direction.

Thus, the work of removing the bicycle carriage is almost completely completed. You also need to keep an eye on the bearings and, of course, you should pay attention to the bottom bracket glass. This is a very hard tool to use. Dirt may accumulate there, which must be removed without fail.

Useful information about pullers

The puller should only be purchased by carriage type. If on a bikea Shimano model bottom bracket is supplied, of course, the puller must also be of the same type. But there are universal models that may fit, but not a fact. For example, the ISIS model. It has eight slots. This fixture can be used for SRAM, Shimano and Truvativ devices. You can even do without a wrench, if the puller has special handles.

When it comes directly to the bicycle bottom bracket, as mentioned earlier, the most important thing is to check if everything is in order with the bearings. They should be well wiped and remove debris. To achieve an excellent result, it is advised to use gasoline or kerosene. After that, lubricate the seats with high-quality grease. Unfortunately, such mechanisms do not last long, so they need care and regular inspection.

If there is such a situation that the rear carriage of the bicycle is not disassembled, then the fastest solution to the problem is to purchase a new mechanism. And you should not even try to do anything, as it will be a waste of time and nerves. But as soon as it is decided to go for a new device, it is necessary to find out the length of the shaft and other characteristics. After all, you can make a mistake in the choice, and waste time again. Therefore, it is better to find out everything and immediately buy the right thing.

If there is an integrated mechanism on the bike, then to replace the bearing you need to heed the advice and follow the rules impeccably. First you need to open the bearings, after removing the anther. For this procedure, you can use a hammer, but this is the most extremehappening. Ideally, a special puller is needed, since the hammer must be handled very carefully. After that, clean and lubricate. Finally, install new industrial bearings.

Installing the carriage in its place

This is not quite the end of the work, because you need to carefully assemble it all. And the main thing is to do it right, as difficulties may arise. The big difficulty is in the correct installation of the cups. They have different threads, so you will need a quality lubricant in order to process the bottom bracket shell, bearings and two threads.

To correctly assemble the bicycle bottom bracket, it is recommended to start on the right side, and follow the rules:

  1. The axis of the carriage must be inserted into the right cup.
  2. Use a puller to tighten.
  3. Do the same on the left.
  4. Check the bicycle bottom bracket for play. Can be understood easily, as there will be no extra sounds and a great calm movement will be felt.
  5. Reinstall the connecting rods and screws.
bicycle rear carriage
bicycle rear carriage


In fact, everything seems much simpler in theory, but in practice it is not so difficult. After all, even someone who does not have experience in repairing a bicycle can do everything simply by following the instructions. You can really remove the carriage on the first try, and not resort to the help of a service center, while saving some amount of money, even if it is insignificant.

It should be concluded that the bicycle is a very light, useful and interesting mode of transport. At the same time, he is very helpfulimprove he alth and most importantly - it is a way to have a great free time. Therefore, if each person will approach this issue with all seriousness and always take care of their bike, it will last for a very long time.