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Book or e-book - which is better? The books are old. Wexler eBook

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Book or e-book - which is better? The books are old. Wexler eBook
Book or e-book - which is better? The books are old. Wexler eBook

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the book in the fate of mankind. Over the centuries, she passed on the knowledge accumulated by previous generations, educated, developed the imagination and gave moments of delightful escape from reality. During this time, the book has managed to repeatedly change its form, and modernity demonstrates the electronic version. Both the printed tome and the reader have their positive aspects and admirers, disputes between which are only flaring up. We have to try to understand the question: "A book or an e-book - which is better?" To do this, consider the features of both the first and second options.

Book or e-book - which is better?

Advantages of printed books

The main and indisputable advantage of ordinary publications is their familiarity. For many people, this criterion is decisive. Not everyone is eager to learn new technologies,preferring to relax in the old fashioned way in an armchair with a book that is so nice to flip through, feeling the rough surface with your hands, smelling the ink and pleasant heaviness in your hands. Every day, dealing with the Internet and virtual reality, sometimes you want something materially expressed, real, especially in moments of peace.

old books

Old books are a special story, they store memories no worse than photo albums: someone's bookmarks, notes, dedicatory signatures. And the external design can say a lot about the time from which the book comes from. Each printed publication has its own face, a unique aura, which is so appreciated by true bibliophiles.

The truth that a book is the best gift remains true. This is another argument in favor of the usual instances. This is especially true for children's books. Bright, colorful illustrations, an unusual form of covers, numerous thoughtful and carefully created details also attract the love and attention of young readers, because not only the content, but also the form is important for them. This is where the passion for reading and the written word originates.

Reflecting on the question: "A book or an e-book - which is better?" - you need to take into account the unpretentiousness of paper publications. There is no need to charge them, they do not break or break. Of course, force majeure also happens to them, but in most cases even a schoolboy can do repairs.

Books can serve as interior decoration! They say a lot about their owner, his inner world and preferences.

Benefits of Printed Books

Of course, this is not all the advantages of a printed book, and everyone will find many more arguments in its defense and to prove their love for her.

Features of readers

E-books are relatively new, so it's worth explaining what they are. Otherwise they are called e-books, readers or readers. An e-book is a device that resembles a tablet computer, but unlike the latter, is intended solely for displaying text. The limitation in functions is due to the features of the screen, which is made using a special technology that allows you to protect the reader's eyesight. But for video playback, such a monitor is not suitable. But readers are capable of long, up to ten days, battery life without recharging.

The advantages of e-books

Readers are becoming more and more common, and this is no coincidence. Books in electronic form have a number of advantages over paper ones.

Memory readers can hold huge libraries, they are compact and portable. Instead of thick bulky tomes, dictionaries and encyclopedias - a small lightweight device that is convenient to take with you on the road or anywhere you have time to read.

In the e-book, you can customize the settings to your liking. The typeface and font size are now adjustable by the user, which was not possible in the print edition. This feature is relevant for people with poor eyesight.

The book in electronic form allows you to make notes, bookmarks, goby hyperlinks and quickly search for the information you need through the search function. In addition, readers contain programs that synthesize speech, that is, sound books.

Books in electronic form

Still have doubts about whether a book or an e-book - which is better? Then it is worth remembering the material side of the issue. Paper books are expensive, while they are distributed in electronic form on the Internet free of charge or much cheaper.

The reader has access to the World Wide Web, so the desired reading can be downloaded at any convenient time, there is no need to run to the store or library.

Do not forget that the e-reader is absolutely safe for people suffering from asthma and allergies, as it does not accumulate dust.

E-books contribute to the conservation of forests, because their production does not require wood.

Varieties of displays

When buying an e-book, you should pay attention first of all to the features of the screen. It can be LCD monochrome or color or E-Ink. In the first case, this is a familiar LCD screen, in which the image is formed through the gaps of the matrix. But this method leads to flickering, which negatively affects vision.

The E-Ink screen is famous for its paper-like appearance, as it forms an image in reflected light, and no energy is spent on text transmission, it is only spent on forming a document on the display.

Another important nuance is touch control.Thanks to him, the e-book costs only a few buttons on the case and is very convenient to use.

Obviously, the best qualities are the touch reader with E-Ink screen.

Additional reader features

The properties of the E-Ink display are such that it is impossible to read it in the dark, like a regular book. Therefore, many high-quality e-books are equipped with special backlighting.

The reader's memory is designed for huge amounts of information. Moreover, it is possible to increase these figures several times with the help of removable media.

Since most e-books are produced by foreign manufacturers, it is important to ensure that they have a Russified interface and a function for recognizing Russian fonts.

A modern reader supports most of the formats in which works appear on the Web.

The size and weight of an e-book is also very important, because it is purchased to read in a variety of situations. A prerequisite is lightness, convenience and compactness.

Latest developments

Inventions in the field of e-books are simply amazing. In addition to the usual devices, there are models created using OLED technology and equipped with a flexible screen. For example, an e-Roll book can be safely rolled up into a tube and placed in a special case. This model is very similar to the usual paper magazine, which is convenient to carry in your pocket or bag.

Wexler eBook

Another interesting development is electronica Wexler book equipped with a 6-inch flexible E-Ink screen. In it, the glass substrate is replaced by a polymer one, which significantly narrowed the screen thickness and reduced the weight of the model. The display acquired shockproof properties, which made it possible to solve the main problem of readers - the fragility of the screen. Progress does not stand still and tirelessly improves e-books.

Perhaps this article will help everyone decide for themselves: a book or an e-book - which is better? But there is no need to pose the question point-blank. After all, you can enjoy the warmth and charm of printed books, and if necessary, resort to the reader and enjoy comfortable reading anywhere.

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