Soothing tea before bedtime for children: list, ingredients, herbs and parent reviews

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Soothing tea before bedtime for children: list, ingredients, herbs and parent reviews
Soothing tea before bedtime for children: list, ingredients, herbs and parent reviews

Video: Soothing tea before bedtime for children: list, ingredients, herbs and parent reviews

Video: Soothing tea before bedtime for children: list, ingredients, herbs and parent reviews
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Children's nervous system is considered to be still fragile and imperfect. This is what causes the frequent overexcitation of babies. Their stress is manifested by restless sleep, whims and causeless tantrums. To improve your baby's nighttime sleep, you can take a soothing tea for children before bedtime. This method is effective and practically harmless. What herbs can be used in tea? At what age is the drug allowed? How to prepare it?


As a rule, soothing teas before bed for children help to have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the crumbs. They are divided into complex and single-component. Such a product can be purchased at a pharmacy. It is sold ready-made in filter bags or in the form of a dry herbal mixture. The assortment includes teas both exclusively herbal and with the addition of various fruits.

It's worth noting that you can make your own soothing bedtime tea for children. When collecting grassbe guided by some rules, since the benefits of chamomile will be doubtful if it is plucked near the roadway, as it has absorbed dust and dirt. For children's soothing tea, the herbal tea should be fresh and clean. If the parents do not have the appropriate knowledge, it is not worth the risk. It is better to purchase a ready-made collection at a pharmacy. It is environmentally friendly, safe, tested for toxicity, and dried in accordance with the requirements and regulations.

Age suitable for

boy pouring tea
boy pouring tea

Pediatricians recommend giving babies from birth only one-component fennel tea. It will help relieve colic and improve sleep crumbs. Further recommendations are given:

  • In the fourth month of life, a baby can be given a chamomile one-component and combined drink.
  • As a soothing tea for children at bedtime at 2 years old, experts allow preparing infusions of lemon balm and motherwort.
  • Thyme and valerian should be given as a soothing drink from the age of three.
  • Closer to the age of seven, experts recommend boldly adding linden flowers and honey to the above herbs, provided that the child does not have allergic reactions to these ingredients.

When brewing a soothing tea before bedtime for children, the dosage must be observed.

Recommendations for use

As a rule, due to the fragile nervous system, little children are often stressed and overexcited. Use of soothing teahas a different purpose, for example, for babies up to a year old it is used for such purposes:

  • Improve sleep so that the child sleeps peacefully and soundly all night.
  • Relieve baby from flatulence, colic and other digestive problems.
  • Reduce moodiness and relieve excitability.
  • Reduce allergic reactions.
  • Relieve inflammation in the mouth.

In addition, a soothing bedtime tea for children helps reduce irritability and helps the baby more easily absorb new foods for him. Experts recommend giving herbal drinks to older children to eliminate:

  • Nervousness.
  • Whims.
  • Hysterics.
  • Anxious sleep.
  • Unreasonable fears.

Also, a soothing drink helps the baby adapt to a new environment: in a kindergarten or school. But do not bypass teenagers, because due to the active change in hormonal levels, this period is characterized by increased irritability and nervousness. According to doctors, in adolescence, herbal drinks will be a useful remedy.

Characteristics of herbs and their benefits

Soothing tea for children before bed reviews
Soothing tea for children before bed reviews

Each plant has its own healing properties. To prepare a soothing tea for children before bed, it is important to know the types of herbs that can be used. Here are some of them:

  • Melissa is a powerful natural antidepressant. That is why it is able to improve the functioning of the nervous In addition, lemon balm tea can relieve spasms, normalize digestion, and stimulate appetite. The pleasant smell of this plant has a calming effect, which has a positive effect on the quality of sleep.
  • Chamomile. This plant is truly unique. It helps to improve the sleep of the child, has antipyretic, antiallergic, hemostatic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, choleretic properties.
  • Motherwort is an excellent remedy for hyperexcitability, sleep disturbance, nervousness, tantrums.
  • Mint is used as a diuretic, antiemetic, pain reliever. In addition, this fragrant plant is known to many as a sedative that helps improve sleep and calm the nervous system.
  • Valerian has been shown to be effective in the treatment of certain cardiovascular diseases, as well as many disorders of the central nervous system. It is wonderful in helping to cope with insomnia, blocking arousal, and helping to calm down.
  • Fennel, which can be used from birth, makes it easier to fall asleep and calms babies, and also has a beneficial effect on colic and flatulence.
  • Calendula flowers are used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing herbal remedy. This flower tends to gently relieve the effects of anxiety and stress, as well as improve sleep and relieve excitability.
  • The series has a bactericidal and anti-allergic effect. That is why pediatricians advise from birthadd a decoction of this herb to the bath when bathing the baby. The plant copes well with diaper rash, itching, rashes on the skin of a child. After a bath with a series of babies, they behave more calmly, fall asleep better, because their skin condition improves.
  • Linden has a diaphoretic and expectorant effect. With the help of decoctions from it, you can relieve internal stress and make it easier to go to sleep.
  • Plantain is known to everyone as a plant that helps heal wounds. In addition, it helps to normalize the nervous system and relieve tension.
  • Thyme is great as a soothing tea for kids before bed. The medicinal properties of this plant have a calming effect.

Before offering an herbal drink to a baby for the first time, you need to make sure that it contains only one plant. Subsequently, you can gradually add other components to the soothing tea for children at bedtime. This approach will help to avoid possible allergic reactions, and if they occur, it will be easier to determine which component is not suitable for the child.


Today, pharmacies have a huge range of different children's teas. But sometimes, it is difficult for a parent to make a choice. Let's take a look at the most popular soothing teas for children at bedtime, reviews of which are only good.

Sweet Dreams

Children's soothing tea at night
Children's soothing tea at night

This drink combines fennel, chamomile and linden flowers. Many mothers note the pleasant taste of tea and its soothingEffect. An additional plus is that such a drink can be given to babies from four months. The tea is granulated, contains dextrose, that is, it does not require sweeteners. For many, this form of release causes concern. Some say that this drink weakens.

Grandmother's Basket

Children's soothing tea
Children's soothing tea

This drink contains fennel, lemon balm, thyme. Fennel saves the baby from intestinal colic, thyme calms the nervous system, and in combination with lemon balm helps to relieve the increased excitability of the crumbs, which guarantees a restful sleep. Tea in its composition has only herbs, there are no sweeteners, which is emphasized by manufacturers in their reviews. The composition may vary somewhat. So, there is "Grandma's basket" with rose hips, chamomile, mint, dried berries. Some parents don't like that kids don't want to drink this tea without sweeteners. This is his only flaw.

Linden blossom with lemon balm

Children's soothing tea before bed
Children's soothing tea before bed

Tea contains linden flowers, chamomile, lemon balm and dextrose (grape sugar). The manufacturer claims that the drink has a calming effect and helps to improve the sleep of children from a four-month return. It is easy to prepare: dissolve one spoonful of the mixture in 100 ml of water and the tea is ready.

In addition, the drink has a slightly sweet taste with a subtle hint of herbs, which children like. Despite the large number of positive reviews, there are those that indicate its inefficiency. According tosome mothers, giving tea to their babies, they did not notice such a sleepy effect and sedative effect, declared by the manufacturer.

It surprises many parents that this product is presented in the form of water-soluble granules. Some moms and dads think that they have little natural, but a lot of "chemistry".

Humana "Good night"

It contains hibiscus flowers, thyme, lime blossom and lemon balm. According to reviews, the baby soothing tea tastes good and is recommended for babies over four months old. Many mothers note a beneficial effect on the sleep of babies. But there are also ardent opponents of this drink, who highlight the shortcomings:

  • Unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Increased activity of the child after drinking tea.
  • Unattractive and tasteless granules.

Evening Tale

Tea for children "Evening Tale"
Tea for children "Evening Tale"

This baby soothing tea at night contains ingredients that gently affect the nervous and digestive systems of the crumbs. These are the fruits of anise and fennel, mint leaves, lavender flowers. It is worth noting that many mothers are satisfied with the effect of this drink. Based on their price-quality ratio, this tea is considered by parents to be one of the best. According to the instructions, it should be taken just before bedtime, once a day.

However, some parents note that children do not like the smell of anise, which drowns out the flavors of other ingredients. Many in the reviews write that there is no promised manufacturerscalming effect.

Calm down

The instructions for baby tea indicate that this drink is intended for children from six months. It contains rosehip, alfalfa, thyme, oregano, motherwort, lemon balm, kelp extract.

Soothing tea for children before bed 2
Soothing tea for children before bed 2

Despite the rich herbal composition, according to parent feedback, this product has its drawbacks:

  • The drink is bitter, which kids don't like. Need to add honey or sugar.
  • Tea contains elements that can cause an allergic reaction.

Many components contribute to the fact that the risk of an allergic reaction increases. Parents also report this in the reviews.


Before using soothing tea, you should consult with your pediatrician. As a rule, the doctor recommends giving dill water and fennel infusion to children from birth. Many types of other medicinal drinks are allowed from the age of four months. For herbal tea to be beneficial, it must be taken systematically.