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Do hamsters stink? If yes, for what reason

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Do hamsters stink? If yes, for what reason
Do hamsters stink? If yes, for what reason

Hamster is a full-fledged pet. It should not be used as a toy for children. A hamster needs to be properly cared for and fed a balanced diet. In addition, he needs a restful long sleep.


The Syrian hamster is a rodent from the hamster family. This species is not the largest: its length is 13-14 cm, and its weight is up to 140 grams. Ears of medium size, rounded. The body is elongated, covered with short or elongated hair. Ears and paws are covered with smooth short hair. The tail is very short - up to 1.5 cm.

Syrian hamster
Syrian hamster

The colors of the Syrian hamster are diverse: from light and dark solid colors to colors with various markings. Wool is short, long and wavy, satin and not. Life expectancy - 3-4 years.

The Djungarian hamster is called a dwarf upland hamster: its length does not exceed 10 cm, and its weight is up to 70 grams. The ears are small, rounded, covered with short hair. The coat is short, soft and dense. Common colors: standard, sapphire, pearl and mandarin.

Paws goodcovered with wool. The tail reaches a length of 1 cm. Life expectancy is 2-3 years.

Both species in nature are good prey for most predators. For this reason, they cannot have their own, pronounced smell. This fact is the answer to the question of whether hamsters stink.

Content Features

Both Djungarian and Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and live alone in nature. The content of two or more individuals provokes fights, often with a fatal outcome. In addition, heterosexual animals will begin to multiply uncontrollably.

For keeping these types of hamsters, dunes or cages with a horizontal arrangement of rods are used. The floors in it are extremely undesirable, since these animals do not have a sense of height and regularly fall. You can build a large terrarium with conditions close to natural.

The best cage for your hamster
The best cage for your hamster

A running wheel is required in the cage (for Syrians - from 18 cm in diameter, for Dzungarians - from 14 cm). Minimum cage size: 60 × 40 × 30 cm (length, width, height).

The house is chosen from wood or ceramics, and white napkins are placed inside. The feeder should be ceramic or metal, and the drinker should be automatic.

Hamsters are active in the evening and at night. Sometimes they can be seen in the early morning.

Hamster care

With proper care, the question of whether Syrian hamsters stink does not arise. These animals, like the jungars, choose one "toilet" corner and use it for its intended purpose.

Bsawdust of non-coniferous trees, wood or vegetable pellets, corn filler are placed in the cage as bedding. Once a day, you can clean the "toilet" corner and add fresh bedding there. Completely the cell is washed once a week. The drinker and feeder are washed daily.

Do Djungarian hamsters stink? By itself, the animal does not smell, but if the cage is not cleaned, the filler is not changed, the animal absorbs the smell of dirty sawdust.

It is absolutely impossible to bathe hamsters. After changing the dirty bedding to a clean one, the animal will stop smelling.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition for a hamster involves feeding high-quality ready-made mixtures, fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs. Djungarian hamsters are prone to diabetes, so fruits are not given to them.

Feed mix for hamsters
Feed mix for hamsters

What can you give a hamster:

  • zucchini, cucumber, pumpkin;
  • apple, pear;
  • cauliflower, broccoli;
  • fresh greens;
  • low-fat cottage cheese (1-2 times a week);
  • a piece of boiled chicken without s alt (once a week);
  • insects (forage crickets);
  • feed mixes.

What not to give a hamster:

  • white cabbage;
  • bread and other flour products;
  • leftover food from your table;
  • almonds and peanuts;
  • food for cats and dogs;
  • onions, garlic, citrus fruits;
  • houseplants;
  • sugar-containing products;
  • food and treats with dyes;

Drinking waterchange daily. Feed is given 2 times a day in small portions. If the bowl is empty, this does not mean that the animal has eaten everything. Each hamster has a "pantry" where all food supplies are hidden.

Do hamsters stink

A he althy hamster can only smell of its bedding, such as sawdust or paper napkins. One of the possible options for the appearance of a smell is spoiled food in the "pantry" of a hamster. If this happens regularly, you need to reduce the amount of food served, especially fresh food.

Djungarian hamster
Djungarian hamster

If all hygiene rules are followed, and the bedding is changed regularly, there is reason to wonder where the smell came from and whether hamsters stink at all.

Sometimes the smell comes from the female during estrus and disappears after it stops. In other cases, an unpleasant odor from the animal indicates possible he alth problems. In this case, you need to consult a veterinarian - a specialist in rodents.

Should I get a hamster

The most frequent questions of potential owners: do hamsters-"jungars" stink and is there a smell from "Syrians"? The answer to both questions is negative. The smell comes from dirty bedding and an uncleaned cage.

If there are predators at home (cats, dogs, ferrets), there is a great risk of injuring the hamster. If it is not possible to isolate the animal, it is better to refrain from buying.

If there is no money to buy a good spacious cage and quality food, it is better to postpone the purchase of a hamster until better times.

Hamster wheel
Hamster wheel

As a pet for a child, a hamster is only partly suitable. Most of the time he sleeps, and at night he likes to make noise. He does not play with people, but he can fall from his hand and break.

If the room does not have a quiet, peaceful place, protected from drafts and direct sunlight, it is better to choose another pet. It is not recommended to put the cage in the bathroom, kitchen and on the windowsill.

Thus, it turns out that getting a hamster is a responsible matter. Finding out if a pet hamster stinks is easy. It is enough to take him in your hand and inhale the smell of his wool. This will help you figure out if the smell is coming from the cage or the hamster itself.

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