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Baby diaper, size and material choose together

Baby diaper, size and material choose together
Baby diaper, size and material choose together

Let's look at what a diaper is. A baby sheet is a standard-sized piece of fabric that can serve many purposes when caring for a baby: swaddling, bathing, or as a blanket in hot weather. Twenty years ago

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diapers were used in large quantities, because according to the doctor's requirements, the baby was tightly swaddled, supposedly so that the legs were even. But modern medicine has proven that this is not necessary, and the diaper has lost its great value. In addition, the first diapers appeared in the children's world, and mothers understood their convenience. Therefore, of course, you need to buy diapers for newborns, but in small quantities.

What kind of sheets are there

For a baby, it is desirable to have three types of diapers in stock, which are made from different varieties of cotton. For the hot season, it is suitable from thin chintz; for coolness, you need to buy a flannel flannel sheet. It's also nice to have a terrycloth diaper

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cloth and apply it while bathing. It can be both with a corner and without it. Important,so that a baby diaper, the size of which varies, is not made of synthetics. You should definitely pay attention to this, since diaper rash and wounds can occur from unnatural fabric, the appearance of which will bring many problems.

What are the sizes

For each age of the baby, a baby diaper is needed, the sizes of which change over time. The child grows, and not always the width of the sheet, which was enough for the baby, is enough for the baby at 6 months - it will simply be narrow. Many young mothers may ask: "What size diapers should be?". The most optimal is 120 × 80 cm. Such a sheet should be enough for a child up to a year old. But there are also small ones, they will also come in handy. The size of the diaper usually depends on the company that produces baby underwear. Standardly they are not less than 60×90 cm.

Care for sheets

Any baby diaper (size and color is not important in this case) requires special care. Babies should only be washed with baby soap or powder. It is necessary to rinse things several times until you are sure that the water has ceased to be soapy. After drying, any child's clothes should be ironed with a hot iron, both from the inside and from the outside. It is also worth paying attention to ensure that the seams on clothes or diapers do not touch the baby's body, as the skin of babies is very delicate.

Diaper is still better

Here seems to be all the information you need about sheets that can

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come in handy when choosing them. A baby diaper, the size of which is not so important, will always bea good helper for any mom. First of all, you need to think about how the baby was pleasant and good. A baby diaper, which can be of any size, will always come in handy: cover a child on the street during the heat with a thin sheet or wipe the child with a terrycloth diaper after bathing, cover any surface on which you put the baby - all this will make caring for the baby convenient. Natural cotton will always be gentle with the skin of the crumbs, and adults are also pleased to touch the fabric created by nature.

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