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Don Sphynx brush: breed description and reviews

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Don Sphynx brush: breed description and reviews
Don Sphynx brush: breed description and reviews

Don Sphynx Brush is the youngest cat breed. But, despite her "youth", she managed to win the trust and love of many people. It should be noted right away that the sphinx cat breeds differ from others in their kindness and unusual appearance. The Sphynx brush is not necessarily a hairless breed, there are hairy representatives of such an amazing look.

The first mention of such a cat was in Rostov-on-Don, where it was said that a woman found an unusual naked cat right on the street. The first kittens did not belong to any breed, so they came up with different names.

Cat breeds

Types of sphinxes

Due to a mutation in the genetics of the Don Sphynx, the brush is considered hairless or hairless. Only over time, cats of different breeds began to be crossed, and as a result, more than 15 types of sphinxes were bred. Brush Don Sphynx kittens are born with hair, and only during maturation, it gradually disappears. But it is worth noting that there are only three variations of crossing:

Brush kittens Don Sphynx
  • At birth, kittens have thin and elastic skin. The folds are visible in the neck and tail. Mustaches and eyebrows are absent in this species.
  • Kittens are born with a sparse or medium coat, somewhat reminiscent of velor. They are called “velours” like that, but in the process of growing up, the hair disappears, and we see an ordinary hairless cat. Shedding hair can start as early as two months and continue up to two years.
  • Kittens are born with hair, but do not lose it as they grow up. Dense, but twisted coat covers the entire body of the cat. It is worth noting that this look has accentuated cheekbones and wide-set eyes.

External Description

Don Sphynx Brush is a breed with a powerful body of medium size.

And this look looks like this: a straight muscular back and tail, a flat forehead, a straight nose, medium-sized paws that are slightly rounded, a short muzzle and large ears.

Character of sphinxes

Brush Don Sphynx kittens are very energetic, friendly and love attention. One of the distinguishing features is a quick adaptation to any changes and almost "iron" nerves. This breed is very affectionate and inquisitive.

Don Sphynx brush care

They are very mobile and love to play. Unlike other types of cats, sphinxes prefer to be close to the owner, so they learn very quickly and respond to the words "yes" and "no". The preferred place for rest and sleep is the knees of the beloved owner. Very peaceful and quickly settled into homes with others.animals.

Rules of care

Don Sphynx brush, the care of which is quite specific, requires special attention. One of the frequent procedures that will need to be carried out daily is rubbing the skin of the sphinx. This is due to the fact that cats sweat and get dirty quickly, and the reason for this is bare skin. You need to carefully monitor the skin, because it is on it that the diet chosen for it will "appear".

Don Sphinx brush

Bathing the Sphynx is also necessary, and it is recommended to use shampoo for cats or any baby shampoo. After bathing, be sure to dry the cat or wipe it with a towel. The ears of the Sphynx must be cleaned periodically, as they get dirty pretty quickly. The cat does not feel any particular discomfort due to dirt, but it is recommended to carry out such a procedure at least once a week. It is worth noting that the breeds of Sphynx cats are especially fond of sunbathing. But do not overdo it, because the skin of such a cat is very sensitive, and it can “burn out” in the sun, and everyone knows what feeling you experience.


There are no special and unique diseases for sphinxes, usually they tolerate any ailments well. By the way, these cats don't get sick too often.

Don Sphynx brush reviews

Lichen and worms are a separate case, but this is a very common disease in representatives of other breeds. And treatment for such ailments can be carried out by any veterinarian.

Sphinx cost

If it appeareddesire to buy a naked kitten, then you should contact professional and competent sellers. Do not buy an animal in the market, because you can not only get a "foundling", but also a sick cat. When buying a sphinx, you need to make sure of a few facts:

1) Does the animal have documents.

2) Is the conclusion of the contract realistic.

3) Pay attention to the sanitary conditions at the place of purchase.

4) Carefully examine the appearance of the kitten.

5) Find out if the kitten is toilet trained.

6) Make sure the animal is vaccinated.

Don Sphynx brush, the price of which ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 rubles, is not a cheap breed at all. The cost will depend on the age and specific breed of cats. But this is the price of officially registered nurseries. Expensive? Breeding such a breed is quite difficult and costly, so do not bargain or say that it is not worth it. The question should be asked differently: "Is the price really confirmed by the quality of the breed?" The answer can only be given by the breeder himself. But what if the price of ten thousand is too much for you? No need to be sad, there is a way out.

Don Sphynx brush is also bred by many non-professionals in this field. And you can buy a thoroughbred kitten for 3500-5000 rubles. Of course, it sounds scary, but how do two identical breeds grown in different conditions differ from each other? Nothing, that's the answer. Online ads have become a popular option for buying. You need to be careful with such acquisitions, and it is even better to buy on official sites.sellers who have all documents confirming compliance with all standards.

Don Sphynx brush price

Customer Reviews

The Don Sphynx brush, reviews of which you can collect, is simply amazing. Reviews from the owners of such cats make you think about buying just such a breed. Reliable, affectionate and devoted, Sphynx are superior to any other species. The Don Sphynx brush is not just a cat, but a true friend and the best cat, from which it is simply impossible to look away. Many, when they first see such a breed, say that it is ugly. But as soon as the cat sits on his knees and stares into his eyes, any person simply melts. She may be naked, but she is devoted.

Don Sphinx brush

She does not lag behind her owners for a minute, even if they are busy doing housework or just relaxing, such a cat will always be there. There are quite a lot of reviews on the Internet, and only a few of them are negative. The most common are affectionate, kind, forgiving and devoted. It is this characteristic that is given to cats of the Don Sphynx brush breed. Many owners of such animals not only carefully care for their pets, but also gladly leave a lot of information on the forums and provide their photos. Such cats are not only graceful and affectionate, but also give their owner self-confidence. Don't believe? Check it out for yourself.

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