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Burmese cat - the sacred symbol of Myanmar

Burmese cat - the sacred symbol of Myanmar
Burmese cat - the sacred symbol of Myanmar
Burmese cat

Sacred Burma - this is sometimes called a cat of this breed. And it is no coincidence. In her homeland, in present-day Myanmar, these fluffy creatures have long lived at Buddhist monasteries. It was believed that the Burmese cat is a conductor of the souls of deceased monks to the afterlife. And the more people reached Perfection, the more golden the pet's coat became. And those monks who could not rise to the Absolute returned to their native monastery in the form of … kittens of the mentioned breed. In Thailand, they assure that Sacred Burma was raised in their country, crossing the classic Siamese with long-haired Orientals.

Oriental legends can be contrasted with documentary records of Europeans. In 1919, the American millionaire Vanderbilt brought a cat to Nice from his trip to Indochina, which gave birth to the offspring of a new generation. The French say otherwise. They claim that Burmese cats appeared as a result of theirselection work. Its goal was to bring out an animal similar in color and physique to the Siamese, but more fluffy. For this, Persian cats were connected to the selection work. How did it happen?

Burmese cats

Breeders have worked to completely remove the Persian stop. The shrill and unpleasant voice of the Siamese was also eliminated. As a result, the Burmese cat is the owner of only the best qualities of both breeds. He immediately gained popularity! Sacred Burma was inscribed in the French Register in 1925 (first participated in the exhibition in 1926). The UK and US recognized the breed in 1966 and 1967 respectively.

The Burmese cat has a very characteristic "Roman" nose. It is of medium length, in proportion to the head, but the nostrils are at the bottom of the lobe. In profile, you can see a slight bulge - a Roman hump. The head is a bit like the profile of an Asian. Its upper part is beveled back, which gives the impression of Mongolian cheekbones. The ears are of medium size, rounded and far apart. The jaws and chin are massive. The eyes are piercing blue, and the more intense the tone, the better. Sacred Burma is distinguished from other Orientals by a squat, stocky physique with large, strong paws.

Burmese cat photo

The fur coat deserves special mention. The Burmese cat - the photo allows you to see this - has a long silky coat. It is short on the muzzle. Therefore, representatives of the breed do not have such eye problems as their Persian ancestors.Immediately on the cheeks, the hair lengthens, growing into a thick collar and even into a luxurious jabot. Further along the body, it flows in silky waves, slightly curly on the stomach. However - again, unlike the coat of Persian cats - their coat does not tend to tangle and form tangles. The color is typically Siamese, but Sacred Burma is characterized by white boots and gloves. The tail looks like a light feather.

The Burmese cat combined the best qualities of the two breeds in its character. He is very smart, but moderately active. He does not fall into hysterics, his voice is harmonious, with a slight hoarseness. The animal is very sociable, not afraid of strangers. But if Burma sees that you are busy, she will be able to become "invisible" for a while. Despite their long coat, this breed is not that difficult to care for.

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