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Grass mower: design features

Grass mower: design features
Grass mower: design features

A grass mower is a very necessary tool for owners of summer cottages. However, it is not so easy to acquire it. The fact is that there are a large number of different models of these devices, and in such an abundance it is easy to get confused. When choosing a tool, first of all, you should decide whether it should be mechanical or run on gasoline (from the mains).

grass mower

Let's consider the first type of devices in more detail. So, a mechanical drum mower for grass works on the principle of scissors. All parts of this device are made of lightweight materials that are durable and reliable. In addition, the cost of such equipment is low enough to be affordable even for the most modest budget. In its design, the tool has movable and fixed knives. In the first case, the elements are bent along the drum guide. Due to this, the length of the cutting surface is significantly increased. This grass mower moves with wheels.

This tool has certain advantages: low cost and light weight, it does not need additional energy sources, in addition, it effectively copes with medium grassheight. You can use the equipment in any weather, even in the rain, because the knives are able to cut both dry and wet greens.

tall grass mower

The grass mower is a very handy piece of equipment. Some models may have additional bags for collecting greens, so they do not have to be raked later. But the disadvantages of the device should also be considered. First of all, it can only be used on flat surfaces. Do not use the mower in areas where there are plants with hard stems. The fact is that mowing them will take a lot of effort, and there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

If the area is thick with greenery, then a "chopping" type tall grass mower is ideal for the job. She is able to clean even dead wood and small bushes. At the same time, the grass is crushed, so it will not be possible to prepare it for hay later.

manual grass mower

In addition to the presented mechanical devices, there are also gasoline and electric devices. The main working body in such designs is a sharp metal plate (disk or thick fishing line). This manual grass mower works using an additional power source. The advantage of this device is its high performance. In addition, for them it does not matter at all what kind of terrain the area has. The cutting part in the device can be changed, so you have the opportunity to mow not only grass, but also bushes, and even small trees. One of the disadvantages of the deviceis that it cannot contain a bag for collecting greens (by design). In addition, the device is quite noisy and vibrates a lot.

There is another hand tool called a trimmer. It makes lawn maintenance quick and easy, without much effort.

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