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Blue wedding bouquet: how to choose what it means

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Blue wedding bouquet: how to choose what it means
Blue wedding bouquet: how to choose what it means

The bride's bouquet is one of the most important accessories at a wedding celebration. You can't do without it. It is necessary to approach the compilation of the main bouquet of the newlywed with special attention, because the choice of other shades of the holiday and even the style of the dress will depend on its shape and color. The blue wedding bouquet looks stylish, unusual, it is bright, elegant and noble. This cool shade goes well with the white color of the dress, and despite the cool range of blue, it incredibly successfully emphasizes the blueness of the bride's eyes.

blue wedding bouquet
blue wedding bouquet

Who would like a blue bouquet?

A wedding bouquet with blue flowers, despite its beauty, will not suit all brides. Basically, the restrictions on choice relate only to the individual preferences of the newlyweds. However, due to the saturation of the blue color, the icy freshness of the hue, combined with the extraordinary contrast, it can not be psychologicallyendure girls who are used to feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

The blue wedding bouquet catches the eye of others, attracts attention, so most often it is chosen by self-confident women who know their own worth. But this does not mean at all that a cool blue tint cannot be used at a wedding if you really like it.

wedding bouquet with blue flowers
wedding bouquet with blue flowers

What does the color blue mean?

The blue wedding bouquet is not in the category of gentle and romantic, so before you choose it, try to find out everything about this shade. Newlyweds will be interested to know that the blue color means nobility, devotion, honesty, prudence, peace. He promises the bride and groom happiness in family life, a long life together, mutual understanding and peace.

Combination of blue bouquet and bridesmaid dress

A bold wedding bouquet with blue flowers will look great with the author's bride's dress, no less extravagant and stylish. The classic version of a white dress with a fluffy skirt, which requires delicate accessories, is hardly suitable for such a bouquet. Opt for a figure-hugging dress with a long train, bare shoulders and back. You can look at the style of "fish" or "mermaid". If for some reason this option is not suitable for the future bride, the blue wedding bouquet will also look interesting with a short asymmetrical cut dress.

wedding bouquet of blue chrysanthemums
wedding bouquet of blue chrysanthemums

How to choose the rightflowers for a bouquet?

Blue flowers exist in nature, but there are very few of them, and besides, at certain times of the year they simply may not be. Therefore, it is very important to take this moment into account when choosing a wedding bouquet. The most successful color options for the blue composition of the bride are roses, orchids, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, anemones, irises, lisanthus.

  • A wedding bouquet of blue orchids looks incredibly feminine and sophisticated. This flower is a symbol of we alth and prosperity. It combines brightness and tenderness at the same time. Plus, the orchids smell amazing!
  • Blue hydrangeas are unpretentious to weather conditions, they are voluminous and rich, stable and pleasing to the eye.
  • The wedding bouquet of blue roses looks luxurious and expensive. This color for rose buds is a real rarity! However, this shade cannot be found in nature. It is created artificially by florists by coloring roses. When choosing a bouquet, remember: it must be of high quality and not stain the bride's hands and dress.
  • Blue irises are airy, with a light and unobtrusive aroma, they give hope for the fulfillment of cherished desires and are considered a symbol of trust.
  • Blue anemones and lisanthus will look wonderful and elegant in the hands of the bride. They accentuate and catch the eye.
  • A wedding bouquet of blue chrysanthemums is unusual and rare, because flowers in this shade are not found in nature. Blue chrysanthemum is grown in special conditions, where it is given a cold bright color. A bouquet with chrysanthemums looks solemn, a littlenaive, but at the same time bold.

If the bride prefers a bouquet of only blue flowers, you can stop there. However, the blue tint goes well with white, yellow, pale blue, beige, pink and red. Remember that if a bouquet is made of simple flowers, then they are complemented by simple ones, but in a different color scheme, you should add the same ones to rare and expensive ones.

You can decorate a blue wedding bouquet with a bright satin ribbon, which should be tied up with stems. Use for decoration also lace, pearls, beads. If a blue ribbon is chosen for decor, flowers of a different shade should be present in the bouquet. Do not forget that you do not need to add complex decorative elements to the blue wedding bouquet, as this color is self-sufficient.

bouquet of blue roses
bouquet of blue roses

Helpful tips

If you want to make the bride's wedding composition yourself, use some recommendations from experts.

  • Avoid pairing blue with heavy and complex hues like purple. The diversity of the bouquet will overshadow its beautiful and deep tone.
  • When choosing blue colors, give preference to large specimens, as this shade visually reduces.
  • The stems of blue flowers in a bouquet should be short. This is necessary in order to make it as harmonious as possible.
  • Before composing the composition, select flowers and a shade of blue from the photographs, which will form its basis.

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