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Beautiful fox-like dogs

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Beautiful fox-like dogs
Beautiful fox-like dogs

Today we will talk about what are known dogs that look like a fox. Immediately, we note that there are several breeds. But first things first.

What breeds of fox-like dogs are known? Firstly, it is a Sheltie (another type of shepherd dog is a collie), and secondly, a Shiba Inu. The third breed is the Welsh Corgi.

Sheltie and Collie

The Scottish Sheepdog looks like a fox, she is a Sheltie. This dog also has a narrow muzzle, thick, long fur, and a fluffy tail. In color, representatives of the breed can compete with both the black-brown fox and the red fox.

Such a dog is very intelligent. Therefore, she will never annoy the owner if he is busy with something. Due to its keen hearing, the dog is a good watchdog. Shelties are very trainable. This is no coincidence, because although she is small, she is a shepherd dog.

fox-like dogs

Rough collies are fox-like dogs. They also have long muzzles. By the way, shelties and collies are similar to each other too. The only difference is that the latter dog is taller and has longer paws. Note that collies make quite good shepherds and watchmen. Due to their nature, they can also be good nannies forchildren.

Shiba Inu is an interesting breed of dog

What other red fox-like dog is known? Of course, this is a Shiba Inu. The name means "little dog" in Japanese. Usually representatives of the breed were used for hunting game (small).

We learned that Shiba Inu are fox-like dogs. But here we are talking not only about external data (pointy ears, red color and narrow muzzle), but also about character, behavior. This dog, like the fox, is smart, quick-witted and cunning.

fox-like dog breeds

If the dog has been guilty before the owner, then he can try to avoid punishment by resorting to his developed facial expressions. For a Shiba Inu, making a distressed face is a piece of cake. From such a concert, the owner usually loses any desire to punish the pet. Note that this dog is not only a very talented actor, but also a devoted friend, as well as a good nanny for a child.

popular dogs that look like a fox

Welsh Corgis are small but smart animals

And what kind of dog with big ears looks like a fox? Of course, this is a Welsh Corgi. These are fox-like dogs. They have long massive ears and very short legs. The body is strong. The height at the withers is approximately thirty centimeters. The weight of one representative reaches 10-15 kg.

The dog's coat is thick, medium length, double. Various colors: black-brown, red, blue merle. There are even tricolor dogs with a brown point.

Their undercoat is soft, fluffy, protects well from the cold.The coat is generally close to the body. The limbs are slightly curved, as mentioned above, short, but all this contributes to stability during work. Their tail is fluffy, somewhat similar to a fox.

fox-like dog with big ears

By nature, these dogs are very kind. They are also devoted and active. Welsh Corgis have an enormous sense of self-worth. Friends, family and acquaintances are always friendly and kind. If properly maintained and fed, this dog will have a life expectancy of about fifteen years. Although there have been cases when representatives of the breed lived to seventeen.

Of course, any dog ​​needs to be well cared for, the Welsh Corgi is no exception. They also need proper nutrition and sufficient exercise. Of course, they need to be shown to the vet. You should also regularly care for your teeth, ears and claws. It is time to socialize puppies. We should also not forget about training, training should start from three months.

fox-like red dog

The nice thing is that this dog's coat has almost no smell. It is recommended to comb out these representatives of the breed once a week, while removing dead hairs. The good news is that the dog sheds only twice a year.

What else to add about the breed? Let's give some more good advice. Firstly, you should not let a small puppy jump from any surfaces so that the animal does not damage its paws. Secondly, this is what it is worth doing active walks with your pet. with adult dogyou can even go jogging together.

Finnish Spitz - fox-like dogs

Outwardly and in character, the Finnish Spitz is similar to a forest predator. Such a dog, like a fox, can be cowardly, sometimes aggressive. Another distinguishing feature of the breed is excessive caution. Although in general the dog is so friendly, energetic and lively.

Small conclusion

Now you know what breeds of fox-like dogs exist. We have reviewed them. As you can see, they are all different and interesting in their own way.

By the way, the similarity of dogs and foxes is not accidental, because one and the other belong to the Canine family. But what pets do not have is the deceit that the red-haired inhabitant of the forests possesses. The dogs that live next to us, so to speak, side by side, are also very loyal, unlike the cunning fox.

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