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How to choose a kitten: selection criteria, color, external data, tips, photos

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How to choose a kitten: selection criteria, color, external data, tips, photos
How to choose a kitten: selection criteria, color, external data, tips, photos

The cat is perfect for living in a city apartment, and in a private house. Some dream of finding a true friend in the face of a fluffy beauty, others want to raise an experienced mouser, while others seek to breed in order to improve the breed. Whatever you need a cat for, you need to be able to choose it correctly. After all, a person needs a he althy and beautiful pet. How to choose the right kitten? Find out in this article.

Where to buy a kitten?

You can choose a pet in the nursery, in the market, take it from the ad. There are many options. How to choose a kitten and not make a mistake? Much depends on what breed the baby should be. Now there are many scammers who, under the guise of a show kitten, sell offspring from an ordinary Murka.

Do not look for a pet in the bird market or pet store. These places are breeding grounds for infections. Many kittens are not vaccinated, getting on the market, they can become infected with viral infections. Sellersin such conditions they cannot provide proper care for babies. Therefore, experienced cat owners recommend avoiding pet stores and bird markets, as the probability of buying a sick pet is too high here.

Purebred animal is best purchased through your local cat club. Here you are always aware of what kittens are currently in the city. In addition, buying through the club insures against scammers who can sell outbred animals under the guise of, for example, the British.

Kittens can be purchased directly from the cattery. A conscientious breeder will advise the novice owner before buying and talk about proper pet care. In the cattery, kittens are sold fully vaccinated and treated for parasites. Babies are already accustomed to the tray and the scratching post, and sometimes castrated.

persian kitten

Cat or cat

Earlier, the question of the sex of the animal was especially important. After all, after puberty, cats begin to mark curtains, wallpapers, clothes of their owners. Not every even the most loving owner will be able to endure this smell. Cats, on the other hand, periodically come to hunt, for many of them such a period passes quite noisily. In addition, the animal is able to bring offspring up to 3-4 times a year. Now most of the pets are castrated, so the issue of tags, childbirth and hunting for owners is no longer so relevant.

It is believed that cats are more likely to become good mousetraps, which is especially important if the owners live in a private house. Males are usually lazier, they like to eat and then lie down. However, the cat has morechances to start catching rats as he is usually bigger and stronger.

Siamese kitten

Which breed to choose?

Fluffy cats are more difficult to care for than their smooth-haired cousins. But the content of completely bald animals of the Sphynx breed has its own characteristics. How to choose a kitten? Buy a large breed or miniature? Or maybe pick up an ordinary cat on the street? These questions are faced by a person who wants to get a fluffy pet.

Even before purchasing a cat, you need to decide whether someone from the family will have time to comb out a Persian or funds to feed a large Maine Coon. The difficulty of caring for it depends on the breed of the animal. Some cats, for example, are very talkative, which may not please some owners but delight others. There are breeds that are overly independent, such as obsessive attention can hit with a paw or bite.

You need to understand that some types of cats are more prone to allergies than others. Such animals will need to select a special diet. Show cat owners will have to spend large amounts of money on professional cosmetics: shampoos, conditioners, coat oils.

Abyssinian kitten

What to look out for

A he althy kitten is active, has clear eyes and a shiny coat. If the baby is drowsy, and his coat looks untidy, then it is better to refuse the purchase. How to choose a kitten? Veterinarians recommend first of all to pay attention to age. Responsible breeder does not sell sucklingskids. It is recommended to buy kittens over the age of 3 months.

The grown animal is already accustomed to the tray, which will greatly simplify the life of the owner. Usually at 3 months the kitten is fully vaccinated, so he is not afraid of the most common infectious diseases. In the breeder's house, the baby has already learned to tear the scratching post, and not the master's wallpaper.

When buying a kitten at 1-1, 5 months old, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to accustom him to the tray yourself. It will be much more difficult for a small animal to endure separation from its mother. He can meow plaintively for a long time, be afraid of people, hide under objects. Deworming and vaccinations in this case will also be carried out by the new owner.

British kitten

When you come home to the breeder, pay attention to the conditions in which the animals are kept. If the room is unsanitary or there are cages in several rows, then it is better to refuse to buy. How to choose a British kitten? Assess the behavior of your favorite baby. If a kitten hisses at the sight of strangers, throws himself on his hands or on his feet, then he has problems with socialization. It is not always possible to correct this problem.

It is desirable that the breeder gives some, at least the most minimal guarantees for the he alth of the pet. Even a couple of days will be enough to take the kitten to the veterinarian for examination. A big plus is the availability of tests for the most common breed diseases in parents.

If the breeder brought the kitten to the entrance for inspection, then this should alert. Perhaps the animals are kept inbad conditions. If the kitten is 3 months old, then, most likely, he is already fully vaccinated. The buyer must ask the breeder for a veterinary passport, which indicates all the treatments that the baby has undergone.

british kitten

Scottish kitten

Never buy 2 fold babies. The offspring obtained in this way most often have serious problems with the spine, subsequently the animals become disabled. How to choose a Scottish Fold kitten? The buyer should be alerted if the baby is sold under the age of 2.5 months. Very often this is done by scammers who are afraid that the kitten's ears will stand up. Very often at 1-1, 5 they fit well to the head, but by 3-4 months they already begin to rise.

How to choose a Scottish kitten with straight ears? Pay attention to its appearance. If the baby is untidy, his eyes are watery, then the purchase should be abandoned. You should not take an animal out of pity, it often takes a very long time to treat it, but in some cases, despite the best efforts of doctors, it dies.

How to choose a lop-eared kitten? The kid should run, play, show interest in teasers. If the kitten looks blankly at the fellows, then, most likely, he is sick with something. A he althy baby should not limp or be afraid to step on his paws, if this is not the case, then such behavior should alert the buyer.

Scottish kitten

Bengal kitten

The breed is very popular, so ordinary yard Murkas and Vaskas are often sold under its guise.How to choose a Bengal kitten? It is recommended to purchase a domestic mini-leopard in a nursery, this significantly reduces the likelihood of deception. Before buying, owners must decide who exactly they need: a pet or an animal for breeding.

It is not recommended to purchase Bengal kittens under the age of 2.5-3 months. If the animal is bought in a nursery, then at the time of purchase it must be treated for fleas and helminths, as well as vaccinated against infections. The breeder, together with the kitten, must give the buyer a metric and a veterinary passport. Usually nurseries supervise their graduates, so the owners can count on free consultations.

bengal kittens

Maine Coon kitten

This breed has enough fans. Many dream of an affectionate and intelligent giant cat, but not everyone can get it. Some people buy an ordinary fluffy Vaska, which, growing up, becomes less and less like an elite breed. How to choose a Maine Coon kitten? The buyer is advised to pay attention to the tail of the future pet. In a real Maine Coon, it is always long. Another breed sign is tassels on the ears.

It is recommended to visit at least one cat show before buying, so it will be easier for potential owners to distinguish a fake. You should not buy an animal in the bird market, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a real Maine Coon there. If the breeder takes the kitten out to the porch or yard for inspection, then, most likely, the pets are kept in poor conditions. It is advisable to buy Maine Coon incattery specializing in the breed.

Maine Coon

Persian kitten

Before choosing a pet, it is recommended to read the standard. Now the most popular are the so-called zero extremals, that is, Persian cats, the mirror of the nose of which is not lower than the border of the lower eyelid. It is especially important to purchase an animal of a modern type for those who plan to engage in exhibitions.

How to choose a Persian kitten? It is advisable to take an experienced felinologist from the club with you to inspect the litter. The breeder must show either the kitten's parents themselves or their photo. It is recommended to pay special attention to the father of the kids, he must have good exterior data. You can also try to find kittens from a previous litter to visually assess how they have grown.

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