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Samoyed: owner reviews of the dog breed

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Samoyed: owner reviews of the dog breed
Samoyed: owner reviews of the dog breed

Video: Samoyed: owner reviews of the dog breed

Video: Samoyed: owner reviews of the dog breed
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The characteristics of the Samoyed breed and reviews of happy owners about it will help to create a general idea about these dogs. To make a choice in favor of any of the breeds, you need to carefully study its description, see the pets live, chat with breeders and owners.

A little Samoyed puppy is always a cute creature that asks to play and "handle". As they grow older, the traits of character and exterior, the ability to learn, become more pronounced. Studying the pedigree of the selected litter, you can learn about the exhibition and sporting achievements of the ancestors, the he alth of the bloodline.

The history of the breed and its purpose

Dogs of this breed have existed for several thousand years. Representatives of the northern peoples of Russia actively used them as sled dogs, hunters, watchmen and nannies for children. Samoyed dogs helped herd deer.

Walking with a Samoyed
Walking with a Samoyed

Four-legged people were allowed to be in the yurt. Small children played with them, and dogs looked after them. It is said that people could sleep with them in their arms to keep warm.

The number of Samoyeds in Russia was almost lost, but people managed tobring representatives of this species to Europe. Thanks to the successful work of breeders, the breed has survived to this day in its best form. The first dogs were brought to Russia in 1989 from Denmark and subsequently bred based on them.

The name "Samoyed" comes from the name of the tribe "Samoyed" who lived in the northern part of Russia. Samoyeds - the old name of the Nenets, which comes from the phrase "saam jedna" ("Land of the Sami").


Elegant medium sized dog with pure white or biscuit coat. The coat is thick, plentiful, forms "trousers" on the back of the thigh and a collar on the neck. The structure of the coat is double: a thick and soft undercoat plus a long stiff awn. This cover protects the dog from moisture, cold, wind and overheating.

Samoyed's ears are small, erect, triangular in shape with rounded tips. Thick hair grows inside the ear, preventing cold air from entering.

A striking feature in the appearance of the Samoyed is the famous smile, as described by the owners of Samoyeds in the reviews. This impression is created by the raised corners of the dog's lips and the kind, cheerful look of the slanting brown eyes.

The tail of the Samoyed is covered with long hair and curled into a ring on the back. Sometimes he throws himself on his back and hangs on his side. When at rest, it can be lowered to the level of the hock.

The limbs are muscular and straight. Movements are vigorous, free. Thick hair grows between the fingers, which, like felt boots, protects the paw pads from the cold anddamage. The dog gives the impression of being tireless and powerful, perky and playful, able to work in harness in harsh weather conditions.

Character and behavior

The Samoyed dog is a representative of a group of primitive breeds and belongs to the northern sled dogs. This suggests that the Samoyed has the typical personality traits of this group.

Samoyed smile
Samoyed smile

Dogs of this breed are friendly towards people and animals, which is confirmed by reviews about the nature of the Samoyed. Aggression is not allowed by the breed standard. This dog will not become a "bodyguard", but can bark an outsider.

Samoyed is affectionate, obedient, cheerful and playful. The dog is active and energetic, but without too much fussiness. Sometimes he shows willfulness and stubbornness, but without fanaticism. The Samoyed remains playful throughout life.

What to do with the dog?

Natural stamina, quick wit and contact makes the representative of the breed suitable for various sports and training. In their reviews of Samoyeds, the owners note the ability to domestic obedience.

Dogs work well in harness and are able to cover long distances in harsh weather conditions. True, their speed is not high, but the team of Samoyeds looks great against the backdrop of snow cover.

Team of Samoyeds
Team of Samoyeds

Among other sports, owners prefer:

  • frisbee;
  • freestyle;
  • agility;
  • canicross and skijoring;
  • flyball;

Samoyed care

Reviews about Samoyeds say that these dogs are unpretentious and undemanding in content. Wool "wild" type is easily cleaned of dirt and sand, does not fall into tangles. These dogs do not need overalls, as their hairline protects them from both heat and cold.

Samoyed doesn't need haircuts; the coat grows to the optimal length and creates a complete silhouette. If desired, you can trim the fur around the paw to give it a neat rounded shape.

Grooming a Samoyed comes down to regular brushing and bathing as needed. Shedding occurs twice a year or more if the dog is in heat.

Show grooming involves especially thorough cleaning of the coat; drying it with a hair dryer and a compressor with simultaneous combing. To prepare for the exhibition, professional cosmetics are used, which are selected empirically.

Ear and eye cleaning is not required for a he althy dog. You can brush your teeth if necessary (if the four-legged eats dry food). To do this, use a special toothbrush and paste for dogs.

Claws are cut every 1-3 weeks, as they grow back. In animals that exercise regularly, the claws grind down on their own.


Judging by the reviews of Samoyed owners, dogs are more comfortable in a private house than in an apartment. This is due to the fact that on your site you can let your pet go outside more often. Many keep them in insulated enclosures, subject to regular walks and communication withfour-legged.

Walking with a Samoyed dog should be active, with elements of training, play and free movement. The minimum exercise is two walks of at least an hour for each. Walks in the forest or in the field are welcome, especially in the company of other dogs.

Active holidays with Samoyeds
Active holidays with Samoyeds

Important! When going out for a walk with the dog, the owner is obliged to put on a collar and a leash for the dog (in the city). Having an address book will help you return your pet in case of loss.

Food for the Samoyed is selected individually: premium dry food (super premium) or natural food. Leftovers from the table, porridge and boiled bones ruin the pet's he alth.

How and where to choose a puppy?

The main rule when looking for a puppy is to take your time and evaluate your capabilities. There are a large number of nurseries engaged in breeding this breed in Russia and abroad. Approximate puppy search order:

  • to study in detail information about the breed;
  • visit dog shows (if possible, and monobreed);
  • search for information about nurseries;
  • determine for yourself which dog kennel you like best by type;
  • find reviews of Samoyeds of the selected kennel;
  • contact the breeder and arrange a meeting or delivery of the selected puppy.
  • Samoyed puppies
    Samoyed puppies

The cattery must be officially registered. Puppies not born in the kennel are registered through the club. All individuals must have a stigma, which is indicated in the metric. Some breeders implant a chip (optional)owner).

Package of required documents for a puppy:


This document is exchanged by the owner of the puppy for a pedigree. The metric indicates the breeder's data, the date of birth of the puppy, the brand of the kennel, the name of the dog and the names of its parents.

Veterinary passport

Must contain information about anthelmintic measures taken and scheduled vaccinations. A puppy without a single vaccination is not transferred to new owners.

The contract of sale is not mandatory, but it is desirable to issue it, agreeing with the breeder on the conditions of keeping and the transaction.

Reviews about the Samoyed breed

Samoyed dog perfectly adapts to the rhythm of the owner's life. These fluffies love children and fun games. There are never too many walks for Samoyeds - they are ready to walk in any weather with a good mood.

Most often there are positive reviews about Samoyeds - strong and kind dogs. They celebrate good he alth, cheerful disposition, friendliness. Of the negative sides, the amount of wool in the house and periodic barking are distinguished.

Samoyed and child
Samoyed and child

The Samoyed fits into the categories of "companion dog" and "athlete dog". But before you rush to buy a puppy, you should familiarize yourself with all the features of the breed so that the dog will bring more joy than sorrow in the future.

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