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What vitamin is needed for a normal pregnancy? Prenatal vitamins
What vitamin is needed for a normal pregnancy? Prenatal vitamins

For the development of any living organism on earth, a certain amount of vitamins is necessary. And for pregnant women, this is a strict condition, they should think in advance that the fetus needs numerous important elements. These include vitamins, the lack of which can lead to abnormalities in the development of the child, as well as difficult bearing and even premature termination of pregnancy.

What vitamin is needed for a normal pregnancy? For example, vitamin A. It is found in carrots, liver, eggs, rose hips, cheese and is simply indispensable for the normal growth of the fetus. He takes part in the formation of the placenta, tissues and organs. How to determine what exactly this vitamin is not enough? This is indicated by the following factors:

  • lowered immunity;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • frequent respiratory diseases.

Retinol is commonly called the "beauty vitamin", as it acts on the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, it normalizes sleep, improves the condition of hair and nails, strengthens the contractile work of the heart muscle.

What vitamin is necessary for the normal course of pregnancy

Very important vitamin

Are you wondering how much vitamin E you should consume during pregnancy? It belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins, as a result of which the capsules are coated with a fatty shell in order to make it easier to digest. The daily dose during pregnancy is 300-400 mg per day. Only a doctor can determine the correct dosage for each woman, taking into account all individual characteristics. But it should not exceed 1000 mg per day. Sometimes pregnant women take this drug in large doses without permission, and this leads to the development of birth defects in the fetus.

The best vitamins during pregnancy

Don't be scared, tocopherol is one of the most essential vitamins during this crucial period in life. But it should be taken only with the approval of the attending physician or gynecologist in the antenatal clinic. Only they can correctly determine the dose and duration of the course. With prolonged use of the drug, an overdose is likely to occur. Stop taking the synthetic vitamin immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • diarrhea;
  • nausea;
  • weakness;
  • allergy;
  • skin rashes.

How does vitamin E work during pregnancy? Reviews of people who have taken it say that it helps to strengthen the immune system. But remember: it is not recommended to use it together with iron preparations due to their incompatibility. It takes approximately 8 hours for tocopherol to be absorbed in the body, so onlyAfter this time, you can take other drugs. The same rules must be observed in nutrition. Foods high in iron and rich in vitamin E should be consumed after a certain amount of time.

What does this vitamin do

vitamin e during pregnancy reviews

Tocopherol helps to strengthen the immune system, it also has a positive effect on the endocrine system, protects against anemia, weakness and stress. But its main plus is the preservation of pregnancy, but the lack of this elixir of life can lead to its premature termination.

What foods contain it?

Vegetable oil, liver, buckwheat, egg yolk and legumes contain vitamin E. During pregnancy (reviews of many women testify to this), it not only helps to bear the baby, but also improves the general condition of the body. US scientists have even found that tocopherol, combined with vitamin C, prevents the formation of Alzheimer's disease.

Folic acid

Doctors advise to start taking this "elixir of life" even during pregnancy planning. An insufficient amount of B9 in the body of a future mother threatens the child with many unfortunate consequences. This vitamin is involved in the process of hematopoiesis, protein synthesis, and also in the course of cell division. He, like no other, is necessary for the development of the nervous system. Statistics show that every second woman in the position is deficient in folic acid. This is dangerous not only for the fetus, but also for the mother.

What vitaminnecessary for the normal course of pregnancy? You will certainly ask this question to the gynecologist who will guide you all 9 months. And he will definitely tell you about the great benefits of folic acid.

What can cause B9 deficiency

Firstly, defects of the cardiovascular system, secondly, an increase in the likelihood of premature birth and involuntary abortions, thirdly, improper development

prenatal vitamins reviews

fetus, stillbirth and placental abruption. Women with insufficient intake of this acid often feel all the "charms" of toxicosis, now and then find themselves in a depressed state, feel severe pain in their legs, and suffer from a low iron content in the blood. This vitamin for a normal pregnancy is the best fit. If you decide to replace the synthetic vitamin preparation with natural vitamins, then you should include the following foods in your diet:

  • walnuts;
  • kefir;
  • cottage cheese;
  • egg yolk;
  • oatmeal;
  • rice and buckwheat;
  • beans;
  • green peas;
  • beef liver;
  • beets;
  • tomatoes;
  • green onion;
  • asparagus.

Agree, these products are very affordable, but WHO recommends taking folic acid tablets.

1st trimester of pregnancy

At this time it is very important to get the necessary dose of trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, the first vitamins during pregnancy should be taken as soon as they learned about this good news.Of course, it’s hard to talk about the proper nutrition of the expectant mother at this early stage. It all depends on how well she is able to withstand constant nausea, it may even happen that she develops an aversion to all foods. At this initial stage, cravings for foods that were not on the list of favorites may appear. But this does not always happen, so if you are lucky not to experience this indicator of pregnancy, then you should try to do everything so that the baby gets the right and only he althy nutrition.

Very important point! Immediately give up bad habits - cigarettes, alcohol or, even worse, drugs. This is necessary for the normal development of the fetus, so approach this issue responsibly.

What foods are good for you

Vitamins in the first trimester of pregnancy are needed more than ever. After all, this is a complex process, it requires a lot of strength and energy. All dairy products, without exception, are needed to supply calcium to the body. To avoid the common problem like

The best vitamins during pregnancy

hypoxia, you should add nuts, carrots, beets, buckwheat to your diet. It is desirable that vegetables do not undergo heat treatment, as many useful properties are lost. They should be consumed daily, this will have a positive effect in the near future - an absolutely he althy baby will be born. Cabbage and carrots make the skin and tissues more elastic, so childbirth in women who consume these vegetables all the time is much easier, and the skin returns to normal faster.If you suffer from nausea, eat dairy products. They are very useful, in addition, they fill the intestines with bifidumbacteria, which help strengthen the immune system in general. Vitamins in the first trimester of pregnancy is important to use as directed by a doctor. This is done to prevent the lack of any substances.

B vitamins

Doctors at the antenatal clinic will definitely advise you and, if necessary, prescribe a vitamin complex that will contain B vitamins.

  1. Thiamin will increase appetite, help avoid toxicosis and hypotension. Needed for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
  2. Riboflavin plays an essential role in the development of the bone skeleton, as well as muscles. Lack of B2 can activate fetal growth retardation and damage to the skin and eyes.
  3. Pantothenic acid will reduce nausea in early pregnancy. In addition, it is able to normalize the functioning of the nervous system and thyroid gland.

Only a specialist can prescribe the best vitamins during pregnancy that are right for you.

Everyone's Favorite Vitamin C

vitamins in the first trimester of pregnancy

"Which vitamin is needed for a normal pregnancy?" - you will certainly think. The answer is simple: Vitamin C. It is considered to be the best remedy for colds. Of course, he will not be able to prevent the disease, but he can significantly alleviate the general condition and speed up the recovery time. Ninety percent of the population of Russia, according to the Institute of Nutritionmaterials are deficient in this "elixir of life". Its deficiency leads to a decrease in immunity. In a large number of pregnant women, doctors reveal a lack of ascorbic acid. In turn, this can lead to iron deficiency anemia.


What other prenatal vitamins do you need? Reviews of mothers and doctors are unanimous here: cholecalciferol! It not only helps to improve the condition of nails and hair. The use of vitamin D by the mother during gestation is an excellent prevention of rickets in the unborn child. It ensures the exchange of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Therefore, the vitamin is so important in the last terms.

A little more about rickets. This is a disease of infants and young children, which is characterized by impaired bone formation. The main reason for this disease is the lack of vitamin D during the development and growth of the body. Therefore, it is so important during pregnancy and during lactation to take it in sufficient quantities. Cholecalciferol ensures the normal activity of the central nervous system, helps the skeletal system to develop properly. For women in position, the dose of this vitamin should be 500 IU.

prenatal vitamins price

Something about minerals, micro and macro elements

What vitamin is necessary for the normal course of pregnancy, we have already figured it out. Now a little about minerals, micro and macro elements. These substances also play a big role for the mother and her unborn baby. Scientists have found that the fetus receives 300 mg of calcium every day through the placenta.Until the day of his birth, he will accumulate in the body of this mineral approximately 25,000 mg. If a woman who is expecting a child consumes enough calcium and phosphorus, she will thereby ensure the normal laying of the rudiments of the baby's teeth, without the slightest damage to her own skeletal system.

Iron prevents anemia. According to statistics, every third pregnant woman suffers from this disease. Molybdenum is also needed for the correct course of the iron metabolism process.

Magnesium is a regulator of carbohydrate and energy metabolism, it is also involved in the functioning of the nervous system. In addition, it prevents premature termination of pregnancy.

Substances such as copper and zinc are necessary for the proper formation of the skeleton in the unborn baby. Chromium is needed for the metabolism of glucose and fatty acids.

Another important element is iodine. It prevents the development of any abnormalities of the thyroid gland, which is formed as early as 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. Manganese is involved in the process of hematopoiesis.

Vitamins for pregnant women: reviews

When choosing vitamins during pregnancy, do not rely on the opinion of friends or acquaintances. After all, each person is individual, someone may have an iron deficiency, while another, on the contrary, has an excess. Before you buy a drug, carefully study its composition.

Elevit complex

This is a well-known drug in our time. It was developed in the laboratories of Switzerland. They tried to create such a multivitamin complex that respects the exact doses of vitamins and trace elements required for reimbursement.needs during pregnancy and lactation. Vitamins "Elevit" during pregnancy have one drawback - iodine is not present in the composition. But a lot of magnesium! Based on this, doctors prescribe it to women who have a threat of abortion. This element relaxes the uterus and improves blood flow in the blood vessels. During pregnancy, he alth must be taken very seriously. Always remember that it is better to prevent a disease than to cure it. Vitamins will help reduce the risk of complications and provide you and your baby with the necessary elements.

Drug "Vitrum Prenatal"

In addition to vitamins, it contains minerals. These are the most popular vitamins for pregnant women, the price of which ranges from 800 to 1000 rubles per 100 tablets. But there are also disadvantages: a high level of iron, so you have to control this process.

Vitamins Complivit Mom

Attractive low price compared to other drugs, but possible side effects. So be careful when taking it. These are the cheapest vitamins for pregnant women, the price of which is only 100-150 rubles.

When choosing vitamins, the following factors should be taken into account: the time of year, the weight of the pregnant woman, the results of tests, as well as the characteristics of her he alth. In no case should you use the drug on the advice of friends. Each individual doctor selects the best vitamins during pregnancy, taking into account the characteristics of the body. Approach your position with responsibility, an erroneous decision can adversely affect the he alth of the baby and mother.

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