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How do they wash the stretch ceilings in the apartment

How do they wash the stretch ceilings in the apartment
How do they wash the stretch ceilings in the apartment

During the general cleaning of the apartment, you were baffled by the question: "How are stretch ceilings washed?" Or did you suddenly notice that your once beautiful, perfectly white ceiling turned noticeably yellow (often this applies to the ceiling in the kitchen), and you asked yourself the same question? The coating of stretch ceilings is distinguished by its resistance to dirt, mold and dust, so they require minimal maintenance.

how to wash stretch ceilings

Other types of ceilings in the apartment, whether suspended or ordinary, painted, rarely raise the question of what and how to wash them, due to the fact that they have a hard surface. Stepladder, well, or something else that replaces it, for example, a kitchen stool; a rag or sponge and any detergent is all that is needed for cleaning. Stretch ceilings are a little more complicated, which is why many people are interested in the question: "How are stretch ceilings washed?" Their appearance causes concern: "It is soft, it is inconvenient to wash it." Or: "He's so smooth - all of a sudden there will be stains on him." Yes, they are, but theseproblems are not problems at all if you follow some rules during wet cleaning.

The design of a stretch ceiling, whatever it may be, implies that the ceiling will be soft - after all, the necessary distance remains between the stretched film and the main ceiling of the room. When washing such a surface, one should not forget about this, and therefore it is necessary to stand on a base that provides stability: after all, a stretch ceiling cannot become a support.

types of ceilings in the apartment

In preparation for cleaning, it is necessary to bring rags and detergents from those that wash stretch ceilings. Substances used for this purpose must not contain aggressive components, as there is a possibility of damage to the ceiling coating. For this reason, detergents containing abrasive particles, as well as acids and alkalis, should never be used.

It is best to purchase special soft rags that do not leave streaks and lint, for example, for washing windows or a car. It can be a flannel cloth or a velor cloth.

Suitable detergents can be any gentle surface cleaning liquids or washing powders diluted in water (depending on how dirty your ceiling is). After applying the foam detergent to the soiled surface and processing it, do not forget to carefully remove the foam and then wipe it dry, as unsightly streaks may remain after drying.

stretch ceiling design

In the absence of pronounceddirt, it is enough to treat the surface with a dry soft cloth or napkin, without the use of detergents. When caring for the ceiling, it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner turned on at minimum power, provided that the brush does not come into contact with the stretched surface of the ceiling. To prevent or reduce the accumulation of dust, you can treat the surface with an antistatic agent.

To restore the gloss of a glossy stretch ceiling, you can treat it with a soft, lint-free cloth soaked in ordinary glass cleaner or in a light solution (no more than 10%) of ammonia.

When cleaning the stretch ceiling, try to put less pressure on it, avoiding strong deflection of the surface.

That's all, now you know what stretch ceilings are washed with. But remember that with regular cosmetic care, serious cleaning may not be required, and your ceilings will delight you for many, many years.

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