How to meet a Japanese woman: tips and tricks
How to meet a Japanese woman: tips and tricks

Video: How to meet a Japanese woman: tips and tricks

Video: How to meet a Japanese woman: tips and tricks
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Many Japanese women are very positive (even with some degree of enthusiasm) about meeting and marrying a representative of another nationality. Many of them dream of meeting a tall blue-eyed guy - Russians quite often fit this definition. Well, which of our guys does not want to start a relationship with a petite and fragile girl who will be distinguished by fidelity and sensuality? So let's figure out how to meet a Japanese woman for marriage.

How do Asian women feel about Russian men?

If you decide to meet a Japanese woman via the Internet or want to go to Tokyo specifically for this purpose in the near future, then you should first know what these girls think about Russian guys. Perhaps they represent them as harsh and cold-blooded men who are used to facing danger and remaining calm even in difficult situations. Ordo they prefer romantics who show their feelings often?

  1. Stereotype one. Most Japanese women love Russian men because of their looks. As mentioned earlier, they prefer to get themselves a tall and handsome gentleman, behind whom they will feel like behind a stone wall. So if your height is 180 centimeters or more, then you already have a huge advantage over the local guys. And it is quite difficult to argue with the beauty of European men.
  2. The second stereotype. Asian girls think that all foreign men tend to show gallantry and basic rules of etiquette. Unfortunately, most Japanese guys do not follow these life principles. However, almost every Russian boy at school was taught that girls should give up their seats on public transport, as well as help them carry heavy things home. So the Russians have a big advantage here as well.
  3. The third stereotype. Many Japanese women think that Russian guys are quite resistant to alcoholic beverages. Of course, there is a grain of truth in this statement. Since a European person has more mass than an Asian, it will take him much more booze to get a clouding of his mind. Japanese women are very fond of hardy men in this regard, because they themselves often like to drink.

You can talk for a long time about exactly how Asian girls relate to Russian guys. However, these three stereotypes should be enough to win the heart of almost any beauty. In the following sections you will find detailedinformation about why sooner or later a Japanese woman will get acquainted with Russian, even despite her modest character. Follow the guidelines below to build a relationship with an Asian woman.

Show yourself a gallant gentleman

Even if you decide to meet a Japanese woman via the Internet, you should not neglect the basic rules of etiquette. Most Asian women are quite busy with household chores, so they rarely hear compliments or receive gifts from members of the opposite sex. So keep this in mind when you chat with a beauty on a social network. Be polite, courteous, and also show care and attention to the girl.

Japanese woman in a red dress
Japanese woman in a red dress

If you decide to meet a Japanese woman in Moscow or Tokyo, then you should all the more remember these rules. At the first meeting, give the girl a beautiful bouquet of flowers and compliment her on her appearance. Also, show all kinds of courtship on a date: move the table in the restaurant, open the door for the beauty, serve a coat, and so on. It is extremely rare for Japanese women to feel such courtship from men, so use it.

Entertain the girl in every way

Unfortunately, Japanese women love it when men spend money on them. If the material side of the issue is not a particular problem for you, then use this advantage to win the heart of a beauty. Take her to an expensive restaurant or an amusement park, go shopping with her tobuy branded clothes. In a word, satisfy all the whims of the girl so that she understands that you are worthy of becoming her husband.

Beautiful look of Japanese girl
Beautiful look of Japanese girl

However, do not think that Japanese women are ready to go to bed with anyone who has money. Girls are extremely selective in this matter and prefer to maintain their chastity before the wedding. In addition, if a rich boyfriend cannot maintain an interesting gazebo with a beautiful woman, then nothing good will come of the date either. Therefore, try to entertain the girl in every possible way.

Go on a date to a bar

If you happen to meet a Japanese woman on the Internet, then you should not delay meeting her in real life. Asian girls are very fond of determined guys who are the first to invite them on dates. However, if you do not do this just because you do not know where you can go with a beauty, then we are in a hurry to please you. There is one place that most adult Japanese women will enjoy - a bar.

Japanese woman in a brown hat
Japanese woman in a brown hat

Yes, Asian women are very fond of booze. So be prepared for this turn of events if you decide to meet a Japanese girl to create a strong family. Before getting married, they prefer to fully enjoy freedom. And if you also have to drink in the company of a gallant gentleman, then the date can be automatically considered successful. So you can safely interest a Japanese woman in going to a bar - she is unlikely to refuse it.

Notuse anime templates to communicate

Let's be honest with ourselves. Most guys want to meet a girl from Japan just because they dream of getting a beauty who behaves exactly like the characters from the animation. And although in many ways their behavior is very similar, still try not to use the patterns that develop relationships on the TV screen. Most Japanese women don't like being compared to 2D drawings.

Anime girl on top
Anime girl on top

It's hard to imagine, but anime in Japan is considered the lot of children and the so-called otaku - adults who negatively affect society because of their passion for the painted world. But quite a lot of people read manga, so you can use certain romantic templates to impress the beauty with knowledge of Japanese culture. However, don't get too carried away with it so that the girl doesn't think you're an otaku.

Also, don't forget that Japanese universities and schools are far from being as smooth as they appear in the anime. Many students often have to endure humiliation and various harassment from classmates. If a girl stands out in front of other peers, for example, gets a boyfriend, then she can be insulted in every way. This attitude leads to the fact that even after graduating from school, Japanese women remain very intimidated.

Where can I meet a Japanese woman online?

This question will arise in the head of almost every man who decides to connect his fate with an Asian. It should immediately be notedthat it will be quite difficult to do this without knowing English or Japanese, since a very small percentage of Japanese women speak Russian. And a boyfriend who is fluent in foreign languages will look much more attractive. Here is just a small list of services that you can use to get acquainted:

  • Facebook.
  • Hello Talk.
  • Hello Pal.

These three social networks should answer the question of where to meet a Japanese woman online. After all, they are distributed all over the world. So, with the help of these messengers, you can easily find your life partner by setting the status: "I will meet a Japanese woman for a serious relationship." It is possible that after some time of communication you will be able to exchange contacts on Skype in order to move to the next level, conquering the Asian with your European appearance.

Try to pick up a girlfriend by age

Don't forget that most Japanese women are extremely shy. If a guy who is clearly over 20 tries to get to know a schoolgirl, then she will most likely just run away from him. Therefore, the best option would be to find a peer who is already studying at a university or working. You don't have to worry about the question of chastity. As mentioned earlier, most girls keep it until the wedding.

A young and beautiful Japanese woman
A young and beautiful Japanese woman

Also try to get acquainted not with a lonely standing girl, but with a company of young beauties. Thus, you will not only increase your chances of finding a potential companionlife, but also avoid situations where a Japanese woman might get scared and run away. In addition, someone from the group of girls will constantly admire certain qualities of a foreigner, thereby increasing his significance in front of the rest of the interlocutors.

Don't kiss a Japanese woman in public

Most Asian girls have a very negative attitude towards the manifestation of feelings in public, so they are unlikely to allow themselves to be kissed in a public place. This is especially true in situations where a beauty meets a foreigner (every person you meet should not know about such information, since various accusations can fall on a Japanese woman). So if you decide to start building a relationship with a Japanese woman, then be prepared for this.

A young and innocent Japanese woman
A young and innocent Japanese woman

It is also not customary for Japanese couples between a man and a woman to hug at a meeting or to accompany a companion straight to their house or apartment. For a Russian person, this order of things may seem like something out of the ordinary, but you should come to terms with this. Do not try to pressure the girl to walk her all the way home. At best, she will simply take her boyfriend to a completely different building.

Stay away from long walks

All Japanese prefer to value their time, so even short distances they travel by subway, bus or taxi. Therefore, do not even think about walking a few kilometers with a beauty to a certain institution during a date. A girl is unlikely to like a boyfriend who does not tend to value time. Although fora foreigner, of course, a girl can make a certain exception, but such behavior will definitely not work as a plus.

A rather interesting fact is that most Japanese women would prefer to ride "hare" in the absence of money, rather than walk. The girl should feel that the guy appreciates her time and effort. Your task is to visit as many interesting places as possible in one date. Therefore, it would be best to take a taxi or even rent a car to impress the beauty with a comfortable ride.

Beware of becoming a "cute puppy"

In some cases, Japanese women may communicate with a representative of another nationality only to brag about him to friends or acquaintances. Most often this happens with guys whom the girl does not consider as a potential candidate for the role of her future husband due to lack of money or lack of self-confidence. However, she will communicate with him, seeing the representative of the stronger sex as a "cute puppy".

Japanese woman with a beautiful smile
Japanese woman with a beautiful smile

Try to recognize this manifestation as early as possible so as not to waste time on a hopeless relationship. The best way to recognize the seriousness of a girl's intentions is to ask her directly about exactly when she wants to introduce you to her parents. For 99% of Japanese women, such a gesture means that she is considering a young man as a future spouse. If you are just a friend for her, then she will never make such a gesture.

How to winrespect for parents?

If all of you had a chance to get acquainted with the ancestors of your passion, then be prepared for the fact that you will be asked about the seriousness of your intentions. If it comes to the wedding, then you may be asked about the financial condition. Moreover, we are talking about the current status. If you say things like: "After the wedding, I'm going to sell an apartment in Moscow and buy a property in Tokyo," then don't expect much recognition.

Also, do not forget that most parents will be against giving their 22-year-old daughter in marriage. Although they can make an exception for a foreigner, because they prefer to adapt not only to their own traditions, but also to the customs of another nationality. You can say that in Russia it is customary to marry young girls, which is why you paid attention to their daughter. It is unlikely that the parents will reject the boyfriend in this case.


We hope now you understand better where you can meet a Japanese woman and how best to do it. Of course, the effectiveness of building relationships largely depends on the characters of the two people, but if you follow all the above recommendations, then the chances of winning the heart of an Asian woman will increase several times. Just do not forget that representatives of different nationalities may have different views on some things. Therefore, respect the opinion of your life partner, and also try to show as many of your positive sides as possible.