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Dogs of the Drathaar breed: description of the breed and reviews
Dogs of the Drathaar breed: description of the breed and reviews

Video: Dogs of the Drathaar breed: description of the breed and reviews

Video: Dogs of the Drathaar breed: description of the breed and reviews
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Every hunter needs a hardy and strong dog nearby, able to smell the desired prey at great distances. The Drathaar dog breed is perfect for such purposes.

drathaar breed description
drathaar breed description

Understanding the owner from a half-word, the four-legged hunter will become a reliable companion and devoted comrade. Becoming a family favorite in a matter of moments, the drathaar will not only accompany you in the forest, but will happily stay at home to babysit small children.

History of the origin of the breed

German drathaar appeared in the 19th century in Germany. The breed began to be bred in order to produce an assertive hunting dog with high performance. The ancestors of the drathaar were the shtichelhaar, poodle-pointer and kurtshaar. By crossing these breeds, a completely new dog with unique hunting skills was obtained, which conquered the country and the whole world in a matter of years.

Drathaar: breed description

With such a pet, you can safely hunt in the forest and on the water, as drathaars are excellent swimmers. Possessing a firm and balanced character, the dogs respond well to commands and are ready to rush in search of prey a second after the shot. They are not shy before the game and neverthey run away until they get a rabbit or a duck for the owner.

The Drathaar breed is characterized by a hard coat 2-4 cm long, which is quite easy to care for. A smart and purposeful dog is an excellent guard, as it understands commands perfectly and always does everything that the owner requires of it.

drathaar breed
drathaar breed

The height of an adult drathaar is 60-69 cm, and the weight can reach up to 35 kg. The small head is in proportion to the body of the animal. Despite its power, the four-legged hunter moves very smoothly and gracefully. The dog has a strong jaw with well developed teeth. The structure of the body is quite muscular, due to which wrinkles are completely absent. The color of a purebred Drathaar is either brown and white or black and white.


The dog is completely unpretentious in content, besides it perfectly gets used to urban conditions and does not require much space. The German Drathaar can live both in an aviary and next to your household. However, the dog is in dire need of communication with people because of his natural sociability and need for society. If you have to leave your pet alone for a long time, he may become depressed.

The Drathaar dog breed is distinguished by its love of an active lifestyle, so this pet will be an excellent partner for morning runs, swims in the lake and afternoon walks in the park. On top of that, drathaars have a well-balanced psyche, which will save you from stressful situations if you meet stray people on the street.dogs or cats.

drathaar dog breed
drathaar dog breed

Due to the sensitive sense of smell, the dog perfectly finds prey on the hunt, so you will definitely not return home empty-handed.

Dog personality

The Drathaar hunting dog is an intelligent and very active creature. The pet gladly helps the owner in all his affairs, even if they don’t need his help at all. In order for the dog not to become uncontrollable and start to harass you by running around the house, it is enough just to take him for an active walk every day.

If the dog is frightened or bored, he will try to draw attention to himself by barking or starting to play dirty tricks. Also, in the case of a long separation, the dog may begin to gnaw on shoes or leave a couple of heaps on the carpet. You should not be offended by a pet for such tricks, but it is necessary to explain that this should not be done.

german drathaar
german drathaar

If you need a watchman, there is no better candidate than a drathaar. The description of the breed is filled with excellent characteristics. The only thing worth noting is that four-legged hunters are not very easy to train. It will take a long time for the puppy to start following commands, but after that there will be no problems.

Drathaars are quite skeptical of strangers and are very wary of them. In order to avoid subsequent aggression, it is important to immediately begin to engage in the social life of the dog. Take your pet for a walk where there will be other people besides you, introduce a new family member to your friends andetc. When the Drathaar gets used to the constant company, he will no longer be shy and will become the favorite of all your acquaintances.

Drathaar content reviews and recommendations

Due to the fact that the coat of the animal is very dense and hard and has the ability to self-cleaning, washing the dog is often not recommended. Enough 1-2 water procedures per year for a pet. There is no need to cut the dog either, it will only be enough to comb out the coat occasionally with a stiff brush.

drathaar description
drathaar description

Among other things, the Drathaar breed is great for shows. In order to prepare the winner, it is necessary to periodically cut the protruding hairs on the head and neck of the dog. Also keep your pet's nails trimmed and teeth cleaned regularly.

In everyday life, dogs are unpretentious, but if the pet lives in a small apartment, make sure that he is as often as possible in the fresh air.


The pet's well-being directly depends on how often the drathaar goes on walks. The description of the breed above repeatedly indicates that dogs are very dependent on physical activity. Therefore, it is desirable not to limit the hunter in these aspirations. Despite their endless energy and good physical condition, Drathaar are prone to the following diseases:

  • Hip Dysplasia.
  • Diabetes.
  • Tit.
  • Bloating.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Eczema.
  • Dermatitis

In order to reduce the risk of these diseases, it is important to monitor the conditionhe alth of the dog and periodically show it to the veterinarian.


It is best to feed the future hunter with natural products. Drathaars are not capricious in food, so they will happily eat porridge with meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Specialized dry food is also recommended to be included in the pet's diet. Young puppies should be fed often and in small portions, as they cannot yet control themselves and may eat too much.

hunting dog drathaar
hunting dog drathaar

Such overeating is undesirable and, moreover, can lead to volvulus. An adult dog can be fed less often and in larger portions. It is recommended to wash the bowl after each meal, as harmful bacteria will accumulate in the leftover food.

The diet of a Drathaar should contain the protein required for such an active animal. A growing puppy should be treated with mineral supplements and foods that contain chondroitin, this will favorably affect the dog's ligaments.

Raising and training a Drathaar

Despite the fact that you will most likely want to babysit and pamper a small puppy, do not forget that this breed belongs to a hunting breed, so it is important to remember that this is not a small child, but a future drathaar hunter. The description of the dog's skills indicates that from the first days of life, the pet must learn to feel its instincts and follow them.

In addition to the basic commands, the puppy must be accustomed to the sounds of gunshots, and should not be afraid of water. AlthoughDrathaars are excellent swimmers, sometimes it happens that the dog literally cannot be dragged into the water. What to do in this situation?

How to teach a puppy to water?

Of course, in no case should you use physical force and yell at the dog. Only patience and love will help the pet overcome its fears. To begin, take the puppy to a small pond and sit down by the water. A curious toddler will, of course, be interested in what you are doing and will try to join. On your next walk, try to go into the water up to your ankles and call the dog. To interest a pet, you can throw a ball into the water and ask him to bring it - most likely, the desire to chase the ball will prevail over unreasonable fears.

drathaar reviews
drathaar reviews

It will move further and further each time, and eventually you will see how the drathaar swims. The description of the breed indicates that even if at first the dog is not an excellent swimmer, over time he will become an excellent performer in this mission and will gladly bring you game even from the deepest waters.

What else do you need to know?

If you are thinking about procreation of the Drathaar breed, mating should take place in accordance with some rules. For example, you cannot cross a brown Drathaar with a black/silver one, or two silver/black dogs. Such a ban was imposed by the German breeding charter due to fears that the resulting puppies would begin to revert to their maternal forms and resemble pointer poodles. Of course, no one will follow you andyour dog, but nevertheless, such connections are not recommended.

In conclusion

The German Drathaar is an amazing dog that will become your devoted companion and a full-fledged member of the family. With proper care and proper training, you will raise a born hunter who will gladly accompany you into the forest or guard your home. With a dog, you can go for walks and workouts in the fresh air, leave small children with her, without fear that she will attack them. A loyal friend will always try to please you, expecting praise.

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