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People of the constellation Cancer: birthdays, gifts

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People of the constellation Cancer: birthdays, gifts
People of the constellation Cancer: birthdays, gifts

If you believe the history of the ancient Greeks, the appearance of the constellation Cancer in the sky is associated with the legend of Hercules. Once this mythical hero was sent to kill the terrible Lernean Hydra - a monster with nine heads, which was raised by the goddess Hera. In order to save her life, she sent her faithful servant, a large sea cancer, to help. In a terrible struggle, everyone was on the side of the hero Hercules, but cancer was the only one who went against and bit him. But this did not save either the Hydra or him. The goddess Hera, for the feat of her faithful servant, lifted him up to heaven and turned him into a constellation.

The ancient Egyptians believed that this inconspicuous constellation brought grief and devastation, as cancer feeds on waste.

cancer birthdays
cancer birthdays

About the constellation Cancer

People born under this sign have a very rich imagination. They are moderately modest, outwardly calm, pedantic. But in fact, not many people know what is going on in the soul of Cancer. They keep everything to themselves, they rarely express their emotions in public, but at the same time they want emotional manifestations from the people around them.

In generalCancer is a good sign, but if you piss him off, then beware! He may not even show his resentment, but sooner or later he will definitely remember this, due to his vindictiveness and vindictiveness. Therefore, you should be careful with Cancers, because everyone can offend them, and this can be done with one rude careless word. But if this happened, then the main thing is to quickly take action, smile, apologize. People of this sign gladly accept apologies and know how to forgive. But you shouldn't prevaricate, Cancers feel it.

happy birthday to cancer
happy birthday to cancer

Relationship with Cancer

Cancerians value stability and peace, so they start a serious relationship with difficulty, but if they are still lucky to meet “their” person, then they will not let him go. This applies to both love relationships and friendships. Cancers are very jealous, they are ardent owners.

But as for Cancer men, they can offend and disappoint a large number of women in search of their soul mate. To keep such a man, you need to give him at least the illusion of freedom, because Cancer loves her and breaks out of her shackles in every way.

A woman of this zodiac sign is more modest in love manifestations. She is looking for a shoulder to rely on. Next to a reliable man, she is calm and carefree, but sometimes she can show her strong character. To become the chosen one of such a woman, you need to make a lot of effort, but her devotion, care and love are worth it.

what to get a cancer man for his birthday
what to get a cancer man for his birthday

Crayfish Holidays

Crayfish daysbirthdays are celebrated on June 21 - July 22.

A person of this zodiac sign is devoted to the family, so all important life events Cancers prefer to spend with family and loved ones. This sign is distinguished by its hospitality, but only people from its circle are waiting for guests. Cancer prefers to spend his birthday in a calm environment, noisy bars rarely attract people of this sign. They accept congratulations and gifts with childlike joy, no matter how old they are.

happy birthday cancer woman
happy birthday cancer woman

How to choose a gift for Cancer

Mostly Cancer celebrates his birthday with his family. But what to give a person of this zodiac sign, how to surprise this creative nature? The main thing is that the gift should be from the heart. After all, Cancers feel it and can be seriously touched even by a very simple little thing. When wondering what to give Cancer for his birthday, you should adhere to a few points:

  1. The gift must be sincere.
  2. It is desirable that the donated thing is useful, because this is a very economic sign, especially if the present is associated with the birthday of the Cancer woman.
  3. Excessive pathos. A gift for Cancer should not be pretentious.

As for congratulating Cancer on his birthday, following these simple rules, you can find a really good solution.

Gift options

If we consider this issue in more detail, then a woman of this sign can be presented with a kitchen set, beautiful forms for baking, sets of interesting dishes, in which she will certainly cook deliciouslunch.

Since the sign of Cancer belongs to the water element, gifts for both sexes can be chosen based on this. For example, it can be a large bath towel, a bathroom set, a soft bathrobe, a quality blanket.

You can also give a useful souvenir, for example, a pillow with a photo, a picture with a portrait of a birthday man, a soft rug for the hall. You can come up with a gift in a comic form, such as a large soap in the shape of a dolphin, beautiful candles in the shape of roses.

If a gift is selected for a Cancer man's birthday, then a set of tools would be a good solution. After all, men prefer in their home that everything is perfect. Torn wallpaper, peeling baseboards do not fit into the house to a good owner.

happy birthday cancer man
happy birthday cancer man

Gift for little Cancer

If an adult Cancer loves birthdays, then what can be said about a small representative of this constellation? The Cancer child is very sociable and, like an adult, is very attached to his family, so when choosing a gift for him, you need to remember that he loves spending time with his family. Even playing with other children, Cancer babies often prefer activities with their parents.

Therefore, a board game or something like a "twister" will make the birthday boy very happy. Also, as a good birthday present for little Cancer, a set for creativity, a mini-theater, and age-appropriate educational toys are suitable. Even an ordinary constructor, which parents will play with the baby, will give a lot of positive emotions.

Well, try not to forget to attach togift a holiday card with sincere good wishes to Cancer for his birthday. Don't even hesitate, the birthday boy will certainly appreciate it.

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