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Epilepsy in a child: features of the course and treatment of the disease

Epilepsy in a child: features of the course and treatment of the disease
Epilepsy in a child: features of the course and treatment of the disease
epilepsy in children

Epilepsy in a child, as well as in an adult, is a rather complex disease, which, unfortunately, is not yet well studied by specialists. The main cause of the pathology is considered to be brain damage. Moreover, an injury can occur both during the birth of the baby, and later. Problems during gestation can also contribute to the development of epilepsy, for example, when the child's brain suffers from a lack of oxygen or has been damaged as a result of some kind of mother's illness.

This pathology has certain symptoms. As a rule, it manifests itself in the form of seizures, accompanied by convulsions, impaired mental or mental functions, paroxysmal seizures. The intensity and duration of such manifestations is different and depends on the severity of the disease, the adequacy of its treatment, provoking factors. Epilepsy in a child may occur very rarely, or seizures can be monthly, with sever altimes.

It should be noted that an attack is usually provoked by some stimulus, such as a bright flashing light, medication, or extreme nervous system arousal. Often a factor contributing to the development of the disease in childhood is fright. As a rule, a seizure occurs during the beginning of brain activity - before waking up or shortly after falling asleep, especially if the day was heavy.

epileptic seizures in children

Epilepsy attacks in children have the following feature: before they start, the baby may feel a short increase in heart rate, fever, or any short-term mental disorder. It should be noted that the seizure can be large and small. In the first case, a person simply falls to the floor, he begins to have convulsions, which are accompanied by blueness and distortion of facial features. At this time, the child may involuntarily describe himself or perform an act of defecation. After the attack is over, he may fall asleep. As a rule, the baby does not remember what happened to him during the seizure.

Epilepsy in a child is diagnosed only in a medical institution. It is not possible to make a diagnosis on your own. This requires special equipment: the study of brain activity using EEG, ECHO-EG. In addition, it is necessary to undergo an MRI to accurately assess the structure of organs, to identify whether there are pathologies, tumors, traumatic changes in the brain, and so on. It should be noted that the childhood form of this disease may recede over time, not interfere with a full life anddevelop. However, such children still remain under the supervision of specialists.

children with epilepsy

Epilepsy in a child should be observed from the first attack. Therapy in this case is required. To do this, the child must take certain anticonvulsants, the dosage and type of which are prescribed only by the doctor. It is forbidden to engage in self-medication, since this disease is not a common cold. The drug should not be interrupted, otherwise the frequency of seizures may increase. As for folk methods for eliminating symptoms, they can be used as an additional therapy, and even then only with the permission of a doctor.

Children with epilepsy should not be isolated from society. They can attend a regular school and lead a normal life. In no case should a child be allowed to feel inferior! Therefore, control over the condition and behavior of the patient should be soft and unobtrusive. What should the child be protected from? Firstly, do not leave him alone near the water (in the summer at the sea or at home in the bathroom). And secondly, avoid overwork, stress and those irritants that can cause an attack. It is important to keep taking the prescribed medications. Naturally, it does not hurt to increase the immunity of the baby so that he is less exposed to other diseases. Try to limit the physical activity of the child, for this, forget about the sports sections. As for nutrition, it should be complete.

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