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Cheerful scenario of the second day of the wedding

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Cheerful scenario of the second day of the wedding
Cheerful scenario of the second day of the wedding

Celebrating a wedding for several days is not a whim, but a tradition. The bride and groom and people close to them, as a rule, book restaurants and cafes in advance, buy enough food and alcohol, and come up with interesting scenarios. The second day of the wedding is different in that only the most important guests remain for the continuation of the banquet. Regardless of how the newlyweds will celebrate their celebration, modestly or on a "big" foot, a cool script will be needed.

Tradition is to blame for everything

According to the scenario, the second day of the wedding is dedicated only to the newlyweds, while the continuation of the banquet is also intended for the rest of those who wish to celebrate. In order not to turn the celebration into a boring drinking of alcoholic beverages, interesting contests began to be invented, in which all the remaining guests are involved:

  1. On the second day, the young people were sent to the bathhouse to take a steam bath, while loved ones set the table, made snacks andthought over the rest of the contests. Now the newlyweds visit the spa, where you can enjoy a relaxing massage, sauna, stone therapy and pleasant complex procedures together.
  2. To cheer up the guests, according to the script, the bride was kidnapped on the second day of the wedding, and the groom, along with his retinue, had to find her. Of course, before a grand celebration was held in small villages and towns, where all the inhabitants knew each other very well and easily entered into the game. Now things have become a little more complicated, because instead of the previous ransom, dances, walks in nature and picnics are now arranged.
Thematic Scenario
Thematic Scenario


It is important to understand that the wedding itself can last until the morning, and the bride and groom tirelessly receive guests, distribute the remaining salads and collect gifts. Therefore, it is logical that on the second day the scripted wedding begins at lunchtime and continues until late at night.

In the morning, only the most cheerful begin to prepare snacks, think over contests to the smallest detail, prepare clothes for the newlyweds.


As a rule, the second day of the wedding is held without a toastmaster. Scenarios are thought out by the bride and groom themselves, their friends or relatives. In order to save money, the continuation of the banquet is arranged at home, but if financial opportunities allow, then in a cafe. The second option greatly simplifies the cooking process and saves the newlyweds and their loved ones from unnecessary household chores.

Guests are sitting at the table
Guests are sitting at the table

After waking up, the young people are given a delicious dinner, preferably without too much noise. At the same time, theythey announce that immediately after the meal they go to relax in the spa for a few hours, and after that they need to receive new guests again.

Short Action Plan:

  1. After spa treatments, the couple goes to meet guests, where either the toastmaster or one of their closest friends announces the first contests. But, first of all, the feast begins, where everyone is treated to new dishes, toasts, relax.
  2. Dances are arranged between breaks, and then the bride and groom take turns thanking their close friends and relatives by showing collages of their funny photos.
  3. Until six in the evening, as a rule, thematic photo shoots are arranged, where the newlyweds appear in new images.


Of course, the script for the second day of the wedding is compiled in accordance with the wishes of the bride and groom. The above method is a budget and quiet option, so in the late afternoon, when the main fun is over, the newlyweds, along with the guests, can go outside and set off fireworks, arrange contests with gifts for the best dance or song in karaoke.

Guy and girl on the beach
Guy and girl on the beach

It is important to understand that this is not the main celebration, where everything is done with sophistication and taste. According to a fun scenario, the second day of the wedding is aimed at communicating with relatives and friends, friendly toasts and even tea drinking (without fights, a lot of alcoholic drinks, cooking incredible dishes, ordering an expensive photographer and toastmaster).

How best to spend

Cool scenario of the second day of the weddingdesigned by the bride and groom. If the newlyweds want to arrange a continuation of the banquet modestly and for themselves, then you should choose thematic photo shoots in nature and indoors with a beautiful background and good lighting. Now Russian culture, where earlier on the second day the newly-made family was met by mummers, includes Western traditions that suggest that immediately after the wedding itself, the bride and groom go on a honeymoon. This is for the best, because guests can, at their discretion, celebrate this solemn event as much as they want, and the newlyweds, tired of preparations, will go to their well-deserved and proper rest.

In addition to the honeymoon trip, the bride and groom can gather the closest people and go to the spa or sauna. In the summer, a cool scenario for the second wedding day (without a toastmaster) should include a trip to the river, sea, swimming pool, water park or out of town - where you can book a terrace, order barbecue and enjoy refreshing cocktails.

Newlyweds on Holi
Newlyweds on Holi

If a couple wants privacy, especially after a noisy party the day before, then you can go to nature only together, taking with you enough food, tents, bicycles, inflatable boats.

Best Contests

The scenario of the second day of the wedding is an important detail, especially if the newlyweds decide to celebrate the continuation of the banquet in a big way. Competitions are an important part of this event. Here are some of them:

  1. House for newlyweds. Everyone can participate in this competition. It will take two peoplewho are given a box of large fireplace matches and PVA glue. The favorite song of the bride and groom is turned on, they go out into the hall and start dancing. During the time that the music plays, the participants must glue and assemble a beautiful, durable house for the newlyweds. The remaining guests choose the winner, and all models of the dwelling are placed in glass cubes, which will now be a family heirloom.
  2. Strictly masculine. This is a fun and unusual competition that can be held even at home. According to the scenario, the second day of the wedding should begin with a cool dance - ballet, but instead of graceful girls, men - relatives and friends of the spouses - will participate in it. Each participant is given a ballet tutu, music is turned on a la "Dance of the Little Ducklings". Men should dance like they are real professional artists. To capture this unusual competition, it is recommended to film the pirouettes of the stronger sex on a video camera.
  3. Cow on ice. The main thing at the holiday is to make all the guests laugh. Our competition will definitely cope with this task. Choose four participants, give them two pairs of boots. The essence of the competition is for the guests to put shoes on both hands and feet, and then run the path with obstacles on all fours. The winners receive a nice gift.
Family on a holiday on the street
Family on a holiday on the street

Celebrate at home

Perhaps this is the most budgetary, but difficult option. Firstly, because then the newlyweds will have to set the table so that there is enough food, snacks and drinks for all the guests. Secondly, if the second day of the wedding ischeck in the apartment, then there may be problems with the neighbors, as not everyone likes loud music, laughter and clatter over their heads.

Usually low-profile events at home where a small group of people play Crocodile, Twister or Uno.

Holiday in nature
Holiday in nature

What can you do in nature

If the wedding is played in the warm season, then this is the best option to arrange a continuation of the banquet in the fresh air. Here you can come up with a theme party, because from spring to autumn you can rent gazebos in park areas, go to a recreation center, rent a house on the seashore. Of course, renting such premises can be expensive, so there is a more budget option - just get together in a group, get into cars and go to the nearest lake or recreation area.

In addition to the fact that in nature you can cook fragrant kebabs, both vegetable and meat, think over interesting contests, and also sunbathe, breathe fresh air and make thematic photo shoots.

The only negative is that, as a rule, there are no shops in remote recreation areas, and if there are, they are very expensive, so you will have to foresee the availability of disposable tableware, blankets, food and drinks. Since the newlyweds will be busy on their wedding night, this task is usually entrusted to close people - relatives or friends.

Party at the cafe
Party at the cafe

Theme scenario

Do you want to distinguish yourself and please your guests? Arrange a real carnival. For example, if you loveWild West, then all guests must comply with the dress code, namely to bring cowboy boots, a hat and themed clothes.

  1. On a day like this, you can visit a paintball club, shoot bottles, run a wooden horse at speed, drink real brandy or tequila.
  2. Another original theme is a sporting event. In this case, the newlyweds should stock up on swords, frisbees, baseball bats and tennis rackets to keep all guests entertained while enjoying an active lifestyle. Of course, the choice of relatives must also be taken into account, since not everyone will agree to jump in a canvas bag or climb a tree to get a flying disc.

Which clothes to choose

It is necessary to proceed strictly from the chosen scenario and the personal preferences of the bride and groom. It is important to understand that the wedding itself is painstaking preparation, heavy and sometimes uncomfortable clothes, multi-layered makeup and hair that makes the scalp tired.

Bride with her bridesmaids
Bride with her bridesmaids

Newlyweds can choose both loose clothing that does not burden them and does not cause discomfort, or a new suit with a dress. It all depends on the theme of the second day of the wedding. If the newly-made family decided to spend this day with loved ones, just enjoying quiet music in a cafe, a light dinner and sincere conversations, then comfortable evening dresses will do, but if you are arranging a sea battle, a Provencal dinner or ballroom dancing, then you still have to choose either a white and blue striped swimsuit, or a dress with a fluffy skirt and a wig. ATin any case, everything depends only on the personal preferences of the spouses, since on such a holiday, only the convenience and peace of mind of the husband and wife are important.

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